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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Grido in Kingship - End of the Triumvirate   
    This post marks the official ending of the Triumvirate structure for the Golemus kingship and it's move to a singular Kingship position.
    As a pre-existing member of the leadership, 8 days ago I claimed said kingship position, and invited others via our private forum to run against me if they wished to hold the position instead. After no objections to my claim, I am now officially announcing that the crown is mine for Golemus.
    Along with my claim, I stated that there would be no fixed deadline for objecting to my claim, but that two weeks after a candidate put themselves forward there would be an election, and that after that point there would not be another one for 6 months afterwards.
    You are all welcome to discuss this change in circumstances for our land.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Gljivoje in How bad do you want it?   
    My apologies on my unusual writing, discrepancy and ununderstandable expressions. I couldn't do better than that at the moment, just wanted to express some long term itching thoughts.
    That's all, thanks in front for understanding.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Gljivoje in How bad do you want it?   
    Greets everyone.
    I didn't write much on the forums, 'cause of my passiveness and laziness. I just enjoyed the other side of the game, just observing my surroundings with thought of writing and more game involvement when I could actually offer something worth saying, and to first feel the vibe that emits from most of you.
    Some exchange words with me and some not, but I enjoyed everyone's presence in way unique for them. I was absent in my own personal Abyss in a couple of turnings. Things that kept my further and deeper involvement in this beautiful Game creation is 'cause my own personal philosophies merged with emotions and views, but also of some reflecting vibe around Realm parts and corners. And everytime I came back I got caught with some inspiring unjudging conversation that fed my dreaming Mind, and I prospered for a certain time by this mutual growth, 'cause I see and feel the foundation of this Project as something beyond borders of a game, rather a part of current life we're living (it's hard for me to explain with the right placement of words, so apologies). Balance, Description of Principles, etc. ... really something to look and incorporate in your "real" life.
    I see things somewhat differently, but couldn't fit in with most of "ancient" players. I don't mind it, 'cause it's mostly my passive fault, but I would just like to encourage mutual respect of other views, considering and incorporating them with your own, for painting a diverse colorful picture of different individual influences that merges together in one great common Reality. Connectedness of balanced thoughts for more lively environment.
    I'm not all that into game materialistics yet, so I could speak and agree only with Rhaegar and Petty from that social aspect they presented. 
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from Nimrodel in Happy Birthday Nimrodel!   
    Happy B-day Nimy!!!! Full of cake and sweets!
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to dst in Hall of Nourishment   
    Ledah is like a dragon: you cut 1 head, 2 grow instead...
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in Organised Debate With Z   
    [quote name='Malaikat Maut' date='13 October 2009 - 07:25 PM' timestamp='1255458355' post='44582']
    I've got to admit that I didn't read that entire document, but there are a handful of things in it that I would object to. However, let's just stick with your post for now. As unfortunate as it may be, advances in neuroscience have all but proven consciousness to be entirely chemical/electrical, but you have me interested so I'd like to hear your thoughts on other origins of cognition and how exactly they allow for inanimate objects enslaving sentient beings. It sounds to me, in the first few lines of that document, that you begin talking about aliens forming a false history based on empirical observations. However, their subjective view of our past events does nothing to dictate how those events actually transpired in reality...or how they are currently evolving from our perspective.

    To read the entire document would be...madness! Madness I tell you!

    Advances in Neuroscience are one thing. They can show you links, causality, but they cannot show you more. Having studied Neuroscience, it did little to persuade me further than showing me a way of explaining things so that people could nod and showing a way of manipulating physical reactions and the mental reaction to those reactions. That doesn't prove consciousness is material. Yes, if you want to, you can easily argue it is, it doesn't make it persuasive for me. Let me state categorically if it isn't obvious, I am not a materialst. However...as you obviously adhere to it, I will use it.

    The false history you speak of is just that in the example, it is used to demonstrate our own theoretically false historical findings - does that make sense? It is designed to show the problem with making assumptions from findings.

    Consciousness in a materialist form can still account for objects having consciousness, which is the crux of the issue. We have a very narrow view of consciousness, if it isnt organic we give it no quarter, but I get ahead of myself I'll leave that for later if you want it. The point is, on a panpsychic materialist view consciousness comes in ...lets call it a jit. A jit is a physical item imbued in everything. The larger number of jits you add together, the more consciousness you have (im keeping it simple here). So, if we consider all things to be constructed from the same fundamental, then the organisation and density of the jits is the fundamental concept of consciousness. How that consciousness reveals itself, or what that consciousness is described as, is something else.

    We believe we are the clever ones, that we went from a mug to a kettle, that it was our choice based on our need and our want. We take ockams razor and our arrogance and say, the kettle thrives because it is useful for us and we created it for us to use. What I'm saying is, there are lots of other ways to look at it, ways that make us the tricked fools of the picture and not the clever tool makers, or at the very least its a symbiotic relationship. If we consider the more complex someting is (and by that i mean the difference between a rock and a mug) the more things it gets to do, if Jits are in all things then would it not be feasible for the rock to want to be a mug? or something else. When does a table become a chair?

    I realise you have to make vast leaps on my thought path and I'm sorry for that, it's a difficulty with my writing, but I'll start with that and let you pick at it

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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in Organised Debate With Z   
    I asked Mur 2 questions they are as follows with his responses:

    .Zleiphneir. (ID:77300)

    Is evolution, survival of the fittest/best disguised etc, actually a demonstration of the process of extinction of any and all of an entire species and not the opposite as it claims?

    Mur: round 2 / debate


    .Zleiphneir. (ID:77300)

    Do we use objects, or do objects use us?

    Mur: if we were to be used by objects it would mean we would be only reacting to inevitable and we obviouly are not, o i think we are using objects now the opposite. But maybe i do not understand the quetion?

    Im happy to debate either as the second has indeed a more complex level to it than Mur's answer....or the question...shows. However, the questions are in fact linked to one another in some ways so I might be able to merge them.

    If you fancy it, I'll be at the Path of Lonliness at 12pm server time (thats 10pm UK time...or it should be cuz thats when i'll be there) tonight 08.08.09 and I'll do one tomorrow night also if necessary or if we need to split the questions. Short notice yes...but anyone who knows me knows you can come debate with me anytime anyway, so if you fancy it and cant make it, just hop up to the path and start talking to me sometime.

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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Chewett in Soul of Equilibrium   
    She has moved on.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to petty dodds in Viscosity   
    Newbie speaking (and because I wrote about viscosity earlier this week):
    first, i agree, there should be a deterrent from keeping new players from having access to every scene.  The pressing theme I have been getting as a new player is PATIENCE.  And truthfully, that patience is imperative to understanding this game. 
    My biggest contention with viscosity now (as mp4) is that No Man's Land and Marind Bell (up to Wind's sanctuary) should be more accessible. 
    And although I agree an algorithm is called for to lower viscosity by a percentage per game level, not every player at each game level has achieved the same things so for me, that rationale is akin to assigning the same GPA score for a student that gets a 90% and a student that gets a 99%.  In other words, if an algorithm is to be applied, it should be based more on player skill - say vital energy, value points, current AP, etc and not so much on game level.
    I still hold to my original thought, that players should walk the scenes regularly.  Perhaps it could be a quest or become part of the training to get to mp4;  a way to teach new players that seeing all the scenes is beneficial to game progression?
    I hope that my thoughts have at least some value even though I am new to this realm.  Newness is not an indication of observation and contemplation.  I haven't missed a day since I began the game and I talk to people in every scene.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Azull in ultrasharp or maybe not so   
    This this the kitchen knife I used in the vid. It's cheap stainless steel, bought it a while ago in a local supermarket. I think it cost 3 or 4 euro. If you can tell me what you're looking for Mur, I can take another pic, different angle or maybe closer if my phone cam can handle it.

    With the tanto I spent about an hour sharpening. Preparing the water stone took about half an hour. Grinding the knife about 20 minutes and another 40 minutes with a leather strap. 15 cigarettes destroyed and one thumb slightly damaged, trying to get a clean cut. 
    The kitchen knife, sharpening about 45 minutes. 15 minutes with a sharpening steel and 30 minutes with the leather. Only 2 cigarettes destroyed. Both were a clean cut, but I didn't film the first try. 
    Add some more time for experimenting, taking pics, filming, uploading and such. All in all it kept me busy Sunday afternoon :)
    A slow cut is definitely harder to do than a fast slice. With a flat blade, speed and keeping the blade properly aligned it doesn't have to be that sharp to cut the cigarette decently.  
    When moving slowly the quality of the blade's material is probably more important. You can certainly get a better edge on it.
    I'm going to try cutting a cigarette slowly next. Thinking about using a ceramic knife. I'm curious how exactly you (Mur) did it with your razor.
    How did you hold the cigarette? Did you cut up or down? Did you push the blade through, or did you slice?
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Intrigue in ultrasharp or maybe not so   
    Well, here we go. Tried a good Kiwi kitchen knife (the favorite in my knife drawer), a smaller Korean knife, and a big ol' monster of a knife (some Chinese brand i'm not familiar with from the asian grocer). Nearly got it with the Kiwi, so I'm going to try to finish out the edge a bit more, or improve my technique, one of the two.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Azull in ultrasharp or maybe not so   
    Ok, here's my attempt.
    First I tried with my tanto, It's 440 stainless steel, has a hollow grind and is actually sharp enough to shave with. I use a Naniwa 1000/3000 water stone initially and finished with a leather strap to give it that little bit extra. But I failed. The back of the blade is rather thick and it pushed the cigarette parts apart while cutting through. So the last bit of paper still tears.

    Then I tried with an ordinary kitchen knife. Sharpened with a sharpening steel and again a leather strap. This did the trick. Though I could probably get a smoother cut with a little more polishing
    I'm holding the cigarette with some pliers because... well, safety first. I already nicked my thumb :P

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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from petty dodds in Soul of Equilibrium   
    Have you ever heard about Ailith? Well, time to remember her or discover who was she. This time I will give one WP for the poem I like most that homage her. For now, the final day for posting the poem will be 24 Aug., but I will extend the time if I don't find any winner.
    More rules on my quest page.
    Have fun!

    EDIT 01: Send me a PM in game or here on forum. Any MP can participate, and alts are forbidden.
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from John Constantine in Happy Birthday   
    happy b-day you two!!!
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from Jubaris in Happy Birthday   
    happy b-day you two!!!
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from Eagle Eye in Happy Birthday   
    happy b-day you two!!!
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Pipstickz in Pip's Absence   
    And I'm back. Been a rough start in a tiny new (to me) apartment, but I think I can finally start settling in.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Chewett in Redacted   
    By the system, He means me.

    Fang, You have always been my friend, but much too fragile when listening to bad news and your jumping to conclusions meant that before I had said half I was writing you ran off. My suggestion for the future, When you ask for advice let the person finish what they are saying.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to VertuHonagan in Redacted   
    Maybe some advice for the future Chew:
    If you are going to be having a long conversation and trying to explain a point that will take more than ingame text will allow, move the conversation to somewhere private. This way you can write out and clearly explain everything in one long post, so the other person won't be able to get frustrated half way through and run off before you can finish your point.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Pipstickz in Redacted   
    I'll see you when you're back in a few months after you've calmed down.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Bashaw Steel in Poetry   
    I see you as the wind, trapped
     In the hair of the past
    Screaming with no one to hear
     How those chains are not so vast
    But which holds your dreams so very near...
    And still, you cant reach them
    The distance measured by strides of time
     And every second, every hope you hold dear
     Is taken away in the hair of the past...
     I see you as phoenix
     Immortal soul in flames of battle
    Every feather an unyielding mark
     Of conquered death, from imprisoned life...
     Never stop!
     Never falter and back away
    Never be the spark
    When you can be, when you are
     Eternal flame in ocean of the dark...
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Bashaw Steel in Poetry   
    As the moving force of the many things, poetry deserves its places here, dont you think?:)

    Tell me where dreams speak the truth
    Where all my illusions are more than dust
    And although there is no eternal youth
    There is something else…
    Higher than hope and deeper than faith
    Something different than all routines
    Where our souls deserves to rest
    After being freed…
    Choose me over the world
    Ignite the passion within the dying
    So they may be also free
    When their time turns to nothing…
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from Rophs in Happy Birthday   
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from dst in Happy Birthday   
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from Phantom Orchid in Happy Birthday   
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