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  1. I am not happy to see you go, even knowing how debilitating your health issues are. Who can I play "good cop/bad cop" with? Katt has come a long way and might be able to fill your shoes....with lots of rolled up newspaper...but she's not you. I will miss you in game.
  2. Hello my darlings! I am back on the air and ready to cause bar fights and beat people up!
  3. Thank you. I should have internet again on Wednesday. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  4. Thank you, Peace. We are renting a 26' Uhaul truck so we can do everything in one move. What we don't need right away will stay at the old place until we can get a storage unit. I have 22 years of crap!
  5. Thank you all for your well wishes. I will not forget the toilet paper or can opener! I will only be about 1 hour away. I promised to visit on Sundays.
  6. After Friday I will be not on for awhile as I am finally moving to another city on Saturday. I hope to be back on within a week.
  7. Why not use something simple? The hanging tree for instance that is already part of Necrovion?
  8. Now that I've seen Passant's story, I wish I had gotten off my arse and wrote one as well.
  9. Windy


    You are so damned cute!
  10. Prince Marvolo told a half-truth. Zleiphneir is really a sloth as all they do is hang around all day. Bob really is Eucaliptus which explains Zleiphneir's "goat" smell.
  11. I know, darling. I was the catalist. Even though I would never say, "Are you talking to me?", as it is a line from a movie. I was quite pleased with the story.
  12. Yes. For those who don't know. I disbanded The Sisterhood because it was dying a slow and agonizing death. I couldn't make it grow and it was time to let it go and start a new project.
  13. I will put a bid on durex for 3S.
  14. I may have puffed Nightshade, but never inhaled! Y_Y Mur is really a massive computer which is sentient and has logically deduced that all players are mere subjective and illogical creatures and therefore created this world to protect us from ourselves!
  15. Now, boys. All will be well and there will be plenty of food and drink to keep everyone satisfied and well behaved...Or Else.
  16. I would love to do it. Where is the half-way mark? St. Louis? We have a lot to offer there. Budweiser Factory, The Spaghetti Factory which is a restaurtant, Six Flaggs, Museums, Caves, ect, ect, ect!
  17. Hello my darlings... I have been finally made an honest woman. I have accepted Nightbane Strongarm as my Mate. Since he is my chosen, he now owns what I own and vice-verse. Because of this, The Wind & Rain is going through some growing pains such as reconstruction and redecorating. Introducing The Fire & Ice Pub! We will have a grand opening at a later date. Thank you!
  18. I couldn't remembeer where I put last year's thread about Christmas songs like we've done the last 2 years or was it 3? Anyway, I thought that THIS year, we could do something a little bit different. This year, lets sing well known Christmas songs but sing it in Simsian. I play Sims Social on Facebook and thought it would be hilarious to do this. IF this idea is too hard considering all the different countries that play this game we can stick to the original ideas of changing Christmas song to suit MD themes. We had a lot of fun with "The Night Before Christmas". I was thinking "Silver Bells" might be fun this year as well. Perhaps, everyone can pick their own songs and just go with it. Please tell me your thoughts on this fun subject.
  19. I too, have noticed such things and have been attacked for bringing bullying to light. It has gotten to the point that I don't say anything anymore because I get ganged up on, verbally. This used to be a fun game to play in the beginning. But I have found a way to get around that nonsense and built my own world in MD and I gather those character's close to me that need a true friend. Pointing fingers at who did what and when leads no where. We can forgive, but forgetting is another issue. We must leave our ego's in the real world and become our character in this realm. I also believe that pointing fingers at Romanians [or whomever] is counter productive. Where someone comes from is not the issue and should not be a point in an arguement. It is racist, in my opinion.
  20. I like this one better than the avatar contest. What do you mean about outside items?
  21. I am still at ToA. Taxi!
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