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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Ungod in Character age appearances   
    The fact that Junior is 63 years old cracks me up
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Junior in MotM Booth- Construction   
    I'll help:
    Combiner Item:
    Product: 1 Imperial Arcane Card Deck
    Resources Needed: Ace of black diamonds, Ace of black hearts, Ace of red clubs, Ace of red spades, Jack of Black Diamonds, Jack of black hearts, Jack of red clubs, Jack of red spades, King of black diamonds, King of black hearts, King of red clubs, King of red spades, Queen of black diamonds, Queen of black hearts, Queen of red clubs, Queen of red spades
    Combiner Used: MDA Archives Combiner
    How to obtain each resource: MDShop through role-play items/trade
    each requires 1c credit,
    total number of credits: 16c (if all 16 cards are readily available and no shuffling occurs.)
    Is this wha you wanted Assira?
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Assira the Black in MotM Booth- Construction   
    Greetings all,
    Through talking with a few people, I was inspired to make this a quest of sorts. The MotM Booth is in the process of being contructed... both figuratively and literally. So there will be different phases that people can participate in and in each phase there will be its own rules. There will not be the standard places for each phase. All participants that meet the requirements of that phase will be given a reward of their choice of 4 silver or their choice of a rp item. The phases so far will be the following: 
    I may offer other rewards later for the best in each phase, but that has yet to be determined. 
    Phase 1: Understanding the New Items and Resources
    Phase 2: Tit for Tat
    Phase 3: Building the MotM Booth
    Phase 2 depends heavily on Phase 1, Phase 3 depends on the previous phases. After reaching a certain point for Phase 1, Phase 2 will become active, same for Phase 3. Phase 1 and Phase 2 will continue to be active to new posts, Phase 3 will become closed after it is complete, with the previous phase still open. 
    So lets begin with Phase 1:
    With all the new additions for Item creation and the creation of new resources. I need to have an understanding of each process to be able to know what sort of tasks, quests, and rewards to give. 
    So the rules for this are the following:
    You can chose 1 created Item/resource from a combiner/fillable item to focus on. One post per person. You are not allowed to chose more than one item to focus on. This is to allow others to participate and add their notes, thoughts, and research on this. You may post your information in this topic. You may make two posts, one to say you are working on a particular item and the other with the information on that item. Who ever post first on the item of their choice gets to focus on that item and nobody else will get any rewards or credit for that item if they post information on it here. So no jumping in line  A person will have a month from their post to gather all the information required on that fillable item product. 
    Information looked for is the following:
    Resources need in fillable or combiner to get x item.
    How to obtain those resources.
    Cool down rates and number of tools available for the harvest of the resources.
    If there are additional steps to beable to have the correct resource to place in the fillable item/combiner item.
    How many resources and distribution. (do not need the exact locations and amounts... like Angien shrine with 10 water, just the total number of  x resource in the realm and number of locations it can be found at.)
    How easy it is to obtain that tool 
    How much demand is for this resource... like if it is often at zero and how often people collect it. 
    If a combiner item, how to gather those items. (If requires multiple secondary resource items from other fillable, you do not have to gather information on those fillable items just the level of difficulty you think it is to obtain those items from the fillable item.) But if you chose that combiner item, you will have to go into how many resource are required to make that fillable item and how many of it is need to be combined with x item from a different source.
    Now to make a few examples to make sense of this all.
    Example 1. A fillable item (these will be made up).
    Product: 1 iron Gate door
    Resources need: 200 Iron Bars
    Fillable Item used to create gate door: Furnace and anvil, with 5 days of construction 
    How Iron Bars are created: Smelter
    Resource to make Iron bars: 20 Iron ore
    How to obtain Iron Ore: Pick axe
    Cool down rate of pick axe:xx time
    # of Pick ax in the realm
    2 locations that Iron ore can be harvested, 10 is the Max number of Iron ore that is in the realm (side note to explain how that number is obtained: 2 at one location and 8 at the other)
    Demand is high, Iron ore is often at zero and is able to harvest from the two location every few days.
    Example 2: A combiner Item
    Product: Useable Gated Wall
    Resources Needed: 1 Iron Gate doors, box nuts and bolts, iron frames set, set of hinges, and bunch of iron stake pins.
    Combinder used: Metal Smith Yard
    How to obtain each resource:Furnace and Anvil
    Resource to make Each:
    1 Iron Gate doors require 200 Iron Bars
    box of nut and bolts = 1 Iron bar 
    iron frame set= 20 Iron Bars
    set of hinges = 1 iron bar
    bunch of iron stake pin= 2 iron bars
    How to obtain Iron bars: Smelter
    Level of difficulty to obtain Iron bars: Medium
    Number of Iron bars total to make this: 224 iron bars 
    There will be some over lap in the creation of some items and with Mur's creation spree, there will be more items to add to this list. And if you feel that there should be more added information to your selected item... something that I did not take into account in the above examples. Feel free to add that information. 
    If I need to explain something in further detail, please do not hesitate to ask questions, make suggestions, or share any concerns. Combiner items will have a bit more information, but you do not have to go into the starting resource if there are multiple stages of development. Remember this will be one fillable or combiner item per person. You will only be rewarded once for this phase and to be rewarded you just have to meet the basic requirements above. 
    I do understand that this is already being done on some level for Mur's research and item creation process. But this is for public knowledge using what you all already do on a daily basis. I am looking for how hard it is to reach a certain level of item processing to know how to place it in tasks/quests for the MotM Booth. And this with information collected, it will give people the opportunity to see its placement and dispute whether one item is more difficult than another to obtain. For example, iron ore with only two locations and 10 maximum resources in the entire realm... would be very difficult to get 224 iron bars... that would mean that 4480 iron ore would be needed. If someone harvested 3 ore a day... that would take a very long time to obtain. Not taking into account others harvesting it as well and whether all 10 are harvested and how long it would take for the resource to regenerate to 1 where it would probably be harvested back to zero. A very non-realistic time frame to obtain that much iron ore for a simple quest or task for the MotM booth. 
    -- Assira the Black
    List of People who have started Phase 1:
    List of People Who have completed Phase 1:
    Junior-1 Imperial Arcane Card Deck
    zooliii- Thin Wood Sheets
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    Sephirah Caelum got a reaction from Assira the Black in Anyone knows if these are used?   
    The first drawing is the artworks from inside the fictionist house and the lab (same drawing). Not the exact same drawing.
    The second at the Tribunal Kitchen yard Assira is referring to.

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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Junior in Anyone knows if these are used?   
    these exact ones have not been used sir
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Eara Meraia in Donations   
    3) Donation: 2 aged rare and 1 unique creature
    Received from: anonymous
    Cause: not defined
    Many thanks!
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Nimrodel in Donations   
    There were people who donated more than the taxes in the slave auction you know :p

    But that's that. A fresh ledger sounds OK too :)
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Eara Meraia in Donations   
    First. There always has to be a start somewhere. And the start is where it is now. There are people who donated things recently (far later than last slave auction) but they are not here, because I did not come to the idea back then, but now. We will all have accept that. I have not been in TK from the start so I do not know who donated what and when. Enlist half people and forget about other half is absolutely bad taste.
    Second. Donations enlisted here will be those made out of free will, not the tax donations, like in case of slave auction. People who donate more than the tax says will probably be mentioned here as well.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Blackshade Rider in Donations   
    It should but its already happened. I think the TK's are keeping a record from now and to when ever. Granted the TK's did receive a lot of donations from the slave auction , but it did happen in the past. This is now 
    (not trying to be rude in anyway :)  )
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Eara Meraia in Donations   
    13) 15 sc
    received from: Ungod
    Reason for donation> "Wealth must circulate".
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Aeoshattr in Murdered   
    That information is currently false, to my knowledge (you won't get automatically resurrected). You need to ask to be revived, by someone who has a revival item. Or ask someone to collect flowers and give them to the caretakers for you.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to dst in Aethon incident   
    My opinion (I was already asked - I was the player Chewy censored the name and thank you for that Chew) was given before seeing the chat and I voted for no punishment (well, I suggested his crits to be "frozen" for a period of time and rules to be set for him if there weren't any).
    Now, reading the chat I can say that personally I would have done the same.
    It says:
    For me it means that I already have those. If it were meant to get them later then why not "wish to get" ? I agree English is not my native language and I might not understand it properly...
    Then it's this:
    Again, it implies that he could take crits but not big stocks.
    Was it a misunderstanding? It seems so.
    But from a misunderstanding to jail him it's a big step. As Nimmy said: fang, fenrir, phantom orchid and others were given same powerful role and they had to mess up strongly to be punished and having their roles taken away. Why the change with Aethon? Btw: I don't think he did wrong and I think he should not be punished. I am just trying to see the situation from another point. If you think he did wrong why this big fuss? DD did a LOT more wrong when you worked with him last year. A LOT. And in the end you gave him a medal and made him king of the labyrinth.
    I know md is not a fair game but this "incident" looks like a witch hunt.
    Aethon has done more in MD in one year that others have done in 5. I will give examples for both if needed.
    He's a resourceful, cunning and witty person. He EXPLORES and INVESTIGATES everything. He's smart. He's not afraid to do stuff and it's not bound by any strings to anything like some.
    Now, as I said in the first response I have given: there has been an almost similar precedent:
    Those guys got TONS. Yes, they had the crist removed and got a slap on the hand.
    So if you want a precedent, this should be it. Although please remember the numbers: drach eggs - 5 was the smallest number while Aethon got 1 (ONE!) horseman and 2 shades (which btw: I have 2 as well and even sold a 3rd one - and no, not taken from the recruiting place).
    So yes, imo Aethon should not be punished.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Ledah in Aethon incident   
    To be fair Mur you contradicted yourself in the chat. First you say not to take anything, only to tap in to Necrovion for research purposes, but then soon after say not to take big stocks, implying that, yes, Aethon can take what he wants, albeit presumably only a limited amount for himself. Then, when Aethon lays out his intentions (to grab what he wants and keep a list) you reply in the positive, whether or not that was to something else in the chat really should have been cleared up there and then, assuming it was. Assuming Aethon hasn't recruited 20 shades and spoiled the secrets of Necrovion, I would say he kept to the spirit of your agreement, at least from his point of view and any misunderstanding was innocent. So if anything, confiscate what he gained (creatures resources w/e) although I don't think that should happen.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Muratus del Mur in Why resources get consumed in stacks   
    I received this PM in-game and thought to reply it publicly because this interests all of you
    Right now it might seem very unfair what is going on, because you collected resources and now they became equally worthy like the tools of someone collecting them much more recently. It is true, but it would have been unfair to allow you to start with the enormous stockpiles too. I allow you to split stacks with wishpoints, its still better than nothing.
    Now the why
    this system is designed in such a way that it will actively influence grinding and turn it from a retard-repetitive action, into something that will make you think from time to time. When you gather enough resources, you could go on and collect more (pointless but possible, or not so pointless depending what you aim for, like byproducts for example). OR you could be a little bit smarter and go ahead and process those resources on one of the many ways that are now available or will shortly be through the use of fillable clickables. In this way, the gameplay accommodates grinding too but gives it a slight twist, making those that are more careful and strategic do better over those that are just repetitive and ignorant.
    Also, this is a representation of expiry term for some resources (true not for all). For example, you gather tree bark, but after you gather a lot, the old one will start to rot as you pile up new stacks over it. In reality, you never get 1+1+1=3 with hgih accuracy, you will get something more like 1+1+1=2.8 so to say. This is just a minor factor anyway but its supposed to make resources a concept that referrers to them in terms of "enough" or "not enough" and not as quantity. We need quantity count however because enough might be one value for one thing and an other for the other thing.
    Its a lot more interesting and strategic. Having things this way is unique , you can't find it in any game, yet if seen in terms of enough/not enough, it makes perfect sense. Getting byproducts only if you dont have them, allows for the careful players to gather more by passing them to an aid, and encourages cooperation. Also it puts the map in motion, people will have to migrate to different places to actually use tha gathered resources. This combines perfectly with the land loyalty system that gives points depending where you are, in other words, depending on where you perform your activity.
    Hope it helps understand this concept better and endure the sudden economic collapse easier
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Eara Meraia in Donations   
    As many of you know Treasure Keepers are an alliance with a mission to help those of you who like making quests but are short on rewards for them. We have been reviewing dosens of quests sponsoring rewards questmakers wished to have or rewards we found appropriate.
    We used ressources of MD treasury for this purpose.
    Every once in a while people were willing to donate to MD treasury and gave us coins, creatures, spellstones and other items for the good cause, for them to be used as quest rewards. All those players received our gratitude. But today I am starting this topic where I (and other TKs) will make a list of TK donations and people who is making them. If some of you will wish to not reveal their name, they will be documented as anonymous benefactor.
    Why to do this? Many reasons.
    1) I think realm must know its heroes
    2) For transparency
    3) As a reminder that people are more often capable of generous deeds then we think they are.
    4) Who knows what else ;)
    and so it starts.
    Donation 3 sc
    Received from: blackshade rider,
    Cause: 1/3 share of his heat solidifier rental fee
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Chewett in Sick   
    Im seeing im getting quite a lot of emails/messages but I wont be able to reply to them very quickly atm, got food poisoning, migraine, fever and a variety of other wonderful symptoms. Will reply to stuff when im better.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Kaya in Who Murdered Mr. Mariano? (An RP based murder Mystery Quest)   
    If available I'd love to take up the LotE spot.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Muratus del Mur in What kind of fillable clickables and where to place   
    finished the first two , by samon (both announced)  samon gets 2 Gold and one wishpoint (unless we agree on somthing else later)
    (rewards will vary based on idea, its how much i consider their ideas impacted the realm. A wp for a good ideea implemented exactly, and something else for a similar idea implmeneted based on something you suggested)
    You can get extra rewards any of you while you help me test stuff , as in free resources and resulting items from the test remain yours
    If you specify also the perfect place to put the fillable clickie, and a fucntionality that got set exactly the same, you might get a bigger reward
    at the end , please all those that are announced here that they received something, meet me ingame, i will set a place and time, to give your rewards. If you don't remnd me about this i might forget ot delay indefenetly ...so bump it if i forget
    The best and most suitable suggestion from all will get an extra prize
    You can start a new topic and share your opinion if these rewards should be overall bigger or smaller or different
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Muratus del Mur in What kind of fillable clickables and where to place   
    I LOCKED the topic for a while, so i get time to implenent some of the stuff here. I will open it after
    I had to chose just some of the things suggested, many are indeed good, many are absurd. I can't implement all nor eplain for each why not.
    I discussed with chew about this and we agreed i will make the first items and later if time allows him he can do others if they fit. For now i need to pick jsut the most relevant ones so i can give an example of what exactly i want out of this feature.
    I will update this topic while locked with all the things done, and re-open it when i will be able to do some more.
    About the drawings, those that posted drawings also thanks a lot. I enjoy drawing myself so i will probably provide my own but not sure yet. To sepeed things up i will use a default image at first and then update it to something permanent, but for now i will focus on the functionality.
    functionality might be added later, one at a time, otherwise i will stay too much on just one item and wont be able to "draw" the big picture of this global change
    Rewarding for your efforts and sugestions will happen later once the items are in place and based on their impact on the gameplay. I have not decided on a reward yet, but i hope it will be more than decent. However, if your idea is just close to what i will implement, and it was just a suggestion for something else i implemented in the end, the reward might not be as great as for an ideea that was implemented as it was presented
    Resin (many) > Pot of Glue
    20 memory stones= 1 stone tablet  (not functional yet)
    300 lumber = 1 barrier (Raises ap of moving out of that scene by 250 points.)
    100 timeless dust = 1 timeless gem - Uses smelter- Maybe used later to combine creature totems into new or twisted/corrupt creatures.
    15 silver coins = 1 silver bar (general concept to use valuables to group )
    5 Gold coins = 1 gold bar (group valuables for either use as coin or building stuff)
    gold and silver  can be used in items that require them (gold for kill items) regardless of the form they come in. For example a kill item can use a gold coin or a gold bar too
    A silver bar can and should be accepted as trade currency same as the coins. So grouping silver coins into silver bars might be a way to do large transactions easier
    now time to work, wish me luck watch the announcements soon
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Muratus del Mur in What kind of fillable clickables and where to place   
    Again, i appreciate you are being creative but try to fit in the technical capabilities of the feature. I can make it do anything afterall, but i would really like to see that you start having ideas that fit, not just ideas that sound cool but technically have nothign to do with what i requested
    concept examples:
    Many low level resources => into one higher level resource
    Many common items => into one functional item
    whatever items available in unlimited supply from gathering or shop => to activate a power on that clickabel (travel portal for example, if you fill it with enough pickles )
    timeless dust filled in a clicky will push forward stats of a crit stored in a totem ,how? by providing an item that does that as a result.
    bad examples:
    100 items abc => 100 items xyz
    not good, we need to have many result in few.
    other bad example:
    various items => something
    why? only one item per fillable clicky. For multiple items you have item combiners, cauldrons
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Muratus del Mur in What kind of fillable clickables and where to place   
    First of all i can't reply to all your questions , is too much to write. But i read all and i will post here some general replies and the ideas i liked so far.;
    you are missing the point here, this is NOT the item COMBINER. This is an item that uses one single material/item of any sort, to obtain a result of any sort, be it item , item with functionality attached to it, spell, or feature that can be used imediately after item is filled.
    Imagine you have a canister, you fill it with fuel, then when ready you can make it go boom (sick example and non mdrelated but hope it helps somehow).
    for now here are the ideas that i liked or at least pointed to to something i can actually implement. Please note that Chew might chose his own prefered ideas and implement them independently of me:
    (my replies are in bold, lila those i will do...the rest are just "maybe")
    samon Flowers -> Flower Essence
    (i want to keep flowers for reviving purposes for now)
    Aromatic Herbs -> Aromatic Oil
    ( i would say perfume, maybe even use flowers afterall, but PERFUME is a decent second level resource to cosnider)
    Bones -> Headless Skeleton (Later to be combined with a skull for a full skeleton)
    YES, i love this, can be a way to assamble a skeleton and then later on use the combiner to create a skeleton creature
    Giant pestle and Mortar; Bones --> Bone Dust  - Location = Paper Cabin Roof 
    ( ok we can use same resource to convert it into multiple resulting things depending on whenre and how you combine them. bone dust can be used for glue later)

    Unidentified Herbs > Mixed Herbal Spices
    Pestle and Mortar at Sanctuary View 
    (DONE BY CHEW)  
    Chew said he will do this, but my observations are: out of many unidentified herbs, just a jarr of box or whatever of herbal spices should come out, remember many converted to one
    Bushies > orange JUICE (absolutely a yes, this will make it interesting because bushies are hard to gether when anyone can steal your progress . I like the use of bushies, but maybe not orange juice, but something related to bushies otherwise. Juice is by definition something that expires and it will be to expensive to make just to expire, unless it offers a significant advantage?)
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Assira the Black in What kind of fillable clickables and where to place   
    Some of these are made based off of others ideas above and then others are ones that have not been mentioned. 
    Images A-C obtained from identifying the plants:
    A is a cotton boll. If you get enough cotton perhaps cloth, gauze, or other such items could be made later.
    B is a batch of flax or close enough in design to also be straw. If enough flax is gathered then natural paper could be made (It would not be white paper since that takes bleaching the fibers).
    C is wheat, two products could come from wheat, flour and straw. 
    [log=Items A-C]

    D is a mortar and pestle. To go with some ideas that others posted
    E is an herbarium book used to identify plants
    [log=Items D-E]

    F is a grinder, used to grind seed or other items
    G is a stone tablet, made from memory stones or can become an enchanted stone tablet by using numerous spell stones. The difference from normal memory stones is that it can record all the casts that a player has and an enchanted stone tablet made with spell stones records all the casts in each of those stones. 
    H is a flask of liquid fenths, used to substitute higher level resource in the creation of useable items. 
    I is a glass dome where you have to have a specific number of glass. The dome can be used multiple times to protect a resource from being harvested. 
    J is a smelter, melt down minerals, sand, glass, or fenths into higher level resources. 
    [log=Items F-J]

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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Kaya in What kind of fillable clickables and where to place   
    In general I think the fillable clickables should should still be very muh at the bottom of the production chain, followed by item combiners and finally using cauldrons to make final high level items/effects.
    For one of the distilleries:
    Mineral Water -> Water
    Flowers -> Flower Essence
    Aromatic Herbs -> Aromatic Oil
    ... Loreroot?:
    Unidentified Plants -> Compost
    A mortar and pestil:
    Bones -> Bone Meal
    Somewhere at the Graveyard at Berserker's Charge:
    Bones -> Headless Skeleton (Later to be combined with a skull for a full skeleton)
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Chewett in Replenish the herbs (Permanent Quest) 1WP for doing   
    Replenish the Herbs

    MD is running out of herbs and we need your help. We need you to go and steal some herbs from another realm to replenish the ones in MD.

    The task is simple, go out and plant some herbs (or vegetables, or fruits, anything that grows really) and document their progress. Take a picture every couple of weeks showing their growth.

    Once they have reached maturity harvest them and place them in a basket. To get them to MD you need to perform a little ritual and say some words over them. Sadly this ritual has been lost to time (So you will have to improvise!)

    To complete this quest we would like to see pictures at each stage (planting, some through growing and your ritual) and how you perform your ritual (bonus points for interesting location/theme). Images should have somethin showing they were taken for this quest and by you (player and and id are good for this)

    This quest can be completed by anyone once. The reward will be 1 WP and a number of herbs (Which I promise will have a use quite soon now).

    This is a permanent quest.

    Credits go to Akasha who originally designed a similar quest, dst for digging it up and Eara for being an awesome TK.
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    Sephirah Caelum reacted to Rophs in Help Rophs sail West   
    I'm going for mp6 and once I get there I will use my mp6 powers to help me in my quest to Sail West. To thank my future worshipers I will bring those who didn't go on the maiden voyage with my crew to the West with prot-bringin after we have secured a small safe area to ensure that you will be safe upon arrival.
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