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    Books! Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Dan Abnett
    Movies- I used to read Marvel comics growing up so just about any of the superhero movies..
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  1. writing a story for Windy~

  2. Needs work. Any pictures of you would be nice.

  3. Name - Shardon Player ID- 83165 Title/Tag - Master of Colors(unofficial) Role- Aide to Queen Peace, and a powerful wizard in his previous life. Here to explore the realm, solve some of it's mysteries(hopefully), study the various creatures and magicks here, and aid others as he can. Interests- I'm interested in all manner of things, but the creatures, people(characters), and magic especially. I like quests and puzzles/riddles but I'm not terribly good at solving the latter in a timely fashion. Petition - I come to the land because it is one of the most mysterious, and because I have ple
  4. After hearing of Necrovion and it's peoples, I have this to say. I have not heard of any of the current nominees. Now this could be because I'm simply not active in a forum, but I definitely want to vote or elect a ruler that I know /something/ of. And for this reason amidst others I must humbly request that Lady .Peace. be included in the running. Anyone that would argue her current state of life making her ineligible I will argue personally. If she were to be a knight, then I would be her squire. I have heard some of her tales and of her life, and I see no one better suited for continu
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