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  1. Buying GG for coins, check topic or PM for interest

  2. I'd say give some "reachable" age for newbies to get one... Maybe 100 days or so? Then at 365 and every year after. That way everyone has a feeling they can get a WP this way.
  3. Well... "excessive spam" is not only noticeable by admins/mods. But by any regular user. Now, I doubt there's any regular user out there who does not consider most of DR's posts spam (no offence). Moderators and Admins check on each other, and as long as these things are done publicly we check on them. Mur probably has the final say in things, if you're afraid of his bias you might as well leave MD right away. ~Obs EDIT: It seems Malaikat Maut removed his post (or the censorship has started o.O) either way it was him stating that this new system might make bias easi
  4. That topic calls for images. You can comment on other people images but just "LOL " seems like a rather empty reply. A bit more text about why it is funny might help, some more humour might as well. There isn't really any point for someone else in reading you found it funny... In general: Don't post unargumented statements and try to stay on topic. (that's my view on things anyway) ~Obs
  5. "MD, Coffee, what more can a man wish for?"
  6. Your forgetting chewy... Grido is your alt, right?
  7. Wrong game? EDIT Awww... Edit while I was watching, anyway doesn't seem like the [quote]Take movies of yourself, post on youtube. [/quote] mur asked for...
  8. I'll volunteer for trying to break things
  9. Perhaps... Set a ritual in a clickable ("your under attack by ...") with x stats and principles. Possibly those of whoever made the script. And then print x in case of win, print y in case of loss (of course, counted like demo, no exp no wins no VE loss). Or even "X" for a Sword, "Y" for a win, "Z" for a loss, "Q" for a sheath. And perhaps even add restrictions to creatures/stats/principles used by whoever clicks the object for example don't allow tokens or drachorns. It'd add some tactical insight to the items. Another thing which migh
  10. Happy B-Day dst [img]http://www.mediabistro.com/content/archives/04/12/29/prezzie.jpg[/img]
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