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  1. I am now able and willing to make your papers (for a price). For a sample you can [url="http://hmgbv.webs.com/"][color="#4169E1"]CLICK HERE[/color][/url]. I have a few packages set up currently. Package One is 1 Silver Coin Package Two is 2 Silver Coins Package Three is 3 Silver Coins If you are interested in buying please pm me in forums. In game pms will be disregarded. Package One Includes: [list] [*]A frameset (2 frames) [*]2-3 Pages (to displayed in content frame) [/list] Package Two Includes: [list] [*]A frameset (2 frames) [*]2-5 Pages (to be displayed in content frame)
  2. I'm at the 2010 BSA Jambo! It's FUN!

  3. I'm Mp5 and in free roam! Don't pummel me TOO hard.

  4. aaront222


    It's the accursed growth!
  5. aaront222

    Wendy's bathroom

    That is high quality... a fire-hazard next to the tub makes it better.... FIREPLACE MEHEHE
  6. aaront222

    Windy & SageWoman

    The hair is weirdish... did women really have.... afros?
  7. aaront222

    Windy & SageWoman

    I assume that was forverago...
  8. aaront222


    You look scary.... for multiple reasons....
  9. aaront222


    Clones.... which one is evil.... or.... eviler.....?
  10. aaront222


    My cat is evil. Twilight is an annoying movie/book (bleep). But it's a good looking cat... until it STRIKES!
  11. aaront222

    Old Games!

    [size="3"][color="#FF0000"][font="Lucida Console"]POKEMON (1st gen rocked with all the kickarse glitches) FIRE EMBLEM (the original one) SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 METROID PRIME (not 2 or 3 Echoes killed metroid) [/font][/color][/size] Edit: Changed text size
  12. This is a birthday song! It doesn't last too long!
  13. I'm spamming here becuase I haven't yet.

  14. I havent spammed here in awhile so... yeah... ?

  15. Mp5....I'll be back.In a week or so....

    1. dst


      Take your time. Don't rush!

    2. BFH
    3. aaront222


      24 hrs all the way....

      maybe a few months :(

  16. It's 2am..... SLEEEP

  17. The Soviets used dogs to suicide bomb tanks. Too bad the dogs blew up the Soviet tanks they were trained with...

  18. no thanks. i wanna make my rep even agian.

  19. *pulls out a flaregun and points at Lupus* FREEZE!!!


    *points the gun up and lets out a colorful blast of flares*

  20. I am willing to donate a creautre prize. Wilderwind [goldtear] 301 age
  21. First comment.

    First spam.


  22. I haven't spammed here lately....

    So I'm spamming now

  23. An explanation doesn't belong here. It's private matters ;)

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