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  1. I really don't see that viscosity affects the pub, so I have no complaints. Any advise or ideas are always a plus, especially if they come from you. You've never really said anything until now, so I am ready for some new ideas.Thank You. .
  2. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1311020556' post='88213'] Silver coins. gc is gold coins. [/quote] Thanks.
  3. I don't know when I will be available as I'm on and off a lot. I will keep my eyes peeled to the mood panel.
  4. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1309791759' post='87116'] Happy birthday! PS: I never realized you two had the same birthday! O-o [/quote] Did you not know we are twin sisters?
  5. Windy


    [quote name='Quashen' timestamp='1309439023' post='86899'] Search me too ! Sarus Saa'Zach [/quote] GOTCHA
  6. Windy


    I am on Facebook a lot. I am working hard to be on MD more often, especially now that I have applied to be on Queen Ket's Marind Bell's Council. The reason I ask for friends from the realm is so that we can notify each other when we are logging on. If you are interested, you can search for me as: Rhonda Trout Petersen.
  7. Did you say TREASURE? I'm sooo in! Everyone knows how I feel about treasure! $$$!
  8. I have always been a defender of Bob. Now I want it in writing. LOL 1) Why do you want to protect Bob? To me Bob is a symbol of all that is good. He is also a symbol of Faith. I will protect those very things. 2) If you were an animal, which would you be and why? A horse. They are graceful strong, fast, and beautiful in their symmetry. 3) When you were 5, what did you answer when someone asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? I think I wanted to be a nurse. All girls wanted to be one, back in the day. 4) What is your interpretation of the meaning of the number 9? Numbers have no meaning to me, other than being a necessary evil one must contend with in life. However, I prefer the number 10, because it is an even number. 5) If you could invite 5 MD players to dinner, past, present and not including Mur, who would they be and why? I have to think about this. 6) If the Defenders of Bob were to be represented by a set of runes, what is the set and why? Please include a drawing so I can see how you position them. This will have to wait for contemplation. 7) Hand-Draw a picture of you with Bob and post it here. I will have to work on this. Drawing is difficult and painful for me.
  9. [quote name='Dominus Lux' timestamp='1306478123' post='85225'] When I first started playing this game, I did so at the request of a good friend of mine. The biggest selling point for me was how expansive and unique the role-playing element of the game was. Now, I just reached MP4, and don't get me wrong, I love the game so far, but the role-playing community here has been...dissapointing. I went out of my way to write what I thought was a fairly interesting backstory for my character; I made Dominus into a real person in the hopes of becoming a part of the story that [i]is[/i] MD. Unfortunately, I did this only to find that the other players dont seem to care. Other than a collection of veteran players (Who were the saving point for this game, btw. Thank you for making this game a pleasure.), It has been nearly impossible for me to find other players who are willing to have any real role-play. Hell, most of them don't seem to want to talk [i]at all[/i] other than to converse on ritual plans and the like. While not a game killer for me, this is all just very dissapointing. And, sadly, I fear that this game will get very boring very quickly if I can't find any player interaction. Was I misinformed about the game? Or did I just happen to sign up during a quiet time? Perhaps I'm just looking in all the wrong places? Any help, advise, or general wisdom would be greatly appreciated. [/quote] there are few of us left. but keep your eye on the chat. We are around.
  10. [quote name='Rumi' timestamp='1303702723' post='83357'] What does contour design look like? These 5 drawings were my original set. I will elaborate on the details of the last two drawings (which include more than contours) further down the thread. I made a very simple cross-section sketch of hillside with contour swales to show how they work. [/quote] ooh! I likey!
  11. Windy


    [quote name='keida' timestamp='1306432877' post='85169'] From NewPower The role playing. I cannot get the validation code to reply ,anyway, what about when players are mp3 they can be divided in small groups, a group with 3 players. Its like a family, they can be divided when they reach mp5 and they can tell also spoilers to each other. I mean, if the game creates a council, which chooses the name of the "family" which depends by the name of the players like: Dark magician , ghost and " Crazy wizard" The name of this family is "sinister magicians" so they get a role in the first day of playing, it makes the game much more interesting, and the name of the family appear on the profile. The game could tell they a "little " secret about the realm, that depends by the name of the players, family ,ect. I dont know, but this seems interesting and MAKES the game more interesting. What do you thing, I will work more on this. [/quote] Keida, becareful. We are not aloud to post for other people. Read Chewy's rules on that. [quote name='Raine Castaway' timestamp='1306504484' post='85244'] I know how you all feel. A few people and I are trying to keep our little role playing group active, but more people are becoming inactive and stopping role playing. And some people just hate us. [/quote] I've never understood why people have to take pot-shots at other people. Shows their level of maturity. [quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1306444618' post='85195'] Hard to find good RP-ers? I'm almost always in character. It seems to me what you want to find is trivial RPers. Good RP requires a lot of knowledge about the nature of the MD realm, which almost everybody who replied in this thread lacks. Create RP-ing groups? Hello! We kind of already have those... Much better ones than those you suggest. They are called lands... Classes? So, you want MD to become yet another DnD clone? Windy leading a school for RPing would result in new players creating things from thin air and flinging fireballs all about... You'd just get a lot of mp3 demi-gods. And don't we already have enough of those here? Suggestion: Read the story mode, read the AL, read the realms RP requirements. Find out what the MD realm really is and then talk about RPing in MD terms. You're just making yourselves look silly this way. [/quote] Gee...Thanks. Now that we've hear from all the negative people... [quote name='Prince Lewas' timestamp='1306433496' post='85171'] All in all, no god-mod, no predefined classes (now these are secondary topics here) Only the same various, but so fantastic role-playing community as it was once ago... in my first times here, I remember it well. Since I've returned to MD after months - I can feel a difference... so, bringing the community together in many other ways, that's the point mainly, I suppose. And... erm, Windy, a pub is just always welcome to me. I mean, you'll have my support as a frequenter [/quote] Thanks. I created the pub for players to have fun while they are healing their creatures and getting a reprieve from fighting. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1306472492' post='85220'] My 2 cents: There are several elements of good RP. People have often mentioned no god-modding: this is when you set your character as almighty and practically invincible. Then there is bunnying: when you RP another person's reaction. And then there is one more thing: following the setting. MD used to have a setting: it's a distinct world of its own, whose inhabitants are people who were strangely transported to this world, landing on the paper cabin, meeting Marind and then deciding what to do, what role they want to take up in this world they are brand new to. Back then, roles like dragons, elves, demon etc was even frowned upon in the game concept, as you can see [url="http://magicduel.com/index.php?pag=presentationtext"]here[/url]. If you see the people who were chosen to be RPCs back then due to their roles that was deemed unique and suitable to MD, you could see that the most "roles" is closer to what they were doing, rather than what imaginary background or species they claim to be. For example, we had Thanasia who became a priestess after leading prayers, Alche who became a principles amalgam due to his adventures in Mt. Kelle'tha, RJ who became the drachorn master for adventuring inside the drachorn cave. Of course it's not that roles that include imaginary species does not exist, we had at least one metallic rabbit RPC in the realm, but it was not the shapeshifting, fire-ball throwing kind. This was way back then in MD. Then with the coming of the first Festival, there was a large influx of a new kind of roleplayers. They take MD's "you can be anything you want" and interpreted it as meaning MD is a freeform RPG: you can be whatever creature you want and throw fireballs whenever you want. There was a large influx of roleplayers with this mindset and for quite a while, this type of RP flourished. But as a result, the setting of MD that used to exist is quite often ignored during this period. Either side can argue which one is right, but with the revelations that happened rather recently, both sides really should have been reconciled. In terms of setting, MD is much more flexible than most RPGs: people are even allowed to alter the setting to a degree. As shown [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/6955-a-show-of-force-1-part-2/"]here[/url], MD is a world where everyone's fantasy world is merged. Its reality is a mix of its inhabitants reality: when something becomes a reality in the majority of people's minds, it becomes real. This is perfectly reflected by the "RP reality level" system. When everyone there believes something, it becomes real. As people have different concepts of what they can accept as reality, it's easier to make something real when there is only few people there, but it gets harder to get everyone to think the same when the number of people increases. You mentioned that there are a lot of strenuous rules and restrictions in MD; I think it's inevitable. There's no rule about RP-ing when you're with like-minded people, as whatever you believe [i]is [/i]reality, but when in a large crowd, those restrictions reflect the fact that the reality is not changing according to your fantasy, because other people does not accept it as their reality. I would also like to comment on the opinion that it's hard to find RP in MD nowadays. True, you don't see as many blue texts nowadays as a certain period back then, but it doesn't mean there is no RP in MD. As some people have said, RP is not just about blue text. For quite a lot of people, playing MD IS role playing. When they walk, talk or do anything, they are role-playing, even if you don't see blue texts. Even without extensive made up background or race, people can RP. If you look around MD, you can find RP all over the place, although it might not necessarily be the type of RP you think of. So now we get to my point, since ideas are requested to "revitalize RP". My suggestion is: do more RP that is acceptable to more people in general. Just like an RP needs to be very real and fact based when a lot of people are present, the opposite is true. A place that have a more real and fact based RP will be acceptable to more people, and allows you to draw in from a larger pool of people to populate the place. [/quote] Thank you for clarifying. That makes more sense. [quote name='dragonrider7' timestamp='1306460833' post='85215'] I still remember a battle we had between the protectors of Bob and the rebels ....long back...when stormrunner and all was here... it was fun. I too remember some RP battles and events with HolyPaladin DEBA....we used fight a lot...dragon vs paladin ha ha.....I know I am deviating from the topic...just wanted to share my memories ....and RP is not something which is taught in some classes...it requires the player to imagine a lot, people should watch and learn, for example I learned to do RP from the chats between diff vet players...initially I wondered what these guys were doing....finally I knew that they were living in MD ...so entered and just became part of it.....so I would say let the vets (including me :-) ) start some RPs ...and let the new players watch and learn .. -rider [/quote] Exactly. [quote name='Maebius' timestamp='1306449408' post='85209'] I'm not sure how worried to be that I find myself agreeing with Ravenstrider... Roleplaying in my mind almost requires knowing about the Lands, as Rhaegar's quest helps explain, for those who have done it. Building your role within the framework of MagicDuel, consistently and believably are wonderful goals. Yet this doesn't mean flinging fireballs and backstabbing without regard for your enemies either. It's perfectly acceptable (in my mind) to refer to the real world, and how it relates to MD, just as it is acceptable to be a dragon and *pop* tankards of ale into being. Roles are, almost by definition, as varied and creative as the minds of the players who create them. Thus, in my first reply I mentioned aligning the Pub with a potential sub-scene, and to consider how it would need to be "believed" if it becomes popular and shifts the RP Reality in the scene. Role playing is not all fantasy and magic. It can be. Yet it also leaves room for those 'athiests' who shun the 'religion' of a certain style. (not to disparage those who enjoy a good RP.) In addition, to those who prefer a more mechanics-based approach to Roleplaying, consider that constant actions in-character without items and tags, actually resulted in creating those items and tags for a number of people recently. Requiring them as a condition of Roleplay simply repeats the question of the Chicken, the Egg, and the timing of firstness. Both answers are correct. So, as stated above. Lets agree to disagree, and thus, in doing so, agree. [/quote] Thank You. [color=purple]EDDDIIIIITTTT button!! - Grido[/color]
  12. Windy


    [quote name='TTLexceeded' timestamp='1306431728' post='85164'] So all you want is no god mod??? Then dont RP with people that god mod stuff. I still fail to see a problem, a suggestion and the root of the problem. Except the classes suggestion which actually limits the RP rather than enhancing it. I might want to be a junky. Lets create an addicts class, a scarf makers class, a barwomans class etc etc etc [/quote] You totally missed the point. You are deliberately being disrespectful as well.
  13. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1306430067' post='85155'] make another topic if you want to discuss your idea, dont hijack this general topic. And where the hell has the "40 votes" come from? Iv never heard that before... [/quote] Forgive me. I thought is was part of the same subject. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1306430067' post='85155'] make another topic if you want to discuss your idea, dont hijack this general topic. And where the hell has the "40 votes" come from? Iv never heard that before... [/quote] Junior meant he was adding this idea to his poll. Forgive me, junior. [color=purple]There's an edit button, you know... - Grido[/color]
  14. [quote name='Esmaralda' timestamp='1306428772' post='85150'] I agree Windy, I would love to see "The Wind and Rain Pub". A real pub with the artwork to go with it, in an new person accessible location, where people can come drink, socialize and RP. I think it would be great! It would be nice if the pub also had items that can be clicked on. This way, some of the people that have access to write scripts for them could make the pub more interractive. Perhaps clicking on a bar tap item would say that you just filled your glass with delicious frosty beer. I don't know if this can be done or I'm reaching here, but perhaps Mur could make it even more fun by making items interract with your stats. So for example, you might be able to come drink beer there (say twice a day) and each time it adds a little temporary vitality (as you fill your belly you feel better). But once you drink your third mug of beer, you now get a negative modifier to your initiative for 20 minutes (since you got drunk!). Maybe the more you drink the more negative modifiers you get. Or maybe it takes more AP to move around the drunker you get. So nothing permament to your stats, but potentially fun. Maybe even a tag or something to show that you're drunk. Maybe as you walk around drunk, the people see "Esmaralda just stumbled into the room, the scent of alcohol emanating strongly from her". Just some random ideas. =) [/quote] I like that idea!
  15. Windy


    [quote name='TTLexceeded' timestamp='1306430284' post='85157'] Ehm I dont see you suggesting anything or actually finding the root of the problem, if there is a problem. All i can see is that your pub has no Role Players... Your problem. *coughs* Your idea of roleplaying is classes?????? and you even suggest there is a correct way to roleplay. Strike 1 Also please enlighten me. What is the wrong and the right way to RP? For example your RP (Keida) to me looks rediculous because it disregards the reality of MD. Is your RP wrong? No offense just making a point. Yours TTL [/quote] If you look on Zleiphniers papers, he has information on the subject. For example, let's say that your character is going to strike another character. You cannot say, "hits player A and he falls to the ground" that is what is called God-modding. The correct way is " aim's fist at Player A's jaw". this gives player a to respond, either to dodge or to allow the hit. It is very complicated. I've been guilty at God-modding. I've gone out of my way to correct my mistakes in this area. e.
  16. I would like to see The Wind & Rain become a reality...ie, have it's own page. I need to have a least 40 votes or more to see this happen. Please give this idea a try to make MD evolve. Add your ideas to make it functional. disregard this post. Chewy, Please remove.
  17. Back in the day, there were a lot of players who role-played and MD used to HOP! Especially at my Pub. I would like to see role-playing revitalized. There are a lot strenuous rules to go along with it. Especially about God-modding. There are restrictions in all areas of MD as well. With new players coming in, I believe role-playing should have more impact in the game. Are the new players aware the forum is a place to convey ideas? Especially on this very topic? I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on this, especially relatively new players. Perhaps there should be classes available again so we get role-playing done correctly.
  18. 1. Windy 2. 86324 3. I have no experience with Twitter. It is time I learned at my age. I want to keep up. 4. I need a challenge. I've become lethargic. I want to stay active and this would be perfect chance. 5. I would be perfect for this position because I like learning new things and am eager to learn.
  19. Greetings fellow citizens: I have lived in MB for quite sometime and finally become a citizen. I will not discuss my former liason with Loreroot, so please do not ask. MB has a lot to offer to citizens. It is not so vast that one cannot tour her, but vast enough that one must pack a sack with food to see all of her splendor. She is still a yet untapped resource and is basically still a wild frontier. So, since I am new, citizenship wise, I ask a simple question. What had been done so far to bring more citizens into our fold? I will try to read all the topics I can to learn these things. However, I would like to hear for you, as well. Yours, Windy.
  20. Windy's? Perhaps, I should change the name...
  21. Lovely picture, Fyrd. <3
  22. [quote name='Tipu' timestamp='1301252463' post='81429'] hey windy if u ever need a Strong, smarter, Awesome and Handsome Guard to protect the sisterhoods just PM. Yep iam mercenary Guard but for ladies/girls i work for free...) [/quote] Is that a fact? Do tell me why you feel that you would make a good Guardian besides the fact that you are Smarter, Awesome, and Handsome? You realize that the Sister's don't really need protecting? Just a thought.
  23. My Dear Sisters, It is important that we keep in touch with each other and let all the new people who entered MD know who we are and what we do. There is an oath. In the past, it never occured to me to have one. Please update your papers with the new things from my hate list. I will post them here as I am not on as often as I used to be. I am trying to change that. Please copy the following: [center]THE SISTERHOOD[/center] Mission Statement: The Sisterhood's mission is to support Magic Duel in all fun activities that brings the populace together as whole. [i]The following Sisterhood rules are not to be taken seriously. [/i] [i]1. You must be willing and able to smooch the men of MD indiscriminately.. 2. You must be willing to share your weapons and other nasty toys with your sisters when asked.. 3. You must be able to fight like a man but still look and smell like a woman. 4. You must be able to smell a bargain a mile away. 5. You must know all the Champions and have smooched them at least once. 6. You must take turns slurping your drink loudly, when with your Mistress and/or other sisters. [/i] [i]7. You must know how to play the Snicker game. [/i] [i]8. Pay attention to the Mood Panel for collective instruction. This rule is absolute![/i] [i]9. You must read the forum for all SISTERHOOD related information. This rule is to be taken seriously!![/i] [i]Active Members:[/i] [i]1. Mistress Windy[/i] [i]2. Sister SageWoman[/i] [i]3. Sister Falen Angel [/i] [i]4. Sister Mainnelle D Ashke [/i] [i]5. Sister Esmerelda [/i] [i]6. Sister Kriskah Arcanu[/i] [i]7. Sister Mya Celestia[/i] [i]8. Sister sasha lilias[/i] [i]9. Sister Ladytwin[/i] [i]10. Sister Nimrodel[/i] [i]11. Sister Nacirema Asu [/i] [i]12. Sister Lady Dawn[/i] [i]14. Sister Mysteria Blue[/i] [i]15. Sister Devie [/i] [i]16. Sister Dark Mystic[/i] [i]17. Sister XinHun[/i] [i]18. Sister Nylah Raynen[/i] [i]19. Sister Dragrun Katja[/i] [i]20. Sister Yala Sviseusen[/i] [i]21. Sister Curiose[/i] [i]22. Sister Keida[/i] [i]23. Sister Gort Hedera[/i] [i]24. Sister Kiley Ann[/i] [i]25. Sister redmyth[/i] [center][i]Champions of THE SISTERHOOD [/i][/center] [center][i]GREMLIN, YOSHI, MALICHIW, and ROLAND. [/i][/center] [center][i][b][u]The Sisterhood Oath[/u][/b][/i][/center] [left]I, (state your name), do hereby swear to do my Sisterly duty, which is to smooch all men, [b]with their permission[/b], who are unfortunate to cross my path. So help me MUR![/left] [left]P.S. If your name is not on the above list, it is because you have been inactive. Let me know, either on my personal Forum page or through messenger that you wish to be added or be retired.[/left]
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