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  1. It is the first time in my life a game makes me feel like crying.

    1. Windy


      There, there, Gulliak. I will smooch your hurt away.

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  2. Pluto 1930-2006 Revolve in peace.

  3. Pluto 1930-2006 Revolve in peace.

  4. “Oysters open completely when the moon is full; and when the crab sees one it throws a piece of stone or seaweed into it and the oyster cannot close again so that it serves the crab for meat. Such is the fate of him who opens his mouth too much and thereby puts himself at the mercy of the listener.” Da Vinci

  5. I cant resist shadow! :) I CANT! Build more hives...

    1. Windy


      *shines a flashlight at the hives*

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