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  1. Lots of post jumping done here. Why not have someone make a Writing Submission Form with MDScript? Then people can submit their writings and whoever is in charge of that can handle the writing requests and organize them. Publish anything from quests to tutorials. Have people put up their quests there. And most importantly- Find a place you can have a bar in the MDA. (maybe the GGG becomes the Golden Globe Gazebo Pub and Inn)
  2. The thing in his signature makes me laugh on the inside and I have the exact same program he used to make it. "AmitySource Userbar Generator"

  3. like ones for other games etc...




  4. for different forums not this one only

  5. Today at my school the fire alarm malfuntioned and I missed most of math class.

    1. Chewett


      You need to "test" the fire alarms at work :D

    2. aaront222


      They malfunction alot at my school. I'm stating to think they have bad ones.

    3. The Great Pashweetie
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  6. i like the idea of months but here's a problem, the game doesn't have months
  7. I have tons and tons of broken rituals. They starting accumulating when i set a LOTS and LOTS of trees at once. Now I have to do lots of scrolling to get to the "make new ritual" button. Besides, it's annoying to need to repeatedly unbind your giant forest of trees isn't it?
  8. pokemon platinum friend code:1291 2298 0611 name: ABSOL (all caps)

  9. Development status: evolving that we have't seen in a long time evolving working on something, be it game feature or just bug fix. constantly adding new things. This is the most [u][b]commong[/b][/u] stage and sign that the game development is progressing and that the game grows not only in players but [u][b]aslo[/b][/u] in features. so clearly mur is going to make big changes soon, he's working on this and also he misspelled also and common
  10. haha i have a nature-bred cloyster!

    1. Maebius


      gotta catch 'em all! :)

  11. This better not become as much of a flamewar as people did for the GGG. Once one of the tips in the triggers box literally said "free credits help you move fast during the TC, use them to your advantage The FC is not a bug. And being only open to Mp5 is a stretch. Mp5 and ally is still a stretch. You can't limit the TC, what about the Mp3 who want to help but can't? what then?
  12. This better not become as much of a flamewar as people did for the GGG.
  13. [quote name='CrazyMike' timestamp='1298245703' post='79138'] I believe the first task at hand is to have a team leader for both the teams. Need to identify them fast so that preparations can start immediately. Rather than nominating and voting (time consuming), may I suggest Ailith pick two leaders and players can start going to them for team seats. Or players can announce their interest to Ailith, and she can divide the players and let a TL be chosen from there. Need Ailith to respond please. Thank you. [/quote] Mur said that alitih shouldn't organize teams but we should.
  14. YAY FIRST REPLY!!! My birthday is actually the same day as the MD birthday which is really cool. I call I'm on Team "Us". Someone else be on Team "Them".
  15. A long time ago gay meant happy. Now it means homosexual male. I'm personally used to the word gay because a major road in my town is called "Gay Street". Gay street has lots of good places. If streets have emotions this street would be a happy street because it has Starbucks, local businesses that are awesome, etc. I like to eat dinner on gay street. UrbanDictionary Definiton 1. jovial or happy, good-spirited 2. a homosexual male or female 3. often used to describe something stupid or unfortunate. originating from homophobia. quite preferable among many teenage males in order to buff
  16. Anyone else play pokemon?

  17. The wooden cube has been mass produced. One of tyhe tents in the carnival is full of them

    1. Maebius


      Oh those poor things... buy them up and


  18. It is so annoying trying to breed pokemon for certian natures! AGGH!!!

    1. Mith


      That's why I try to focus on the 'having fun' part of pokemon instead of the 'having the strongest pokemon' part. :D

    2. aaront222


      I got one and not I'm lost in Stark Mountian!

    3. Phear the Wolf

      Phear the Wolf

      I had to breed 32 larvitars to get the right nature =/ but my aaerodactil was revived with the perfect one, so I guess it is just raw luck =P

  19. I bid 8 lumber on the GG drach (it is visible as one items but if you have 6 lumber and you get 5 the item name will be 11 lumber stacks in an unusual way)
  20. aaront222


    second thought- fatty you didnt share with us
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