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  1. @Chewett Mur was trying to code some items to revive the dead. I (or maybe phantasm?) could send the messages we exchanged with Mur, so you could work or know what Mallos is reffering about.
  2. Hey guys! I didn't want to offend nobody with the 'fake till you make it' actually I do appreciate his proposal and his move, since this is the move of a leader and one that is unafraid of taking the first step. And if you are unafraid of facing some resistance do more. Actually if the "fake it till you make it" is something offensive my deep apologizes to Eon. PS. Phantasm the title of the post has the "my citizens" term.
  3. Pardon, I don't remember being your citizen,if not, are you trying to fake it till you make it? If so, that's a cool move! And I'm also fine of having Nimmy as a Protector.
  4. I am my own god. I put myself on Unaffiliated, since I guess this statement is a secular.
  5. Awesome! Sephirah has the same age of myself! Great!
  6. The first drawing is the artworks from inside the fictionist house and the lab (same drawing). Not the exact same drawing. The second at the Tribunal Kitchen yard Assira is referring to.
  7. Hey! Why you can put a nice beach photo on your profile?

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    2. Sephirah Caelum

      Sephirah Caelum

      I have the "edit profile" at the right upper corner and the "profile photo" at the left corner.

    3. Muratus del Mur

      Muratus del Mur

      i don't really know why is that, maybe ask chew about it as he knows a lot more about member access rights and such settings on the forum..i just customized the look, but he deals with the settings

    4. Sephirah Caelum
  8. Indeed feels cleaner maybe because there is less color. Although I find there are to many letters to be read, and my brain is still trying to get used to the wave of letters that come.
  9. Happy Birthday Ledah! May your life be full of joy!
  10. Happy B-day Jubaris and Amber! Hope you a life at ease, happy and peaceful!
  11. Awesome idea! Loved all the posts! :)
  12. Seems is possible to submit my entry that talk about Zleiphneir. Should I post it here? Open another topic? Or what is saved at the md-archives suffice?
  13. Happy B-day brother CT!!!! Live long and happy!!!
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