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  1. Be vewy vewy caweful... it's flue time!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Robin Mea

      Robin Mea

      :P why black? I'm pure and innocent lol
    3. Jubaris


      cause... your font is black!

    4. Robin Mea

      Robin Mea

      oh ok well I'm back be scared!

  2. I was busy with real life... work.. moving a lot but now kinda back... hopefully. I missed something?

  3. im doing good thanks for asking. why havent you been around? (if i may ask) you are most definately missed, my friend.

  4. hey hey yep I havent been around! I am great how's u?

  5. havent seen you in awhile :P

  6. hummm... I almost forgot about forum until I got a message :P ty!

    1. whitewater


      You are alive!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Robin Mea

      Robin Mea

      of course I am :P was just busy busy busy

    3. whitewater


      Message me ingame when you get the chance, so I can annoy you some. :P

  7. Robin Mea


    [b][font="Georgia"]And this is my DNA code: [/font][/b][b][font="Georgia"]100100001111011111011101011010101[/font] [font="Georgia"]Kinda hard to believe that there will be any with similar dna... everyone thinks differently but why not to try? [/font][/b]
  8. Robin Mea


    LOL the question is not did you eat it whole cuz I know you did... it looks too good to waste even a small pinch of it... but WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET IT FROM? I WANT ONE TOOOOOO!
  9. awww omg I love this pic!!! so cute!!! great job :]
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