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  1. 1_1X4_1 Willow's walk 1_0x4_1 Stairway to The Champion's Challenge 1_0x3_1 Whisper Alley
  2. Do you want us to wait until we have a list before posting?
  3. I'll try again. I sure hope the viscosity isn't back up.
  4. Windy

    Halloween Party

    All good ideas! I hope we see more! CoS, I feel for you on that!
  5. I must be looking in the wrong places. I have yet to find a clue. Am I too early?
  6. Can't find the publish button on the photo album.

  7. Windy

    At an SCA event

    I've always wanted to go to one of those!
  8. Windy

    Halloween Party

    As a substitute teacher, I am participating in Spirit Week. Yesterday, we dressed up as Spy's and FBI Agents. Today, It is Tacky Tourtist Day. I think that will be hilarious! Dress up as tacky and stereotypical as you can find in your closet for Tourist Season!
  9. Guillak. I goofed and only have one aromatic tea cup to give you. I can give you something else or wait to give you the other one when I acquire more.
  10. Inno! I need to talk to you. Please pm me!

    1. Seigheart


      She doesn't have a forum account. PM her IG

  11. Great idea. If we can get enough people to volunteer, let's see what can be put together. I will get with Innocense and ask her for an interview on how the festival went, who won, and so forth.
  12. I think this is a good idea. But will there be enough activity going on to warrant restarting the paper? If Mur and the counsel approve, I would like to join in the effort. I have good writing skills that will come in handy.
  13. Does Malaikat still play? Is he in YIM to contact?
  14. Congratulations Xcercses! I am so glad to see a new name on the pub as well. I know you will grow with the Pub like I have here in Marind Bell. If you need any ideas, don't hesitate to ask.
  15. Windy


    I love spooky foggy scenes!
  16. I'm thinking so as well. Not cheap and not easy to wear a bra with.
  17. Windy


    The jail idea has merit. Not the crimes to get yourself there. It might work out for it to be an entity unto itself. However, to do so is to limit your surroundings as you will not be permitted to participate in MD Festivals or other functions. It will also limit your character's ability to grow as a person.
  18. Oh my darling! I am so sorry for your loss! Prayers to you and your family in this trying time. Be well and God Bless.
  19. I would like to donate two tea cups.
  20. I am willing to pay with silver since i don't know yet where to get sand. As you well know, I love all thins fancy, ornate, and beautiful.
  21. All idea are good. One idea for a game is for someone to start a story that everyone is familiar with and then the next person twists it into something else, using names of players and places of MD.
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