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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Rophs in Help Rophs sail West   
    Bump, more stuff coming soon including possibly a quest with more solid goals rather than "fix the lighthouse"
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Rophs in Help Rophs sail West   
    My character Rophs currently has many goals, one of the largest being sailing west to find the landmass that is located there. Rophs thinks that although freeing the Empty Aramors would be an interesting event that it would be wiser to learn WHY thery came, WHERE they came from, and WHO sent them. He wants to sail west to wherever the Empty Aramors are from and then possibly free the Empty Aramors.
    Goals related to sailing west
    Fix the Ivory Lighthouse to ensure a safe return (Topic here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15126-wp-quest-get-the-ivory-lighthouse-working/#entry147499) Gather a crew for the seafaring ship left behind by Cryxus and his pirate crew Figure out where exactly the landmass is located More to be added If you would like to help Rophs sail west then it would probably be a good idea to follow him.
    edit: words
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to phantasm in Caretakers and The Dead   
    In regards to Mur's announcement we Caretakers have began a new stage in our life.  Instead of trying to just bury or cremate the dead, now we are also charged with helping those who wish it back to life.  We have already had a few people step forward with flowers to try and bring back their kin.  We are working diligently on this project and will do our best to get those back to life.  Of course there are a few details to work out in order to comply with what Murs/chewys ideas are for these changes in dynamics. 
    Before we had Molquert to bring those back to life who could pass the challenges faced in order to be revived.  In the same we we also don't want to make it to where you just throw some flowers and poof they are revived.  Therefore it will be more like a repeatable quest that will involve people helping to revive a dead person.  More details will be posted as soon as we have an official write up on the quest.  Until then please have patience and enjoy your new death.  Please forum pm or in game message me with the name of the person you wish to revive.  We are making a list and revivals will be done as unbiased as possible, based on who has the requirements met and order of requests.  Any questions please feel free to contact me, we CTs want to ensure that people don't feel left out or abandoned. 
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to dst in A story about friendship and revenge   
    Almost 8 years after the story about friendship and betrayal (you can read about it here) I come to you with a story about friendship and revenge.
    Yes, this is about the TW takeover. Probably most of you know that it was not a bug or an exploit that I used and probably some of you (ex necros - wow! how fun to say this :D - for sure) know how I was able to take it over.
    Not to prolong the "mystery" : it was Ary who invited me in.
    And now for some background: about 2 or 3 years ago I was casually playing MD when a team quest was announced. For some reason I ended up in the same team as Nimmy and a new guy called Ary Endleg (btw: it's the anagram for Legendary if you haven't discovered by now). I don't remember what happened to that quest but what I do remember is that one day my skype window popped and a guy called "Ary Endleg" added me. At first I was annoyed because I thought he was a noob :D. He asked me to guess who he was. I failed several times. He got bored and told me :D.
    We began to chat and to plot things. Our mutual goal was to destroy TW/Necro/whatever resided in that land. And we set up a plan.
    - Get NC citizenship
    - Get in NC hidden forum
    - Get in TW
    - Wait for opportunity to take over TW
    First 3 ones were pretty easy and went smooth. Last one was a female dog because the paranoid Necros didn't leave an open spot for the life of the Spaghetti Monster!
    Yes ex-Necros! You were sooo paranoid...I had so much fun tormenting you! Remember few months ago when one of you exit the ally and I used an illusion to take on the badge? Sy got to freaked out that she used the tool to remove NC citizenship. Btw: that tool is bugged. None of you noticed that the uses didn't go down. Or...you didn't want to. I had to report it to Chew because you didn't care to. I got in that illusion several times along the years but you never seems to care or to remember. Your memory is short. Waaay too short. You should lose the hive thing :D. It damages you.
    Back to the story. I started gaining enough loyalty to always be ahead on azull and have the number so in case of an opportunity to jump right in.
    Meanwhile we were thinking of other options in order to get one of you out. Yes, believe it or not I cannot use illusions to take over allies. I can do other stuff but not this. And even after Chewett confirmed it you still didn't believe it. You couldn't believe that one of you was a mole. Believe it! He fooled you to the core!
    The first real opportunity showed when peace announced she's leaving the game. But you were right there and replaced her with aeo. Oh well...we missed it. We moved on.
    Days passed, both me and Ary and No one and the rest of what I like to call The Team went on with our lives and played MD and did other stuff. Disband one ally here, kill one player there, do a quest everywhere (this one's Nimmy :D), win some other quests and adventures, make players quit, business as usual.
    Then one day (Friday evening or Saturday morning? - my mind is fuzzy cause I was incredibly tired that week-end) Ary told me that eara is leaving the ally and she'll be using "wookiee magic". That was our chance. But guess what? I slept from 6 PM until next day at 9 I believe. Poor Ary! He called, he yelled he probably pulled his hair that night. I think he cursed me more than any of you combined.
    But we were lucky. Next day eara was out and the free spot was not filled in. So we acted. He invited me in, I got more loyalty than azull and then kicked ALL of ally members out.
    Next step: send Mur the e-mail containing the log I pulled 4 years ago :D. That was a brilliant move (yes, I am VERY modest) I had so much adrenaline in me that I couldn't find that damn log (I must confess I am not a very tidy librarian :D). I passed Ary all the logs I had from that period and asked him to search for the piece cause I was unable to :D. He found it. I e-mail Mur and Chewett. I made the post on the forum.
    And then the waiting game began.
    And things happened. I haven't seen so many changes in such a short time since MD's old days. And they are not over. There are changes still to come.
    And who is the one to thank for all this? Ary Endleg. He infiltrated you up to the highest level. He gained your trust. Yes, he did help you with stuff. Meanwhile he kept me updated with your moves :D. He's the best spy in all MD History!
                                                             He's the Legendary [spoiler]LIBERTY[/spoiler].
    And now you know the reason for the takeover. REVENGE!
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Chewett in Death System   
    Some points that Im surprised to not have read:

    In case people didnt know, the "death" system is actually merely using the way that someone is killed in the torch contest. It was designed to be short term and resolved quickly and automatically.

    Currently, any modification to how death works in MD, also affects how it works in the TC. Although since we dont run this atm it doesnt matter too much. But please remember that until someone decouples one from the other, the more the "death" system changes, the more that TC will need to be re-fixed later.

    After the death items were given out, and became more popular, council saw people who died, and no one cared to help them be revived with big ceremonies, etc. Therefore a plan was devised, and that plan was Molly and their guards.

    Molly has worked really well (and hard) and is another one of councils legacies of planning and implemention (Which, im sure you are bored of this, but im going to keep telling you guys that council were amazing, they got it organised and such and required minimal coding to get it working)

    Molly was, and still is, the less public way of getting revived.

    Interestingly enough, people have forgotten the times when people arranged ceremonies to revive the dead, etc, and apparently consider Molly a community way to revive someone, and not something a couple friends can do.

    This is essentially my point of view on adding large amount of dead only content. This is the reason that previously Mac computers dont have viruses, because virus writers dont want to target a very small portion of the market, when you can target a massive section (aka widows users). And, to keep on this line, if the people dead at any one time rises (like the Mac users have now risen a fraction) we perhaps could look into making it even more immersive.

    And again, note I said large.

    That being said, this is only my point of view, and its quite feasible that Mur or anyone else who has the power to might decide to code large amounts of things.

    Some of the ideas are interesting and will certainly be considered, In a couple months when I will have a decent chunk of time I will definitely re-read this topic.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Menhir in Death System   
    I thought about this seriously 2 years ago and in the end had an idea which would be something totally different. Thinking through it for some time made me realize it would need a huge efford to discuss and coding to be realized. So I didn`t went public with it. Now might be the best time to at least share it. The following represent the frame of the idea.
    Once you´re attacked by an assassin or deadly sick or poisened you would be moved by the "game" into an inbetween state of "not living and not dead yet". My idea was to mirror the realm of MD with certain locations to be more accessible  than others. On the visual side the art should be altered in some way, blurry or similar as if you look through a thin curtain. Chat with the living should be limited but still possible and again in some locations easier than in others and in certain scenes not possible. This 1st state should be limited by time (some days or weeks) and you should be able to prevent the actual state of death by solving a chain of quests and challenges (e.g. could be fighting with an set of predefined creatures combined with a story or quest). If one is not able to complete the challenges with a certain percentage of success the move to stage 2 (death) should be started. In this 24 hours (real playtime!) scenes should be changing to an unclear vision with even less possible actions ingame. Once arrived in stage 2 (death) communication with the living should be limited to a minimum (maybe only to certain characters who are able to talk with those on the other side). But the scenes should be clear again. A different setting of actions should be possible here but all concentrated to work on a "rebirth". Interaction with other "dead" people should be really powerful and shorten the time one needs to go back to the "reality" of the realm. To define the challenges in the stage of death could be a very pleasant community creation process. Most important from my point of view are the following ideas:
    - the stage of death should be filled with interesting possiblities but at the same time always filled the fear of the side effects of being dead
    being dead could mean:
    - draining of skills (loosing them slowing with percentage per hour real playtime)
    - loosing the importance of a role (until vanishing completely)
    - loosing items, resources (but only after a long time)
    - and perma death after a very long time    
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Grido in Death System   
    Could always play it out like poltergeists. New ghosts can't do much, older ghosts can interact with things and mess with non-ghosts.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to DARK DEMON in Death System   
    I think the Death System needs a bit of polishing.
    Currently it is boring, purposeless and the opposite of an interesting mode people would like to see it as. No, it should not be fun, but it should have a clear purpose and greater meaning than being used as a punishment/amusement in regards to the killer. For most people, death in MD has no more meaning than a bit of extra time needed to be spent for the revival, which I think is sad because it has the potential to be much more than that.
    Anyone else thinks the same way? Please post your thoughts!
    Personally I've received a few suggestions:
    ~ possible movement via heat veins
    ~ different graveyards for each land
    ~ dead-only content
    ~ ?
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Muratus del Mur in Death System   
    This is the sort of thing i expect from a dead person in md ..not crying and mega-frustration
    I was killed myself and i gave it a good thought on how the death system could be improved..
    i don't have time to read this topic to be honest, but i trust that really smart people will read it and present me some valuable conclusions
     after  i am done testing stuff i will return to the dead state (where i was left) and will try to find a way out, other than the current methods. I appreciate the current methods, but i also think this could benefit of some SERIOUS updates too.
    Keep in mind that being dead should be a ___major___ handicap and a very annoying experience...however, it should not be a pointless one...as i fear it is one.
    Whatever it will be discussed here, i expect the 'solution' to be hard, to require time ..or to offer an alternate experience. I am NOT lookign for a fast revival mechanism, but instead of a dead cult so to speak.
    Once dead, you should be marked forever somehow, yet able to play if enough effort is put in for your revival.
    keeping what i said in mind,,,, i wait eagerly for a creative solution.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to No one in Land loyalty decay   
    Not a really good idea ...
    quoting myself:
    1) Land loyalty decay ... could work if you wouldn't care about anything else / any other land. Consider that something happen and you get kicked out of your alliance and thus of your land. Then you'd start losing it. Would that still be ok ?
    Then, consider all those left without an alliance (or land lately), should their history get removed ? Like it didn't happen ?
    Or consider that some rewards would be : land loyalty. So, this gift would be useless within days/weeks.
    Maybe some do deserve being punished and to lose their land loyalty, but we're not talking about specific ppl but for everybody.
    So, no. I don't agree with the decay.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Fang Archbane in Land loyalty decay   
    If I may be so bold as to speak, id suggest you make it so that negligence leads to losing some of the skills you gain from using land gathering items.

    My reasoning for this is if that's not upkept, you'll pay a statistical price and that ends there.

    If youre to lose "Land Loyalty" upon negligence, or Maker forbid "Dedication", then you pay a price, and your ability to Adventure/Be Free pays a price.
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from Nimrodel in Happy Birthday Nimrodel   
    Happy B-day Nimy!
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Aeoshattr in Fate of Necrovion   
    If a land is defined by its alliances, what's the point of citizenship then? 
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Blackwoodforest in Fate of Necrovion   
    First thing, as mentioned above: Why does the land need to have an alliance and why can´t it still exists in this way without one? Where is the king of Necro? Why should the land be punished or changes for something technical.
    How about the "established housings"? Will you "close" the path of loneliness then? What will happend to Bob if the alliance disappear on day?
    That´s just a forced social pushing from my point of view. As Burns already mentioned too, some things are bound to this game.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Lazarus in Fate of Necrovion   
    If you were to close it, then the time of humans in Necrovion must come to an end, it has lost most of its mystery and intrigue since it was opened and it's better off permanently closed.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Burns in Fate of Necrovion   
    Either way, please also consider that many people have invested a WP to gain access to the Graveyard (Tormented Souls location). Mind you, i don't think that should be an argument to open the land, i'm just throwing that out so you folks don't ignore it when making a decision. Either of the 'social solutions' might/will make people ask for refunds, and it'll likely be messy and time-consuming unless you prepare for it.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Azull in Fate of Necrovion   
    Why does a land have to have an alliance?
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to MRWander in Fate of Necrovion   
    shade rampage vengence against the nc citizens for losing allies?
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Muratus del Mur in Fate of Necrovion   
    Necrovion is one of the lands with the most powerful tradition and history... but even the greatest things sometimes fall.
    Whatever happens now with Necrovion will create a precedent (but not a rule) for lands that are eventually left without alliances. Dst managed to make this happen, in a very legal way (according to Chew), and here is my view of all this.
    This situation was designed to be eventually, technically speaking, possible. Not desired, and for sure not aimed against Necrovion, but definitely possible. Therefore, you will not see a miracle save from all this, i will not just place an ally back so that Nc can be "back".
    Some sort of solution is however needed.
    There is a technical one and a social one.
    The technical one requires ages for me to do it (or a few days of work, but that won't happen unless a miracle happens to my time) or Chew to do it, but as he put it, this is indeed my problem to solve. The technical solution would be the best i think. It involves using the tag dispatchers created as part of A25 to create a way for ANYONE to obtain a role within a land, including a way to take over an alliance even if it is disbanded. This could be done based on land loyalty, combined exactly with this sort of situations when an ally is disbanded (and of course a time delay to let whoever wanted to disband it enjoy the moment).
    There are also a few other technical options i can think of, one of them would be that if a land get in this situation, whoever is responsible for it, would somehow be able to take over the crown....that would make sense actually..or give the crown back after whatever negotiations.
    The social solution, is the hard and ugly one, but back then when dst started to plan this action, i had only this solution in mind, not the technical one (and no i had no clue about her intentions).
    A land without any alliance, intentionally destroyed in this way, would either be declared deserted and its gates and locations open to all. Even its name could be changed to something like "Necrovion Wasteland" OR fully closed and everything inside it unavailable to anyone for a very long period of time.
    Both solutions might sound outrageous to many, but i insist that such an event would have a severe impact on entire MD. Afterall, this is the point of defending a land or defeating a land, the risk of such things to happen.
    I must think about this... it is not an easy choice ... the option to close it is the one i like right now, but i am discussing with Azull and Chewett and see what other possibilities there are.
    I will hear your opinions on this..they might influence my decision, but remember this is not a vote.
    I must thank dst for pushing md borders, again, to such limits where i must decide such things...regardless how angry i am on the mess, or how devastating this IS for the community, its a needed mess, to make us decide where the existing features actually lead.
    ps. please try to keep it short so i can actually read it. Thank you.
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from Nimrodel in Loki   
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Assira the Black in Quest Ideas   
    Some people just do not have the time or drive to make quests. So if you have a quest idea and want it to be run, then I will do the work for it. For example making the storyline, entering it in clickies, coding it (if it is beyond my level of coding then I will find a coder), and etc. Pm me privately. You will get credit for coming up with the idea unless you wish to remain anonymous. This goes for the MD birthday and through out the year. This is not a limited time offer
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to (Zl-eye-f)-nea in Loki   
    If I offered you the red pill, would you take it? If I offered you the ingredients, could you make it?
    Only one person will be able to take part in this quest. Please nominate/vote as a community for who you would like that to be by naming them below.
    If you would like to be part of the planning team - please say so.
    :excl: No further details are available at this time.* 
    (*those involved in the previous iteration of this quest: if I could ask for your continued trusted confidence please.)
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Eagle Eye in Happy BIrthday Syrian   
    Have a blessed Birthday Syrian
    Wish you all the best and good health
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to MRWander in Must see movies!   
    I couldn't find a topic like this and a couple movie references have come up in MD lately that most people cheer and rant over while others are clueless about so I thought it'd be fun to have everyone throw out a few movies they think of as MUST see.
    (mur asked for a big list)
    The Princess Bride
    The Fifth Element
    The Usual Suspects
    a walk to remember,
      Pi (old b/w movie, weird but..interesting) 
    - Interstellar (boring in first half , amazing outcome in the last)  -
    The Devils Advocate (lovely opinion in the end)  -
    V for Vendetta (bad movie, amazing idea) 
    - Deja Vu (best action movie involving time travel) 
    - The Cube (must see all 3, end of last explains the beginning of first),
    'The Shawshank Redemption' however that's fairly well known   
      'Exam' messes with you a tad  
       'A Bronx Tale'   
      'Definitely, Maybe'  
       'Seven Pounds',
    In pursuit of happyness :D 
    : The dressmaker,
      Spirited Away (animation),
    The Giver (book still preferred, but movie works quite well)
    .Ocean's Eleven,
    Spy is pretty good with Jude Law
    Dragon Blade with Jack Chan. 
    Gods of Egypt was good. DEADPOOL, -
    A beautiful mind  - 300 (not because of the story but for the special effects and style) 
    - Sweeny Todd (love the singing)
    Fight Club
    Pulp Fiction,
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show 
    Big Fish 
    The Count of Monte Cristo 
    My Fair Lady
    The Dark Crystal
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Lintara in MD Birthday 2016   
    Greetings everybody!
    This year MD Birthday is going to be organized by the members of the Kings Council (KC in short): Maebius, Lintara, *Syrian*, Kyphis, Menhir, *Grido*, Azull, Jubaris, No one, darkraptor and Dark Demon. The Birthday festival will start on 14th of April and will last 11 days.
    All members of the Council can go directly to Chewett to request anything needed for the days (rewards, tools for quest creators, spells/tools for organization and etc).
    We encourage the involvement of the community in the festival. You can get involved by creating quests, hosting events or doing something entertaining or fun as well as actively participating in quests and events being held. If you are planning a quest or an event during one of the festival days, simply contact one of the members of the Kings Council, state your intentions and request from them any tools or rewards you might need. They will get you scheduled in our official calendar and will pass on any requests you have to Chewett.
    Let's make 11th Birthday fun!   :)
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