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  1. You can bring the calf to the udder but you can't make it drink :P

  2. I am aselling a bird. Current trade value: 471, Transfered 1 times. Age- 294 (as of year 5 day 176) Tokens- [goldtear] No price in mind...
  3. Selling a bird....

  4. Habby B-Day! EAT ME!!! I can escape without harming you and no magic!
  5. Weekend! Yay! Good idea... sleep.... *falls asleep*

  6. They invented tequila takillya.

  7. To all that apply: At Winds Sanct

  8. Cupcakes are dry and the icing takes away the "flavor" MUFINZ!!!
  9. You have never tasted chocolate muffins with chocolate chips before then have you?
  10. I can't find you. Otherwise I would.

  11. Which would you normally prefer under normal circumstance.... eating a cupcake or muffin?
  12. Cupcakes vs. Muffins!

  13. Make an armpit beauty salon!

  14. Spamming the statusbar... WITH THIS!!!

  15. End iggy.......


  16. I'll sell my Bird. Current trade value: 471, Transfered 1 times. Age 290 [goldtear] Name a reasonable price.
  17. I got this. I've been capped for awhile. How? [attachment=1777:capbug.png] If this is a bug it's my 2nd one found today...
  18. Rednecks will rule the world with their animated corn someday!!! They will takeover the world with CORN!!!

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