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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Illusion Using Creatures.   
    yeah i like this turn enemy's drach against them
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Happy Birthday Rendril!   
    happy b-day
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Alliances Treated Like Objects   
    no no no no no, knights of bell got changed leadership due to rp events, losing in war which is reasonable, well seal of six... that was personal revenge, and in this case badge was taken down for good, but well brotherhood is still alive
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Happy Birthday!   
    sretan rođendan
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in It's Time To Say Goodbye   
    gl irl
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Taking A Break   
    čestitam i nek ti bude sa srećom
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Debate - Strategy, Subterfuge, Propaganda   
    hmm interesting event, maybe md university will get up running again
    if i manage i will come to see it
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Forgotten Part Of Md   
    yup something should be done, things turned in wrong way, we lost this mystery of game, it was passion that was leading us forward, we still have our ability to shape things, but ability to shape without passion is noneffective

    edit: its very reasonable and expected point of view, newcomer with point of view like ya have usually stays in game long time
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Forgotten Part Of Md   
    once mur said when inner magic put its step into game, that inner magic wasnt made for md but md was made for inner magic, concept of inner magic.. didnt improved, even worse it went forgotten, with dismissal of rpcs, inner magic docs were unable to be redistributed, and before that happened they were just used as collectibles, principals as laws of this realm, arent used in way they were meant to be used, now they fuel tokens, they arent used anymore to think about things, to try using them for something great and unusual (inner magic), this concept with inner magic and principals was most important aspect of game which was meant to teach, made ya think, made ya use your brain...

    that key element isnt only one that died, story mode... it became unimportant, not much closed locations anymore as well, poems of locations lost its meaning, nobody cares for them, signs at entrance to each land... huh? who reads it? afaik story mode was also only one that made connection of creats with us, today in md... in everyday rp how often do we have creats involved for anything? players are merchants, warriors, not circus tamers or TCG cards owners, why do i say that? simple.. creats are those days to rpers second part of game.. like Magic: The gathering is to us irl, ya trade creats, ya play some fighting that has nothin to do with ya, to fighters thats only aspect of game, now why would warrior with sword or somethin need tree to fight with? from rp view that got created in md which is realistic or godmoding one, md creats arent used in it, and in those rp situations where ya use them.. idk if it can be said that they are used as it was meant to use them

    and now... adventure log died as well it seems

    tell me what is AL today? what is story mode today? what are poems today? what are principals today? what is inner magic today? what is md's background story today? traces of it everywhere, but still... its used for nothing, does anyone that is older than 2 months in this game notice those things anymore? i dont think so

    story mode and AL got fully replaced by papers and "casual rp" of all sorts....
    poems and lands descriptions mean nothing, everyone has same opinion about every location and acts same, all they care is if location is crowded or is it remote one, thats all
    principals.. another stat to grind till 1k and thats it
    inner magic and background story.... wot are those?
    creats? ah thats some side game inside real game to one kind of ppl to another they are whole game
    this is current situation about those things in md

    papers are giving big freedom to players to express themselves, yes
    kings will assure human judgment on players
    but lately md is getting more and more automatized, and kinda more and more towards game that is actually click to advance
    md script is cool yeah but now... game can be 100% played without any contact with players, ya just roam around mainly at mdp and ggg, to improve your stats and creats, if ya want wp for something just do automated quests, but somethings keeps players socialized, is it theirs high need for socialization or are the "forgotten" parts of this game that makes them ask around when they start playing and fires up theirs curiosity? fact is that lately there didnt came much new players that stayed for longer time, and if ya ask players that are in here for longer time wot made them stay in md, wot made them keep playing, they will most likely say one of this "forgotten" parts of game

    question is... if md removes those parts of game which arent used, is md then still md or is just like any other game?

    idk and idc wot ya will say but i am one of those players that like revealing mystery, i wanna know wot happened next in story mode, i wanna know about inner magic and principals uses, i wanna know meaning of storymode story, meaning of AL since it had its message to tell each time, i wanna know meaning of poems, i wanna know more about creats, many creats dont have description, some creats like barren soul contain description that is related to ancient lore which got banned, and many more things, i cant think anymore if i could i would most likely wrote more, this is all i have to say for now

    i have been thinking about this few days ago but forgot to post it, then emerald arcanix made me remember it but then again i forgot, then lifeline made me remember it after his talk with arcanix, so i finally managed to post it, tnx guys
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Md Awards 2009   
    actually last year there was best pwr and best rpc AND best roleplayer no? since zleiph won both best rper and pwr
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Storymode Change   
    nice to hear about update... just dont reset libs to mp3... it took a lot of effort to get there
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Storymode Change   
    increasing level of cube? O.o i dont get point in here, combining cubes to get some kewl abilities? ofc everyone would start abusing, and well afaik cube is your soul, give it away and you are slave
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Storymode Change   
    i will say that real newb that puts enough effort in game can reach mp5 in 2 weeks, actually i think we have many examples in here, every player that has dedication and potential can reach it but they dont click that one button that will make them mp5 becoz.. they heard wots up there, but that isnt point, point is that every new player can hit requirements for mp5 pretty fast and if he chooses to go to mp5 becoz of story he will do it, so... dont rush with conclusions, after all its a shame to lose such a player
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Calling All Archivists!   
    no peace, i wont be the one to do it, when did ya saw me last time ingame? i dont have time and that made me pretty inactive in md, mine time in md is almost at end, well actually its over for quite some time already... all i do for last 1-2 months is check forums and login for active days, thats it, i will stay till xmas just becoz i really really love md xmas and after that its good bye for me

    so if i dont actually do anything about that matter and i just whine around, well its better to say wots goin wrong than to be silent, dont ya think so?
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Calling All Archivists!   
    ya all tell me if archies get assembled again.... wot would they do? cmon really... i think that archies have no more job, every land leader would want his own man to write history of land and not some outsider, its clear that archies never were objective they were always praising one side (depending on writer), mda site is... well inactive nothin up in there, is there anythin useful to write anymore? since happenings in md are regular if any, too few player to organize anything outstanding, inner magic and principal talks dont exist anymore or is only in closed groups, al is paused, and as i said every land manages its own records, so wot work is left for archies?
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Wp For Days   
    ah good point @rhaegar, but i must admit that in here is just like ya said, keeping up your own alt with age, especially if ya have bunch of them is hard, unlike dst's alts since she inherited them from real players... 1 wp on alt means almost nothin, with 1 wp in shop ya cant get anythin good, at least in mine opinion but this opens up broken pattern wp in consideration, and if age wp is placed at start... huh then yes we have problem

    i voted 1 wp per year and yes to alts, but now i see it as problem of a kind... so idk

    this will obviously create wp inflation in mine mind, maybe to look for some other alternatives to motivate young ones and keep loyalty of vets?
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Wp For Days   
    ya say there wont be ppl abusing alts to get wps? yeah same thing ppl said about alts and angiens abuse for ve and in the end it really happened and it became massive
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Wp For Days   
    i dont agree with ya chew, everyone cares so they can rant whole system about being unfair, nobody wants to point out someone in fear that s/he wont do something against him/her, but if that abuser does something that is against interest of other person, that other person will suddenly jump out and start digging accusations of past misdeeds of abuser and publicly flame him, and then suddenly that one person gets respect of community (well part of it) for "unveiling" and "reporting" about "heavy" abuses (which are done by everyone else) and he also then is marked as some sort of "good doer" becoz of that

    question is where was that "hero" before when abuse happened, if s/he knew about it why did s/he waited so long, oh... i forgot s/he put public black mark on that person just becoz that person did something that isnt in his/hers interest, so lets then flame him about his abuses regardless if both are "sinners"

    thats where big fights start, ya think it wont happen with wps? all those votes FOR are becoz everyone is greedy, once ppl get those free wps, it will be kewl, then everyone will start abusing alts for wps, and then jealousy will come up, and conflict of interests will come up, insults, and other crap, so it will look like always in similar situations which i described earlier in this post, this already happened with tolerated level of abusing bugs and tolerance of having alts, so it will happen again with wps

    phase 1 overall greed
    phase 2 abuse
    phase 3 complains about system and individual conflicts of interests

    i will conclude this with question: is it possible to satisfy greed of players and prevent abuses?
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Hello Or Goodbye, Or Something   
    actually... it doesnt works in many browsers becoz mur blocked them, ie, ff and opera arent blocked, so nix users have to use ff or opera, since md is flash game... forget about opera since it doesnt have flash 10 support for nix, and atm... idk if its just me but last ff update 3.5.5 screwed it up, it messes up displaying of png images and if png image is in background... ya can forget about visiting that site since whole interface will be slower than modem but apparently its not just the case of png images in bg, but also its a case of some css properties combined with that image, i personally am waiting for next update 3.5.6 which is apparently scheduled for 15th dec, if it doesnt get fixed... i will downgrade it to 3.5.4
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Can Freedom Limit Us?   
    i must say that if we have limitations upon us, even then we cant blame them for stopping us, again we are the ones to blame becoz we didnt rebelled against them, also ya didnt quite understood wot i wanted to say in end of mine post... and point was we dont know which one is correct, does creator exists, does start and end exist or are they 2 infinities, there is nothing that can FULLY prove one of those dilemmas, meaning that all options are possible

    as for why i moved to physical limitations... lets have a look at it for a little, we humans by our nature have social freedoms, but as other things we are limited by physical laws, laws of world.. principals, we are limited by them, so when we do something wrong we see it, we cant pass over that limit, that allows us to learn and understand how world works, those things are proven facts, while on other hand our morality is our thing, by freedom of choice we can do anything, for a bit lets forget about man made laws, so atm we have just ethical questions, is there god and such, every ethical question becomes in the end dilemma between many options, ethical questions doesnt end with answer, it ends if there is god and we are members of this religion then we do as they say, if we are members of other religion then we to something else, if there is no god then we can do wot we want, so it falls down on our subjective mind to do as we believe since we cant know by our objective mind which one is true, there is always option that there is creator and that there isnt creator, in short all this means we dont know if other world exists and if it does we dont know how we will pass over to it, but in this world we have just physical laws while those "divine" laws arent defined and fall down to our belief, thats why in here come man made laws, since everyone would have different belief, one could believe that there is no god and that he can do wot he pleases, so man made laws are limitations set by community so that community can prosper and doesnt get sabotaged by individuals
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Can Freedom Limit Us?   
    well i agree partially, but i see ya havent understood me, if there is no god, then everyone can do wot he wants, but for stability of development of community ppl made laws, one can go against them, or even group or even big majority of ppl and make anarchy in that case, which will then develop into dictatorship or democracy depending who is "stronger" as ya said, but if it was in start that one individual who wants to rebel who doesnt cares and is fully capable to do that, nothing stops him to rise anarchy and establish dictatorship and do as he pleases as long as he can control key elements that will keep him in that position of power, and yeah mine point in here that dictator is unethical towards "must obey crowd" while he does everything needed remain in power like taking good care of military which will in return be loyal to him in any situation, so... "treat others how ya want them to treat ya" cant be quite applied in here, and also.. lets say ya have to kill someone innocent in order to save your big family from miserable life which allows ya barely to have something to eat, wot would ya do? so killing innocent man isnt ethical, and i guess that goal doesnt justifies means, i guess that many would act unethically, but mine both guesses could be wrong, mine point in here is that ethics doesnt say much, from mine point of view, if we dont count man made laws there is nothing to stop that person from murdering other one, ethics wont stop him, and if nobody knows who is murderer and there are no laws even family or friends of murdered person wont be able to revenge that death, so in here treat others like ya want them to treat ya doesnt applies, so murderer got away even if it still unethical to kill person and not get caught, if we remove religion and man made laws, one can do wot he wants as long as he has community or majority of community supporting him, why would they support him for doing something bad? becoz he is making them more good than bad, for example napoleon, he did many great things for his ppl, then he lead them to war, many got killed but france expanded, became very powerful, got big market, fame, it developed quickly, ppl got wot they wanted, later he got stopped by outer factors (meaning not inside his state), when other countries saw how much bad things he can do to them, they crushed him together, they were stronger, so as long as affected community does cares wot ya are doing or even is supporting ya, ya can obviously do wot ya want, becoz they will have more use of your actions than harm

    so in mine opinion ethics is meaningless by itself, but ethic is foundation for man made laws, which are "enforced", so thats only good side of ethics, but if god exists then ethics get bigger meaning
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Can Freedom Limit Us?   
    these days we have full freedom of choice according to the laws of many countries, we can do wot ever we like, but some actions like stealing is something for wot we take responsibilities when caught redhanded, and we get punished, thats a example of good limitation, if there is nothing against stealing, well then we have example of bad freedom, mass stealing will occur and society will progress much slower, in all democratic countries everyone has right to vote if they want too, so thats a example of good freedom, if voting is limited becoz of gender, then thats an example of bad limitation, so we have 4 sorts:

    [*]good freedom
    [*]bad freedom
    [*]good limitation
    [*]bad limitation

    so.. limitations and freedoms.. are sort of opposite to each other, if ya have freedom to do something then ya arent limited (permitted) for not doing it

    but... some good freedoms in mine opinion can actually hurt us and some bad limitations can actually help us, well.. depending on individual

    for example freedom of choice, when we need to pick something, we can pick anything, and out of all possibilities we usually dont know wot to pick, it depends on individual person will he pick something asap, will he take long time to pick something, will he pick something then change his mind, will he pick something to find out later that he doesnt likes it and then suffer becoz of it, or maybe number of choices will paralyze him so he picks nothing, in here its clear that the more we limit freedom of choice, the more will be limited number of possible choices... so limitations can actually guide individual person to make choice, instead of not making it, and if rules are pretty good he will most of time pick right choice out of which he will be almost always on gain, but limiting freedom of choice is considered bad limitation, and limiting it is an unrealistic example i would say, but that doesnt matters, it is the point in it that matters

    its said that human can do anything, so can we? we are limited to walk on ground we cant fly by our nature, we need airplanes for that, this is example of limitation for which we found relative solution, then we have limitation of our time on this world, we have our need for food, water, air, etc we cant live outside those conditions, are all those good or bad limitations for us? if its said that we can achieve anything, are we capable of breaking those limitations eternally or can we just find temporal solutions for them and then count those temporal solutions as achieving impossible, we have fact that humans can achieve anything, fact that humans need water to survive, means that its impossible for us to live without it, and to be able to achieve anything means we can achieve impossible..... but its not logical that we can live without water, or that we can live forever

    in here achieving anything represents total freedom and our limited time on this world represents total limitation

    which is stronger? which is right one?

    if temporal solutions for those total limitations are considered as achieving anything, which logically doesnt looks right, then total limitation is end across which we cant go, then we dont have total freedom in its full meaning

    if we can go over those limitations then we can truly achieve anything, and go to infinity, but then we dont have total limitation in its full meaning

    but theoretically there is no limit for both or there is end but we cant see it, its out of our imagination
    which ever case it is, limitations and freedoms... balance each other in a way... and idk how to explain this thing further.. i would say that theirs balance doesnt allows us to see is there end or is it infinite, but then we have balance of limitation and freedom again as our limitation, or at least it is limitation at this moment, maybe at some other time it wont be limitation, but for now it is, and we have thoughts that are both correct but they oppose each other...

    meaning that human in same time can achieve everything and nothing

    any more thoughts on this?
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Idea For Shouting   
    hard to implement?
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in 6 Month Jail - Adam Riddle   
    prison is in necro if i remember right, isnt it? so i guess prison is under peace's rulership... mur stated about those ability usage... so i guess thats right too, but it wasnt ever said that for roleplaying one can be sent to jail, ofc in real situations, if ya dont belong to any land ya wont get protection from it, and then if ya act against some land that land will enforce its laws over ya, if ya are doing damage they can do anything thats in theirs power to stop ya, then if prison belongs to necro, then necro is only one that can jail ppl, other lands cant do it, in rping problem is when somebody does something against ya, ya dont have real power to stop them, in this case..peace didnt had her own power to send him to jail, but obviously she had right to do it... but then if she managed to do it then every land should be capable of doing it, also sending him to jail wasnt rped as much as i understood, and even if it was... why would police always succeed? i mean if every king of land gets spell for jailing, land can jail all its enemies by spell, and there wont ever be anyone that can do anything about it, it will be always land without conflicts and it will be peaceful and boring game, then wots the point of doing it? in real situations as i said kings have right to jail ppl, but they wont always succeed, prisoner can escape etc, this is just unrealistic, and also... grido has his jail spell for administrative use, not rp use, so i would call this as misuse of his powers in area that isnt in his jurisdiction, nobody has right to moderate roleplaying although rp shouldnt be extended to god moding
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Happy Birthday Yrth!   
    happy b-day
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