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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Repeated Aggressors   
    [quote name='Blaze777' post='17271' date='Sep 24 2008, 11:49 PM']MP4:
    Dream Knight
    Legendary Apprentice[/quote]

    ty, updated again
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Repeated Aggressors   
    [quote name='XinHun' post='16678' date='Sep 14 2008, 08:32 PM']~MP4

    -Sir Exict[/quote]

    ty, updated

    keep up with posting
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Repeated Aggressors   
    Everyone here it is, the place to post your list of repeated aggressors in dojo that you found out.

    Calyx asked me to post it in the forum. I had a bigger list but one part I misplaced, second part is pm-ed to meru chi, and third part is here.

    I hope that other part of list will be added here as well so that dojo guards (like myself) can hunt them down.

    Also please dont spam in this topic, just post names, ty.

    What it means "repeated aggressor"?
    Repeated aggressor is a player who breaks dojo rule about attacking without getting permission for attack from that player/s first and he keeps doing that even after he gets pm-ed with warning.
    NOTE: if someone keeps attacking you while you are idle in dojo, then you are not allowed to report him since attacking idle ppl in dojo is allowed

    To who you should report this players?
    You could report them to any dojo staff or post it here in this topic.

    What all info are need to be submitted?
    You only submit players name and mp level, you are allowed to do that only if that player keeps disrespecting rules of dojo after given warning.

    When you post your list in this topic i will edit this first post from time to time and add this names into this first post.

    ~The List:

    Ice Wolf
    Nathan Rahl

    strategic mortier
    night queen
    Sir Exict
    Dream Knight
    Legendary Apprentice
    Dark Knight Jun
    Nolte johnstar

    Jesus Faction

    ~Thanks to everyone who helps getting us informed about aggressors, especially Ilias.
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Magic   
    lol, you are really funny, there is no knowledge about outer magic, only ability and it is acquired as stated above by becoming pwr or mp6
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in The Seekers of Enlightenment   
    its a hard thing to say what does balance has with angiens, since balance and shades are related, and since angiens and shades are natural oppositions, i thought a lot about angiens and balance thus i never rushed into some theory since none of them are logical to me, in ever theory i came to something wasnt right............

    about willows walk, you are totally disinformed
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in The Seekers of Enlightenment   
    first to comment few things from the beginning of topic
    interesting is the white box and the shade, this assumption that willows was angien later killed marind and became shade....etc...... and he offered us white box to help us, apparently because of need to help him save marind, and thats way we are still alive, well i didnt taked the box (well because it was offered to me by shade ), i run away (or at least tryed to do so), and still later i somehow finished in wooden box with marind, i dont know what that shade has to do with willow, lets remember homepage of magic duel, there is on picture angien who liberated (or something like that, cannt remember story for sure) the world from box, and that shade is..... well he is trapping ppl again in box, so here we see contrast, that also could be a proof that angiens arent only protecting their city/lands but people too, since marind helped us in that box (very interesting things to read between lines at end of ch1 and at beggining of ch2) so she might be an angien
    another proof that angiens care for ppl is if we assume that marind is angien or not, still if we take a look at following facts we can conclude that
    fact no1- when wind started to build his stronghold, later he was persuaded by marind to make it a sanctuary for these in need of help, and angiens helped him to build it, again we see that angiens care for ppl
    fact no2- when wind and his men were healing injured at winds crossing, angiens noticed it, and became friends with wind because of healing others
    hmmm someone suggested to extract mind of barren souls and ask morpheous to do that, since they are defeated berserkers (warriors of winds army) which after death became barrens and now are mindless, well i talked to raven ingame in chat, since he got powers like morpheous so i asked him if he could do that, he said no, so that means for now we cant do that to barrens
    next thing it doesnt makes much sense that angien city could be reached from gazebo of chaos (because of name )
    , next question is, why is puzzle called "berserkers puzzle" and what was that scream we heard after solving it, since that device is supposed to be some sort of soul trap i think, and what was the name of that statue which stood in there??? (well i forgot)
    and finally, about two angiens that came, first i must thank mishadow for letting me now about them, i am trying to catch them out there to speak to them, i just did saw them yet but their papers are interesting to me.......
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Demo Account   
    [quote name='dst' post='17273' date='Sep 25 2008, 12:47 AM']No...it's not. He is good because you can fight a really strong player when you are mp3. And if you know how to use it...it will be in your advantage... Trust me.[/quote]

    i agree with you
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Demo Account   
    wtf i thought you are mp4 arent you? and demo acc is mp3
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in shop features - messaging features   
    so here we have outgoing messaging control system and one for sorting messages
    the outgoing messaging system when i purchased it, well in start was bugy, it showed me a lot of messages that i sent before i get it, and it sayed they wasnt delivered, but they were answered to me long ago
    sorting system well it is all nice, but sometimes i got losted in it and i dont like rotating all this icons, and i dont remember in which i put what, maybe it will be better if each player could create and name his own categories for storing and sorting messages, the main thing that sucks with this system is if i sort all messages where i want and i close message window, and i dont receive any new message but i want to see my stored ones i cant view them cause in main folder isnt stored any message (at least fix that)
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Scrolls And Quests   
    yea thats is major problem to me, i dont see much rpcs online, so i cant hunt them
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Compatability with Google Chrome   
    so as much as i can tell, thats problem with flash, you probably didnt installed yet a flash plugin for google chrome, but maybe the problem is with chrome since it is beta version, i dont know for sure
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in voting error   
    oke i just wanted to report this so that i dont get banned from free credits page for no voting because in my case voting is impossible
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in voting error   
    i didnt know where to post this, so i think this is the best place for it
    a few minutes ago i was going to get free credits i normally click links and vote, some of them doesnt open so fast, so i wasnt taking too much attention, so i let it to keep opening while i was clicking and voting on others, so when i get back to deal with this slow loading sites, i saw on two of them this errors
    and another one
    did this happend to anyone else?
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Heads Game - ranting and opinions   
    lol that would kill server, i mean KILL
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Heads Game - ranting and opinions   
    what honor problem, thats solved long time ago, anyway you can leave alliance on your own if you wish so
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Heads Game - ranting and opinions   
    its easier to shut your mouth on forum, its just a few clicks away
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Heads Game - ranting and opinions   
    quantity of players vitality isnt a advantage in many situations, better compare your wins against older players and player which have more experience, than this which have more vit than you
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Heads Game - ranting and opinions   
    envy you are reading my mind, yesterday night i was think about the same think and wanted to open topic next day, when today i see it is already opened, heads game also annoys me too, i just keep getting attacked, i need wins, a lots of and if i win 5 times, and i get some heads after it, then i got reaped by 10 more losses then i get to sanctuary to heal myself, and guess what, i got 8 heads from nowhere and get killed again, i just cant play normally
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in NEW PRINCIPLE   
    nothing but i think that principle of non-existing boredom already exists
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in NEW PRINCIPLE   
    i like it fojar
    then just to add at least one more mp level with this principles and it will be ultra super
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Again PWR   
    Player Name: Liberty
    Tag: Servant of Light
    Description: Just a humble Servant of Light whos goal is fulfillment of his last task given by divines, to liberate lands of Magic Duel from evil at all costs.
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Firefox crahses   
    it just sucks on ff, it crashes (mainly because of flash), it looks very bad, i can bearly play it, this game is made to work woth ie, but for us linux lovers, we are stuck to play it on ff, btw on konqueror it dosent works at all :lol:
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Deserted RPCs characters   
    manu just like you said, there isnt much solutions about wodin, and i cant help much about that
    but for others i agree with calyx, so i think that there should be made that every rpc needs to have something like "right hand" or "first/main assistant" or "knights squire", call it whatever you like, so this could be created on already existing system of adepts, so if player is an adept of some rpc only them he can became his "squire" so if adept is interested rpc could teach him, train him etc, this "squire" will follow his master on every important quest etc, so them squire will became more connected to the role of his master and he will be also interacted in story, so if master dissapears, then squire could take his path, not necesearly whole role, but at least great deal of masters role, and he will be fit to it cause he was teached by his master, so in that way rpc could became legends, they could keep their indetity and story could go on with theirs squire taking their role
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Side story - Adventure log   
    ooo tnx i didnt noticed it
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    Observer reacted to Liberty4life in Side story - Adventure log   
    is it possible to read whole story from the beginning, the thing is that i began playing 5 days before, and now i am traped in story mode for mp4 and i am bored, i like the story so i want to read it while i have nothing else to do
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