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  1. Be vewy vewy caweful... it's flue time!

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    2. Robin Mea

      Robin Mea

      :P why black? I'm pure and innocent lol
    3. Jubaris


      cause... your font is black!

    4. Robin Mea

      Robin Mea

      oh ok well I'm back be scared!

  2. I was busy with real life... work.. moving a lot but now kinda back... hopefully. I missed something?

  3. hey hey yep I havent been around! I am great how's u?

  4. hummm... I almost forgot about forum until I got a message :P ty!

    1. whitewater


      You are alive!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Robin Mea

      Robin Mea

      of course I am :P was just busy busy busy

    3. whitewater


      Message me ingame when you get the chance, so I can annoy you some. :P

  5. Robin Mea


    [b][font="Georgia"]And this is my DNA code: [/font][/b][b][font="Georgia"]100100001111011111011101011010101[/font] [font="Georgia"]Kinda hard to believe that there will be any with similar dna... everyone thinks differently but why not to try? [/font][/b]
  6. Robin Mea


    LOL the question is not did you eat it whole cuz I know you did... it looks too good to waste even a small pinch of it... but WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET IT FROM? I WANT ONE TOOOOOO!
  7. awww omg I love this pic!!! so cute!!! great job :]
  8. Hey hey! I know someone who could help you with creating Character.... talk to Pamplemousse.

  9. *yawn* next late nite on training...

  10. *waves* just checkin if you like shiny things in forums as well *laffs*

  11. humm changes, changes and more changes

    1. BFH


      Yes our world is always changing, and we change with it.

  12. Changed mind... forget about poisoning cookies...

  13. *smirks* gonna make poisoning cookies soon... be prepared and afraid!

  14. *Waves* heyo!!!! omg cute doggie! can I take it home???

  15. I was thinking of book with funny quotes from MD world, maybe funny topics from forums book?or most funny logs book? also storytales and myths especialy after RP gone there should be a lot of records about them. Book of rules in MD? so that everyone could read em from the world? just few ideas...
  16. Robin Mea


    From the album: Anything

    fuzzy eyes

    © &copy

  17. Robin Mea


    some pics
  18. From the album: Anything

    Hereford old house... reminds me of house in Lands of East

    © &copy

  19. *Waves* just passing by to say hi :P

  20. Robin Mea

    For Cryxus

    wow great work! my pumpkin this year was plain
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