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  1. This post, along with most other post is in this topic is spam.

  2. Is this an OFFICIAL festival? Like the festival of pain? Rewards I expect- Credits Creats etc
  3. This isn't a game. This is Mur's brain. MD is a psychological thing for him. He's creating his own world so he can make sense of the real one and so he has somewhere to dump his random thoughts. It's his philosophical world that came up to hold the discharge of what he wishes the world could be. This is The Mind of Mur.

  4. Tomatoes are actually some of my least favorite fruits...... They are my least favorite........ Belch Ketchup
  5. You people mighthow somehow find that attractuve... her profile pic is somewhat scary....

  6. Pip Pippidy Pip Pippidy,

    Pip Pip Pip Pip,

    Pip Pip-ah-dee,

    Pip Pip-ah-dah,

    Pip Pip-ah-dam-do.

  7. This list has some spam. I'll add some more...

  8. There seems to be something important about tomatoes in this game. Why don't you just create a Tomato Principle or something? That would increase the tomatoiness even more. Why are tomatoes so important? I want an answer from Mur/Grido
  9. Check THIS out! [attachment=1771:googlebug.png]
  10. *looks at the face*

    AGGGH it('s) Burns!!!!

    *sheilds his eyes*

    You know i'm just kidding ^^

  11. Nobody has posted here for awhile.....


  12. If I was a mod I'd close this post. The GGG is basically dead. Last time i went there was about 2 Mp3, 3Mp4, 3 Mp5. It's dead so just close this topic. I'm surprised an anti GGG topic went this far with so little flaming...
  13. [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' date='11 June 2010 - 08:49 PM' timestamp='1276307390' post='61712'] He is suggesting an area for things that need investigation but are not big enough by themselves to be Court Cases. The things could easily be dire enough breaches of the rules for banning. [/quote] Exactly for example my recent post- [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7200-offensive-language/"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7200-offensive-language/[/url] It went there because there was nowhere else. It's worth noticing but not worth sueing.
  14. There should be a specific location on the forums for reports of offensive language,spamming, etc. that are not big/strong enough to be an official MDcourts tiral. Recently I didn't know where to put one and posted it in that area because it seems to fit in that area. Is there an area and if not should there be one and if so will there and if so when? EDIT:OMG POS REP
  15. Strange... my rep is fairly steady.... only about -15 in past month....

  16. [quote name='Burns' date='11 June 2010 - 04:07 PM' timestamp='1276290477' post='61686'] Of course not, Grido and me are hanging out with those people all the time xD It's quite obvious that we ask the unallied ones if they want to join sooner or later, they are all good at english, they know all the basics, and they are capable of going deeper, what more could we wish for? [/quote] You could wish for them also to have visited Golemus at least once so they are familiar with the land.
  17. 3...!




  18. Random note that seems to fit here: Lots of LHOs are in Guerilla Golemicarium. Is it just coincidence?
  19. Hurt? Being hurt is usually not fun. Don't hurt me... too much...

  20. He's a grey unicorn and always grumpy. Michael Jackson stole his kidney.

  21. Hey Charlie it's candy mountain!

    Hey Charlie it's the Choo-Choo Shoe!

    Charlie! You're the banana king!

  22. Why doens't someone test it out on an item or try to make it work. If it works on a item it should work on the interface... OR Extend the scene slightly so below it is a universal clickable on all scenes displaying a compass.
  23. Another recurring problem seems to be that the Vets are CRUSHING any new mp5. (this is an idea that will require lots of changes) Mp2,Mp3,Mp4,Mp5 stay the same. Then Mp6 becomes not protector but another fighting stage, Mp7 becomes what is now Mp6, and so forth. I understand you think the idea stated above is very dumb. It's acutally smart just hard to do.m It will allow the community to combatatively spearated enough so that the new Mp5 can survive and the Vets can fight vets and not PUMMEL the new Mp5 giving them little chance of gaining Vet-like power. If this post is quoted please quo
  24. [quote name='apophys' date='04 June 2010 - 03:15 PM' timestamp='1275682501' post='61035'] You have a long record of breaking rits in the GGG. You are no longer trusted to abide by the rules. [/quote] The first times i broke rits- I forgot to set my def rit as def so people attacked good and bad ones The intentional time- I sat with about 35 good rits and 2 bad ones. So that people would think I was borken and then someone would get good hit causing confusion. Now- I was GOING TO TRAIN MY CREATURES USING CORRECT GGG RULES IN ATTACKING WITH THEM AND MY DEFENSIVE RIT. Let me try. This IS t
  25. I recently went to the GGG to do leginimite training. I said this exactly (punctuation may vary)- NOT SET!!! I was teled to GoC withing 5 seconds. The GoC will become a new training ground to kill the people who set GGG rits and get teled there.
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