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Status Updates posted by Aelis

  1. Is that a The Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt? Awesome! I want one! :D

  2. Ah, show!

    Aí é quanto tempo de residência?

    (bom falar com você de novo :D)

  3. Olha só! Por causa dos estudos?

    Você morava em que cidade antes?

  4. Hey Sasha! Nice post (the Help For New Players one)!

    Oh and sorry I took so long to answer. I sort of forgot :S

    So.. I am great!

    Long time no see!

  5. Aelis

    Nice pic, BFH :)

    Oh and hello.

  6. I am kinda sick.. but getting better already. :)

  7. Hello there! How are things going?

  8. Hahaha, you made me blush :D

    But seriously, thanks! I'm flattered.

    How are things going?

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