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  1. You can laugh evilly, apparently it won't let me use my elves because the cards aren't in the database or soemthing... The deck builder has all the cards but the online play application says my card's don't exist. Edit: Windows Explorer can't find the decks I made on the deckbuilder. Help?
  2. Garruk would definitely be something I would add to this deck if I could. The main reason I have Vorinclex is nostalgia. I open my first pack of cards and I see Vorinclex, I read him, and because he is really fun against mana intensive decks, and his massive manaboost goes well with Untamed Might when I attack with a 1/1 Infect. Also, the lands aren't a problem because this deck does generally lack in mana acceleration but there are LOTS of creatures with land acceleration. I'm going to a prerelease on Sunday with some friends, I'll probably get a Garruk, a few llanowar elves, and some overr
  3. Anyone else play Magic the Gathering out there? General Magic the Gathering discussion. Also- How's my deck look? [b]Lands[/b][list] [*]Forest x15 [*]Plains x5 [/list] [b]Creatures[/b] [i](this is mostly an elf deck with the intent of overrunning the opponent)[/i][list] [*][i][u]"Big" Creatures[/u][/i] [*][i]Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger[/i] [*][i]Spearbreaker Behemoth [i](gives stuff with 5+ power indestructible)[/i][/i] [*][i]Drove of Elves x2 [i](not quite strong early game but it becomes amazing late game)[/i][/i] [*][i][i][u]Other Creatures[/u][/i][/i] [*][i]Llanowar Elves x2[/
  4. That Snorlax you just called fat? Yeah, it's eating rare candies by the dozen for you to accept it. That Gastly you just called ugly? It's been trying to learn a new move to replace its Mean Look. That Slowpoke you just tripped? He has a learning disability that makes him legally retarded. See that Hitmonchan with the scars? He fought in Vietnam for your freedom today. I bet 80% of you won't repost this if you're against PokeBullying, but help Pokemon with a visit to the local...

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Junior


      theres only one case in which pokemon have died, Garys to be exact. In pokemon...Black? i Believe?

    3. Mallos


      ewww the newest version sucks. They need to stop making them, just remake the old ones.

    4. Ars Alchemy

      Ars Alchemy

      read the MANGA newbs!

  5. I understand what is meant by the quantity but... Under Lower Xp to zero is says "cost 1 wp" and below the cost is "wish 2" or ghost is cost 1" wish 7" what does this wish thing mean?
  6. So my wish doesn't always "come true"?
  7. Due to the new updated many players (including myself) will be running around with one, two or three wish points. The question I, and many other people new to the WishShop have. All wishes seem to cost exactly 1 Wishpoint... BUT there is another wlue to the right of it simply titled "Wish"... What does the second value mean?
  8. happy late md bday and tyvm i had i good one. apart from being grounded from my computer >.> but i stayed up till 3am playing fallout new vegas on a schoolnight.
  9. Summary of my life: I play minecraft and play MD. Example of how much i play minecraft (i really did type this to someone >.>): if this was minecraft i would fill your house with wood and light it on fire only to have it set off redstone which would flood your house breaking all your torches setting off a massive sand cave in blocking the water source one of the sand setting off a redstone circuit hooked up to a tnt cannon obliterating your house
  10. It really sucks having the same Bday as MD. "Happy Bday MD!" "But it's mine too...." "You must be lying that is too big of a coincidence" "bleh" which is why I don't play MD during the celebrations. It would jsut be notstop sulking.

    1. Sunfire


      then do like me, one day after :D

    2. nadrolski


      Don't you worry, my friend aaront222. I will greet you as soon as I see your name at the Birthday Announcement below :D (*prepares his rainbow-colored pompons*)

  11. Pimps ------ Child's Pimp Age: 64 Tokens: Claw I, kelletha fire, antifreeze, stardust, onyx fangs, gold belt, sunshine. Stored heat: 530, 559 Child's Pimp III Age: 22 Tokens: onyxfangs, darkshield, black tear Stored Heat: 1,588,333 Child's Pimp II Age: 22 Tokens: stardust, darkshield, onyxfangs, claw 3, sunshine i offer 1gc and 16branches for all of them together
  12. hello world.... document.write("Hello World"); wasn't that used to teach people javascript at some point?
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