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  1. I've just confirmed it for you, just for future reference: You can click the "live help" button on the right hand side of the screen (above the compass about half way through). Through that you can send a message to an online LHO ~Obs
  2. [quote][2008-11-20 14:16:29 - Alpha 7] Account reset no longer an option. Reason: problems with MP2/Mp3 and illusions.[/quote] Your right, sorry, I forgot about that one. It'd be nice if you looked it up yourself next time Miq
  3. With a likelihood close to certainty, you just haven't chosen a principle and will get plenty of opportunities in the storymode. You should be able to pick 3 principles in total the first time your in storymode. Should you have somehow selected a principle you do not want and concider it worth it a restart, continue till you get the "Profile and personal characteristics" page and I believe there is a reset button all the way at the bottem till you get a tag or description or reach 30 AD.
  4. I'm afraid I don't see any point in this. If you want to learn about rituals, I'd suggest the fight club. It's simple and effective mainly because it does NOT have rules and does NOT rely on community support.
  5. [quote name='phantasm' date='19 February 2010 - 02:40 PM' timestamp='1266583255' post='54756'] I agree the GGG was a good place set up by the MRs. The ONLY issue I can see with this is the increase in the past couple months of mp3s and mp4 who should be out enjoying the actual battles instead of mindless training at the GGG. The whole purpose of the GGG, in my opinion, was created to help the MP5s. Many of the older MP5s out there are close to or at skill loss. [color="#FF0000"]With the DSTs, Burns, Dayredeemer, Observer, etc. who run around attacking[/color] anything they see without mercy, the GGG gives people a safe place to train. Is it wrong for them to attack everything in sight? Of course not, they are as [color="#FF0000"]free to do as they like as anyone else.[/color] It does however make those with huge loss numbers hide in the [color="#FF0000"]GGG and in sanctuaries[/color] in fear of skill damage. Add to that the HC when it becomes a free for all of losses, and you get what you have currently. Burns is somewhat an exception because [color="#FF0000"]every once in a blue moon[/color] he will put up defenses that are beatable. For the most part these "monster" fighters have impossible defenses and offenses for the general MP5/alliance population. Add to that the fact that it's near impossible for MP5s to gain honest victories I see the GGG as a safehaven for the "weaker" MP5s to try and work on stats, and creatures in hopes of one day being able to defend against 6 drachorns with full tokens barraging them [color="#FF0000"]every available chance[/color]. For the most part the GGG does not give victories, so it's not like people are climbing out of the [color="#FF0000"]-500, -800, -1200 losses they are down.[/color] So again I say, the GGG is a great place for the MP5s. I think more the issue is the MP3 who stays an MP3 for 6 months, trains creatures to max, and obliterates all new players who come in to the point they can't help but wonder if the whole game will be this kind of ruthless attacking. The saddest part is they usually come to find out that it is, unless they spend lots of money in the MD shop and time at the GGG like some *cough* MP3s are doing. [/quote] Let me just start of by saying I'm rarely one to attack "weaker" players. Actually, I'm rarely one to be online these days. You happen to be unlucky enough to have annoyed me enough for me to derive pleasure from destroying your defence. Also, I don't see dayredeemer running all over the place... Or burns... Or dst even... Then you go on to say that we are free to do as we like... I wonder how you'd feel if we did what we "like" at the GGG. The next part I've highlighted is "GGG and sanctuaries" appearantly GGG is viewed as a sanctuary. Do you find it odd there's no one you can beat out (or have a good fight with) if they all hide away? The following point: Have you even tried attacking burns in the past month? I don't think he's had anything up you wouldn't actually have to know some game mechanics to lose against... As a sidenote there I might just add there's a no token (only 1 rust) defence up on me (observer) I haven't received incommings in days so I just throught I'd say. -500 to -1200 losses... You know why they have those? To actually get some stats from no exp fights. Most of those do know what they're doing and are purposefully keeping their ballance low and could easily get it up(Treehill excepted...) All in all, I say you should get your facts straight
  6. Uhhh... As far as I know, a screenshot a "picture" taken of the video signal from your PC at the moment you press the button, this is done in your OS and fire fox or any webpages your running have nothing to do with it. ~Obs
  7. [quote]Secondly, defence. MB and Loreroot in particular have two access points into them. Necrovion and underground have but one. Granted golemus is accessible by two, but again there is the distance factor and one is the maze, which also requires going through other lands like MB and the archives. Underground also falls under this category as its inside MB. MB is easily the worst placed land in this and after that its probably Loreroot and Underground.[/quote] Actually UG is one of the best positioned lands, it's 13 steps from the GoE, 10 of which have an UG land affiliation (which is very important) and this entire path is 1 road only. LR has 4 scenes with LR land affiliation, before the path splits (seen from Ravenhold). This isn't ideal, but it's manageable to defend with just one character and it's a long way from anywhere (including MB which is 14, of which only 1 MB affiliated and 15 from GoE, with added advantage of 35 AP cost at maple road). Necrovion is actually the worst situated land after MB with only 12 steps between GoE and it's capitol. ~Obs PS: Perfect people don't gloat. PPS: I take no responsibility for the accuracy of the numbers above, they might be one off or so... EDIT: Only viable solution I can see is closing LR hidden exit to all those who hold a torch and add some full AP loss scenes in MB as it's only 7 scenes from GoE
  8. Uhhh... If there's any land underpopulated it's MD, there have been a whopping total of 3 MB characters active in this TC. 1 of which only for an hour or 2 (in TC that is) and another... Well, I don't know how much handy did to be honest as she's American and I sleep at that time Besides that: MDA doesn't actually have a capitol (and no torch) but the grounds being MDA means MB alliance members still lose all their AP but one if they set foot on it. Hope this clarifies, ~Obs
  9. Let me correct you on one part: With torch anyone can enter LR back entrance. However, MB has 1 full step inside friendly territory whereas LR has... All the way from Ravenhold to LR hidden exit (on the wrong side of midnight to count them). Having said that, let's get back to the TC that has just ended: It's been tried, I've played over 24 hours out of 49. In that time no more then 5 kills have been scored inside Winds that I know off. It took 3 characters who are, from a combat point of view, amongst the top 10 or so. It's simply impossible to defend Winds sanctuary that way for 49 hours, there's both too few characters and a [i]huge[/i] disadvantage with heresy lane already being part of the MDA lands. While undefended, the efforts made at attacking have been negated, I think at least 40 kills have been scored, at that rate there's just no way to score up to that. I'm yet unsure about how many negative points MB has racked up this month but unless we experience a sudden growth of over 300% in active, strong members in the lands of MB and UG(amongst which several in opposite time-zones from server). I'm afraid the strategic location of Winds is just plainly undefendable. Until this changes, I see no point in picking up a torch for MB. Perhaps an UG one as to retaliate against those who seemingly enjoy exploiting the location of MB's capitol. ~Observer
  10. [quote name='Jester' date='18 January 2010 - 12:08 AM' timestamp='1263766116' post='52917'] There is a simple answer, just kill the one holding a torch that's not from your land. I did that for a few hours yesterday. They can't point farm when they can't get to your base. And if they're noobs as you say, it should be easy to kill them. Then the people who were going to be sacrifices have nothing to do except wait for another person to grab a torch and walk allllll the way back to them, at which point you kill the person with the torch again. Its really fun actually. [/quote] In underground that IS easy. In MB it's not, as there's 2 entrances to the capitol, you'd need 2 people to guard it one of which will not be walking on friendly territory making the job one hell of a lot harder.
  11. Buying GG for coins, check topic or PM for interest

  12. What MP level are you? 5 Are you in an alliance? Yes How long does a serious fight (a real fight/duel, not giving out bursts or GGG trainings) usually take you? 0 (yeah, really ) How many rounds do you usually think is a "long duel"? 1 (This is VERY rare... xD)
  13. Here's my entry, due to limited time (yeah, not much time for me today) and intentional plan of not finishing the lyrics till tomorrow... (If you listen you'll hear why) The file isn't compressed (aka, it's 35 MB, sorry for the ppl out there with slow internet download limits, etc.) And today I have a cold... So I'm afraid the singing ain't up to any standard either (not that it's any good when I'm in perfect health ) [url="http://www.2shared.com/file/10212588/8738020a/11_days_till_murmas.html"]Download link[/url] It's at the bottom right "click here" Well, enjoy ~Obs PS Happy X-mas everyone
  14. Rusties boost init... Now guess what happens
  15. Yeah, but that's because MP6 has an amount of exp and an amount of adepts needed to STAY MP6, that doesn't go for any other MP.
  16. It doesn't make a difference, whatever your personal exp, it becomes zero.
  17. Seeing as the image is as bad as it is, sure. I still doubt anyone will find 4 more (Will take another pic when it's light... With new letters through, it's snowing again so they've been lost...)
  18. Here's my entry, it's a pimped baby snowgrassan (ain't it sweet? )Had quite a bit of fun making it. And sorry about the (very) poor image quality, downside to winter is that it gets dark early. ~Obs PS for bigger image: http://storenow.net/my/?f=1353 There's 5 MD's hidden in the snow, if anyone finds them all, there's a silver coin in it
  19. As long as they're in prison and not banned, they can report events they've RPed there. After all, prison is just another part of MD. Just because you feel they get too much attention this way (perhaps your lacking yourself?) doesn't mean they should be cut from the community altogether. And seeing as this topic has been "revived", should you read this Fiju, I'm looking forward to your next post ~Obs
  20. 62 mine... And mine alone
  21. Observer


    My first day, flash was outdated (didn't know it was then). Later I checked back to see rather the game still "didn't work" turns out I updated flash in the meantime
  22. Right... Saying santa doesn't exist is like saying the footage of men on the moon is fake, Kennedy wasn't assassinated or that 9/11 wasn't planned by Bush to win the next election... Completely and utterly ridiculous
  23. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='14 December 2009 - 06:17 PM' timestamp='1260807446' post='49899'] [quote]now it's like you told a 10 years old there is no Santa[/quote] mmm ..we shall see about that one later... [/quote] Santa doesn't exist?
  24. I'd say give some "reachable" age for newbies to get one... Maybe 100 days or so? Then at 365 and every year after. That way everyone has a feeling they can get a WP this way.
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