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  1. [img]http://img395.imageshack.us/img395/1927/screensnaperimagez.png[/img] I'm a newbie, I play this game and believe in its fair but now I realize it's nothing but a place for someone show there power, enjoy by make all other player's hard working .... I've worked as hard as I can to improve myself, I voted everyday for free credits, and then when I still hesitate how to use them wisely, they doomed all my remain credits, and turn what I used to negative which mean they negative all my hard working for another month and who know what will happen to me after this ? I have to off for days to think if I should continue this "game" who know what's else will happen to me ? to ruin all my hard working again ! Or after this I even can't keep my account because they read this. Don't leave this game in someone (only know about their joyful) like this, keep the game fair, true fair that nobody can't ruin it, that's last words. Dear, all players and members ! Hope nobody will be the same as me !
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