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  1. Ok so I'm planning to draw 5 people who were in one particular place at the same time. This is simple sketch how I've imagined it. "Find five individuals and recognize them!" This is just a sketch so the actual entries of people will differ a little in posture/clothing/etc. And first two entries are : Witty and MaGoHi! "Witty is in need of lumber and MaGoHi has dirty thoughts." When he told them I've imagined his thoughts like big black, curly hair (like that one of Afro Samurai ) with evil grins inside. Dirty thoughts are portrayed by the Cheshire Cat. A
  2. I mean it's not polished (was doing it by night yesterday after whole day in work) , but can be, so the colours would bleed through as they should ;) 
  3. So now it is done exactly as you descibed it Chewett. Little cosmetic changes happened only. I've updated it with round outline. Possible changes in brightness and final look based on feedback.
  4. Are logos hand drawn? They are mastered in PS - at least they look like that.  ( irrevelant now )
  5. Sooo here's my entry: The light is metaphor of happiness achieved through friendship with Bob. The girl silhouette symbolises innocence and , in this particular pose, cheerfulness. This is version based in 100% on hand-drawn picture of which I've taken photo and mastered it digitally: The picture: Big version: And the 140x140 version: And to make it look more like actual logo :
  6. Lost and Forgotten

    1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea


      I remember you. Very well.

    2. vladan


      Regain your strenght :)

    3. Blackshade Rider

      Blackshade Rider

      when one falls and gets back up they get back up stronger than when they fell

  7. craetures for sale ...prices negotiable ...TS,soulweaver, pimped grasan and many others...chceck my topic on central market

  8. Hmm it isnt good but in last week i slept in total for about 5 hours and was about 70-80 hours at MD... having Ipod and wifi isnt good...
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