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  1. I told them to save Khalazdad's soul. Why did nobody stop yrthilian? Please answer to this, as a fellow Necrovian. Also, who attacked the Summoned Army without provocation? The greatest and most dangerous answers lead to more questions.
  2. Honor: 0 Mind power 3 Khalazdad the White [Ireland] Enslaved soul Khalazdad good part was burned by yrthilian in the fires of the Twisted Soul, so he gained total control over his good side. Friends: 2 Send message User not here reward -2 honor http://magicduel.com/players/khalazdad_the_white
  3. [font="Verdana"][size="2"]And [i]how[/i] did yrthilian come into possession of Khalazdad's soul? [color="#8b0000"]keep same font do not use BIG BLACK fonts! Akasha[/color] [/size][/font]
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