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  1. Haha the tournament sounds very interesting. Especially when you have 17k max vit. Try battling a Mp5 at 0% with a 1.7k vit ritual.
  2. So I was just looking through my creatures page and then I saw that my barren soul had 500/200 vitality. Attached is a screenie. What I think: I got this via CTC from a higher level. It seems it kept the vitality from being a Hollow Warrior but has less max vit.
  3. [quote name='ChildOfTheSoul' timestamp='1300511318' post='80869'] deal, Princess Katt and arront222. I'll pm you in-game. [/quote] aww looks like aaront222 didnt win! by how much did he outbid me?
  4. I'm sitting in my front lawn on MD eating pizza. Having a life this good should be illegal.

    1. Fyrd Argentus

      Fyrd Argentus

      Pizza and computers don't mix very well. Be careful or life will take a turn for the messy.

    2. aaront222


      You do have to be careful

  5. Knator Age: 19 Experience 180k Tokens: Claw I I bid 1 sc on this
  6. It sucks having the same B-Day as MD, people perfer to appreciate games more then people sometimes.

    1. The Great Pashweetie

      The Great Pashweetie


    2. aaront222
  7. then find your way back to being not lost

  8. I should be able to max my heretic archers at Mp5. Mp5 now has another important creat: UP. Angien rits have TONS OF VIT and the UP steals it all while your trees abuse the stolen Ve to protect and your damages RIP THEM A NEW ONE!!!
  9. and then you think that sign looks like it is in Loreroot's back exit
  10. Alright everyone hates this someone lock or delete topic or use it in a thread of "examples of bad ideas".
  11. There are lots of spells and items that change chatting. Spells Silvertounge Frog Silence Items Bottle of Liquid Dutch Bottle of Liquid French (and one or two other of those...) Windy's Endless Supply of Beer And a nice addition would be the Leet Speak Spell Example- [Spell]:y0u 15 U83R - aaront222 aaront222:h3110 p33p5 (hi people) aaront222:900D j08 y0u !5 1337 (good job you are leet) alphabet (english a to z) 4, 8, (, D, 3, F, 9, 4, !, J, K, 1 M, N, 0 (that's a zero), P, ?, R, 5, 7, U, V, W, X, Y, Z The alphabet is incomplete mainly because although SOME of the letters
  12. meh...

    i'd expect good

  13. ahh miscliked i meant plus
  14. When you lose at pokemon and think "Dammit I knew I should have brought the Drachorn!" When you're walking around an amusement park and double take many times "did I just see Windy?" When you are at a shopping center see a sign that says MDA, double take it really does say MDA, and wish you had your camera. When at pokemon you think flying type moves should also freeze. You expect all catchpas to be as faulty as the login one. When you finally get off your computer your dog comes up to you asking to go outside. You post the above directly after it
  15. omg noob alert!!!

  16. ʍʇɟ ƃuıdʎʇ uʍop ǝpıs dn

    1. Groundnuts


      uǝıu uǝıu uıǝu

  17. Or maybe we can just shut down MD! Then there'd be no MP levels at all! Nothing to complain about! That was pure sarcasm. I expect severe neg repping despite this is a legitimize solution that would remove the problem. I DISAGREE WITH THE ABOVE SOLUTION!!! @Mya I'm Mp5 and I only just got 100 base attack a month ago. It's possible to beat eon's max token Angiens with the right creatures. I have the battle log that says so. I have pretty low stats and I can beat the giants sometimes.
  18. I sent BFH am pm saying that I needed a hug. He walked all the way form PC to MDP to hug me. LOLXLROFLCOPERS

    1. Tipu


      I would had done the same if any girls PM for a hug.

    2. BFH


      I do that for any of my adepts and worshipers. And ofcourse, any of my friends :)

    3. aaront222
  19. Oh lookeh it is Ledah.

  20. Another great player gone in the wind.

  21. Shall she ever return?

  22. im a creeper im a creeper im a creeper im a creeper im a creeper

    1. Pipstickz
    2. aaront222


      Rent a creeper, get stalked like you've never been stalked before. Only 1 silver.

  23. We actually can do it with MDScript. Grido has an LHO application thing in MDScript. Edit: Put the application form on the guy's desk.
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