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  1. just got back from creating explosions.... and it was completely legal too.

  2. Mp5....I'll be back.In a week or so....

  3. plotting............

    1. aaront222


      This means many things. It may mean that he plans to take something over.... or blow something up.... or ban Ledah.... (i might have enough dirt to turn him in.... i turned him in once.....)

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  4. Mastering the void 2, the unavoidable creation....started, see you in one year maybe

    1. aaront222


      Maybe the third will be:

      Spam of the aaronts!

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  5. Give Me MD or Give Me Death

  6. Tara, try the Wix thingy, everyone seems to be trying it (including me :P)

  7. Wow have just realized how long its been since i last updated anything here .. hum well maybe ill put up another gallery .. any suggestions?

  8. Chicks dig mascular armpits.

  9. Wee Statusbar!

  10. Cupcakes vs. Muffins!

  11. Chicks dig mascular armpits.

  12. Ha, comments on status! Vive la Facebook-style -.-

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