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  1. [i]I have a remark in taking account of the latest voting for MD Birthday's quests. It is rather interface involved. If possible it would be better if you actually see a screen that confirms your vote, cause otherwise it's rather unclear if your vote was counted or not. Otherwise, great feature! Elthen[/i]
  2. [i]MD player name: Elthen Airis RP character name: Elthen Airis Time: mostly from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. thursday and friday(18th & 19th) Gender: male Age: late thirthies Species: human Special abilities: move lock, locate A small background story: You could always read my papers. If more info is needed tell me.[/i]
  3. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1365263424' post='134680'] I'm sorry, you must have mixed me up with somebody else I didn't give that suggestion (at least I don't have memory of it). I was saying that current state of protectors allows open interpretation of a specific MP6 player, allows him to create a cult like Savelfuser did, or something different, depending on RP, but that I encourage interface addons that will allow more 'depth', depends on the addon itself. (my words summarized up) That you shouldn't enforce a specific kind of approach for protectorship, rather leave it fo
  4. [i]Well, i've talked with quite a lot of previous MP6 players and i got some interesting ideas. Firstly, reasons why you might want to become MP6 have been:[/i] [spoiler]- Upgrading creatures - Obtaining the spells - Helping others[/spoiler] [i]Lightsage gave a very curious idea on involving Protectors with lands. That's by giving them the power to regenerate resources more quickly(due to a spell of sorts) or making others gather more resources for a limited time, let's say, just to name a few. I'm not sure about my opinion on the matter. You could state yours. The
  5. [i]Since there is already a big enough discussion about resources, i don't feel necessary to create a new topic for what i'm about to say. Since memory stones, water, now sand, etc. are limited to certain land affiliates it is quite difficult for others not affiliated to obtain any of those. While it is true that every land has the right to "rule" over their resources and do with them what they like, i still feel that others shouldn't pay 1 gold coin for a memory stone or something, just to name a value. Other than using the resources of a certain land for your own gai
  6. [i]187) There's a rare creature that can be recruited in the Eastern Lands, called rum, contrary to the popular believe that it's called mur.[/i]
  7. Elthen Airis

    New ideas

    [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13850-protector-pact/"]http://magicduel.inv...protector-pact/[/url] [i]Protector/Worshiper relationship discussion.[/i]
  8. [i]I remember when i started playing i read the description of becoming a worshiper of a Protector. I'll quote it here just in case someone hasn't figured it out.[/i] [quote] Type in the playername you will worship. Player must be MP 6 and you will get in a close gaming relationship with him. You must respect and obey your protector, denying your protectors wishes or changing him [b]WILL COST YOU DEARLY[/b]. Your protector will have [b]LIFE AND DEATH[/b] powers over you. [/quote] [i]I thought it's quite a decision to actually involve yourself to such an extent with anot
  9. [i]Items of this sort could be quite useful for the worshipping, don't you think? [color=#0000ff][Refering to [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13791-wts-unrefusable-answer-pact-for-credits/"]http://magicduel.inv...ct-for-credits/[/url] , Burns][/color] At the moment someone becomes your worshiper he is granted an item that creates a pact like this one with pros and cons, influenced by your actions. Of course, so is the worshiper himself. That would force certain actions. After all the worshiper is supposed to follow any orders from his master. On the contrary, the master i
  10. I'd like to sign for the next period(April 15th - June 15th), if possible. I hope it will take place. [i]Elthen[/i]
  11. I'd like to try myself if time is generous. [i]Elthen[/i]
  12. Yes, it worked. Thank you. You may close the topic. [i]Elthen[/i]
  13. Greetings, I cannot log in to the game. It says "invalid member's id". I've tried searching my account on the players list in the game, but i also receive "invalid member's id". I hope my account is not lost and i would hopefully be able to log in again soon. Waiting for your replies. [i]Elthen[/i]
  14. It's even worse than you think, as newer OS requires better machines to run smoothly, notably, 64-bit Mac computers. So basically, everyone who hasn't upgraded his machine, bought a new one or paid the price of the newer OS, which is around 40-100 euros for each upgrade, is totally f****ed up. I was eager to get a Mac a few years ago, with which i was certainly happy, but with those new market decisions i must say i'm quite disappointed from Apple. Quite certain i'd get myself a windows machine in the future if they don't do something about it. Anyway, a little off-to
  15. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1360916011' post='132654'] Is that the most updated version avalible? Im on fedora atm and my version of firefox is 18.x [/quote] Apple decided to restrict updates on most programs(even usage of some, meaning they can't run on this particular OS) for customers that don't update their OS to the latest. Therefore, FF is updated up to 16.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard and is itself up-to-date. [quote name="dst"] I had the same issue with FF (could not create rituals cause the crits page got stuck). I restarted m
  16. Greetings, I'm currently running a Mac OS X 10.5.8 - Leopard I've been using Firefox for quite a lot of time now and i didn't have any issues, well outside of the game that is. It seems that with the Firefox browser, often, i cannot create new rituals. My cursor gets stuck when i click on one of the creatures to drag it to the left in the Battle ritual. Sometimes, i cannot scroll down the right screen to get one of the other creatures, which are far below. The up-to-date version of Firefox that i'm using is 16.0.2 Now, i've switched to Safari today, because normal
  17. I'm already doing my research on that and i agree i have a lot to catch up. However, my position of requesting citizenship stays solid.
  18. Well, i probably feel more a citizen then all the rest, but i'd just like to point out that Mur haven't made me an official citizen of the Tribunal. I would love to be granted that honor, but still as far as i know that's only Mur's possibility, or well if i join a Tribunal guild, but the guilds there doesn't really suit me. Special thanks to Peace for standing up for me while i was away!
  19. I would also like to say that i hope everyone that votes is not just influenced by someone else's post and nominations, because i see lots of people who nominate the same person(including me for a few of the nominations), so we do it hard for Grido to edit every post, lol. Anyway, don't just nominate the person because the other nominated it, but propose the person who you think deserves the award in your own opinion. Lots of amazing players are left behind and i think they deserve more. E.A.
  20. Best Spell Caster Yrthilian Champion Fighter Shadowseeker Helper of the Year (Grido can't be nominated) Well from my humble opinion that would be Burns. Most Addicted Curiose Pre-eminent Role Player Zleiphneir. I just love his RP, hehe. Prime Quest (best quest) Well, i didn't take part in it, but there was this wonderful quest of Awiiya with the tree which talked in his language. We had to write our names in his language. Wonderful one, definitely worth the nomination! Last, but not least. Good luck to all nominated! Regards, E.A.
  21. I'm sorry, is the quest closed now? Or is it extended by another week?
  22. Alright, the new battle system seems to be really messed up. I keep encountering new and new problems. When i try to attack now i get the following error. Too low vitality for Takagi - auto assigning Fatal error: Call to a member function get_vitality() on a non-object in /home/magicdue/public_html/core/combat/effects/ProtectEffect.php on line 39 It's not only for Takagi, it's for all the mp4s there were in the MDP at the time. -------- I've got a really wierd fight with another mp4. I got a tree set up on regen on multiple, so it didn't do anything. He attacked with some guys on wea
  23. Alright, i observed those two strange occassions that didn't happen before. 1st is that in the beggining of the fight the enemy's creatures are with 0 vitality until they are attacked or they attack. Only then the real vitality is shown. 2nd is that when a creature dies the effect that killed it stays as well as their vitality before the last hit. For me that's quite unclear. I can't really get if the creature is dead or my creature is just attacking it. Otherwise, i kind of like the new log. It's much more organized and what i like most is that it shows what stats you gained from the fi
  24. Oh, alright. So, another lesson on battle mechanics then, hehe. Thanks Burns. @ Rendril: I'm not sure it didn't get it, nah. It was in the midst of the battle so i didn't pay attention, but in any case it's quite hard to follow exactly the battle since it's going very fast.
  25. I observed this rather peculiar battle where luck actually cancelled a possitive effect, which surely isn't supposed to be so. Unless we can have bad luck too "Elthen Airis's Uwr does steallife to multirandom creature(s) of zZBuckZz and: - Steallife power: 1% - steals 16 vitality from Walking Tree and gives it to .....(luck: cancel effect) and remains with 1633 vitality" Rather strange don't you think?
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