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  1. Selling my creature collection - send offers here or on PM - I'd preffer to sell pack(s) of creatures and getting credits. Might sell for gold if anyone is willing to buy me credits for large amounts of gold (I'd also chuck in my additional 6 gold/30 silver and items - a short Poem by Mur, translated by me to English, an auction certificate for the 2 morphs and a weaken stone)

    1. Elemental[b] (id 12667)[/b] - Creature Tokens [b][darkshield][/b] [b][goldbelt][/b] [b][osirisbelt][/b] [b][jewelshards][/b][b][kellethafire][/b][b][blooddrop3][/b] Stored Heat 1636019 Won battles 195 Age 1337

    2. Chaos Archer - [b][claw1][/b] [b][stardust][/b] [b][claw2][/b] [b][antifreeze][/b] [b][emeraldglare][/b] [b][kellethafire][/b][b][enlightning][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][blooddrop2][/b] [b][blooddrop3][/b] [b][darkshield][/b] [b][blacktear][/b] [b][onyxfangs][/b] [b][darksky][/b] [b][sunshine][/b] [b][claw3][/b] [b][goldbelt][/b] [b][osirisbelt][/b]
    Stored Heat 3165278 Won battles 660 Age 1001

    3. GG Drach - [b][claw1][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][claw2][/b] [b][stardust][/b] [b][antifreeze][/b] [b][blooddrop2][/b] [b][blooddrop3][/b] [b][enlightning][/b] [b][emeraldglare][/b] [b][darkshield][/b] [b][darksky][/b] [b][onyxfangs][/b] [b][sunshine][/b] [b][goldbelt][/b] [b][claw3][/b]
    Stored Heat 4513499 Won battles 511 Age 940

    4. Shop Drach (lol it's been so long i don't even remember what it's called, but you know the one that works well with a gg drach) - [b][claw1][/b] [b][claw2][/b] [b][stardust][/b] [b][darkshield][/b] [b][darksky][/b] [b][onyxfangs][/b] [b][blacktear] [/b][b][goldbelt][/b] [b][claw3][/b] [b][blackdiamonds][/b] [b][firedrop][/b]
    Stored Heat 5919534 Won battles 1287 Age 1038

    5. Shop Drach - [b][claw1][/b] [b][claw2][/b] [b][darkshield][/b] [b][onyxfangs][/b] [b][darksky][/b] [b][claw3][/b] [b][goldbelt][/b] [b][sunshine][/b] [b][goldtear][/b] [b][blackdiamonds][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][jewelshards][/b]
    Stored Heat 6129938 Won battles 1335 Age 1022

    6. Angien - [b][osirisbelt][/b] [b][firedrop][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][claw1][/b] [b][emeraldglare][/b] [b][kellethafire][/b] [b][blooddrop2][/b] [b][blooddrop3][/b] [b][darkshield][/b][b][claw3][/b]
    Stored Heat 1287087 Won battles 2099 Age 1095

    7. Bloodpact (Shop) Archer - [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][stardust][/b] [b][blackdiamonds][/b] [b][onyxfangs][/b] [b][blooddrop3][/b] [b][blacktear][/b] [b][darkshield][/b] [b][goldbelt][/b]
    Stored Heat 653615 Won battles 325 Age 824

    8. Angien - [b][emeraldglare][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][enlightning][/b] [b][blacktear][/b] [b][claw1][/b] [b][jewelshards][/b] [b][darkshield][/b] [b][osirisbelt][/b]
    Stored Heat 1262974 Won battles 2076 Age 1101

    9. Bloodpact (Shop) Archer - [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][claw1][/b] [b][blooddrop3][/b] [b][firedrop][/b] [b][onyxfangs][/b] [b][osirisbelt][/b]
    Stored Heat 2345058 Won battles 1236 Age 1035

    10. Angien - [b][firedrop][/b] [b][jewelshards][/b] [b][darksky][/b] [b][goldbelt][/b] [b][claw3][/b] [b][blooddrop2][/b] [b][claw1][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][darkshield][/b]
    Stored Heat 1402616 Won battles 1979 Age 1025

    11. Angien - [b][firedrop][/b] [b][darkshield][/b] [b][blooddrop2][/b] [b][emeraldglare][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][jewelshards][/b] [b][sunshine][/b] [b][goldbelt][/b] [b][claw3][/b]
    Stored Heat 1323109 Won battles 1965 Age 1023

    12. Elemental - [b][claw3][/b] [b][blooddrop3][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][claw2][/b] [b][kellethafire][/b] [b][darkshield][/b] [b][sunshine][/b] [b][claw1][/b]
    Stored Heat 5821548 Won battles 715 Age 1009

    13. Pimped (Shop) Grasan - [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][darkshield][/b] [b][goldbelt][/b] [b][claw1][/b]
    Stored Heat 69276 Won battles 2029 Age 985

    14. Pimped (Shop) Grasan - [b][jewelshards][/b] [b][claw2][/b] [b][emeraldglare][/b] [b][blooddrop3][/b] [b][goldbelt][/b]
    Stored Heat 68943 Won battles 354 Age 1002

    15. Unholy Priest - [b][claw1] [claw2][/b]
    Stored Heat 835134 Won battles 74 Age 859

    16. Shop (coloured) Joker - [b][claw1] [goldtear][/b]
    Won battles 0 Age 816 Attack 200

    17. Rein Drach - [b][kellethafire][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][blacktear][/b] [b][jewelshards][/b] [b][emeraldglare][/b]
    Stored Heat 1731896 Won battles 698 Age 955

    18. Bloodpact (shop) Archer - [b][darkshield][/b] [b][claw2][/b] [b][enlightning][/b] [b][kellethafire][/b] [b][blooddrop3][/b] [b][blooddrop1][/b] [b][onyxfangs][/b] [b][jewelshards][/b]
    Stored Heat 2442841 Won battles 1130 Age 951

    19. Morph - unmorphed :) - [b][firedrop] [claw1][/b] - morphs ideally to be sold together, with auction certificate item for them
    Stored Heat 1843801 Won battles 179 Age 947

    20. Morph - unmorphed :) - [b][claw1] [/b]- morphs ideally to be sold together, with auction certificate item for them
    Stored Heat 1578040 Won battles 243 Age 947

    21. Walking Tree - [b][blooddrop2][/b][b][blooddrop1][/b][b][firedrop][/b][b][jewelshards][/b][b][claw1][/b] [b][claw2][/b]
    Stored Heat 69276 Won battles 569 Age 853

    22. Walking Tree - [b][darkshield][/b] [b][claw2][/b]
    Stored Heat 69311 Won battles 517 Age 745

    23-26. Pimped (Shop) Grasan x4
    Stored Heat 68943 Won battles 29 Age 718

    27. Bloodpact (shop) Archer - [b][claw1][/b]
    Stored Heat 68943 Won battles 29 Age 674

    [s]28. Soul Weaver (shop/coloured)
    Stored Heat 491453 Won battles 69 Age 674 [/s]

    29. Soul Weaver (shop/coloured) - [b][claw2][/b] [b][emeraldglare][/b]
    Stored Heat 0 Won battles 0 Age 587

  2. [quote name='bfh lighthing' timestamp='1294256847' post='76875']
    I'll try to explain.

    I'll take one site browsermmoprg.com
    We vote for it daily in free credits.

    Players see our position in the top list and click our page.

    The "OUT" you see in the topsites are the players who visited our page.

    For example we have received 11, 698 UNIQUE OUT (different persons) from only that toplist.

    Now imagine how much players we receive with all toplist combined. That's why we NEED to vote for MagicDuel
    because not only helps the game, it helps us get a bigger community to share and socialize.

    huh, had no idea that many, that's 10^3 times as many people as I brought? :))...but still, i don't see anyone here saying "yep, i found about MD from a topsite".

    PS - now that I actually wrote 10^3 instead of 1,000 it does look a bit weird, but i suppose i was trying to emphasize a point or somesuch :))

  3. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1294248246' post='76860']
    we should really check what sites makes most of effect in "recruiting" people for RPG sites, or anything similar in spirit of MD (something that attracts similar people like MD people anyway) and then focus on advertising there.

    I presume it wouldn't be much work if a small group of people would put an effort to it... bad luck advertisers aren't active

    I can't imagine that too many people would start playing an online game by looking up topsites...People just start playing what their friends play. I'm curious how many of you found MD on a topsite? or how many of you were clicking the links and thought "hey! wow! omgwtfbbq! a game about ninja mafia pirates! MMMORPGEEZUS!!!" and actually registered for it :))

    Take me as example - I've started playing Kings Of Chaos back in 2003-2004 as my best mate was playing it. Almost a year later, after having built a nice account, I get sabotaged by one of the big guys and all my weapons are meeped. The system was crap and a lot of people were leaving to this new game Darkthrone, which was in alpha stage and more complex and balanced than KoC. So I make a few friends, discover some of them were from Romania (including Pelerinul who told me about MD), and soon after we were in beta and had a romanian alliance, and we were meeting for beers on a weekly basis. had tons of fun, wars with the Polish and Indonesians, beat up everyone...we even built bots that automated most actions, including logging on to hundreds of accounts at once just to attack one guy in less than a second :))
    then the game got boring, beta stage would never end (it's still running now), there was a brief omega stage, but still boring so in 2006 most of us in the alliance quit and moved on to other games (crims, travian, the west, lineage 2, dota, erepublik, heroes of gaia etc.) and always played as an alliance (even if not all 100 of us were playing all the games). we even won travian s6, but that game pretty much tore us up, and lots of people (myself included) quit online games altogether...until a couple of years ago, when darkthrone gold started :)) so all of us got back into it and are still playing that and maybe 1 and half years ago, i think, this guy from the alliance, Pelerinul, told me about MD so I joined on a whim. Mind you, I probably wouldn't have stuck with it if I was back home, as it was veeerryyy slow to start IMHO, but i was in dusseldorf for 8 weeks and only had my work laptop with me and crap internet, so I kept up and eventually I got hooked. I even got about 12 of my alliance-mates to register, but none of them liked it unfortunately.

    so yeah, i voted, but i don't think this kind of advertisement will make much difference, as probably 95% of the people who see those sites are players for various games going there just to vote and closing the site. what WILL work is actually promoting it to people you know. don't just put the link in your signature on other forums, start topics about it!

  4. here's my submission. the dot's supposed to be cross the lowest/middle point of the smaller half-circle if it would be a circle, acting either as a base for a complete circle or not allowing the smaller half-circle to become a complete circle.


  5. [quote name='Rhaegar Targaryen' timestamp='1291234980' post='74029']
    good work exposing my master scheme, Mur.

    What will I do now when people realize my 10 golds and 138 silvers ain't worth a thing! :D

    I have a question tho, since I thought about money as an illusion long before, how would the most "true" system (so, not capitalism! :D) work, one not based on illusions (where people don't receive false values)? Should people get back to the basic trading of a practical item-for-an-item? Should people work for the good of the whole community like in Communism, but where's the individual personal free time there?

    Or maybe we should all just stick to our own lives, hunt/make crops for ourselves, not looking to get those from others...

    Money's not an illusion, property's an illusion! it's also theft, freedom and impossible! :))

    one may argue that today's "fiat" currency may be an illusion, but hey, if not gold, it's still being backed by governments and you can easily turn it to gold (or your token physical item of choice) and "take your business elsewhere" if you feel paranoid about The Man pawning his Big Brother Monitor TM for booze-money :))

    regarding your question, I don't have THE ANSWER, but I'd suggest looking up laissez-faire capitalism / anarcho-capitalism and judging for yourself whether taking the red pill or the blue one makes that much of a difference, or, in the immortal words of "Bob" (Dobbs, not the tree :P), "pull the wool over your own eyes!"

    PS - there are fewer ideological rants funnier than hearing "hardcore" anarchists bitch about being associated with capitalism or even communism ("that state-imposed capitalism" i believe they call it :P)

  6. "The Abbey" by Dan Dobos - I had recommended this previously to Romanian-speaking sci-fi fans, and today i found out it was translated to English and available on Amazon for 9$ the kindle version and 12$ the paperback. If you like your sci-fi dealing heads-on with religion, ethics, cloning and first contact, you'll seriously love this.

    http://www.amazon.com/Abbey-Dan-Dobos/dp/0982432984 - you can also read the first chapter for free online here (on the right side, where it says kindle edition - read first chapter free)

    This is definitely in my top 5 sci-fi series (it's a trilogy) of all times, along with Dune, Ender's Game and Peter F. Hamilton's Commonwealth saga (Misspent Youth, Pandora Rising, Judas Unchained, and The Void trilogy - the last part of which, "The Evolutionary Void" I just downloaded yesterday :P)

    I would say the 5th in the top 5, and probably the one that got me to start reading sci-fi when i was a kid, would be A.E. Van Vogt's "The world of Null-A" (i.e. non-Aristotelian logic), which is also a trilogy which I just found out was expanded on by John C. Wright (the bugger that wrote Orphans of Chaos, another pretty cool trilogy :D) - this one's a mixed bag, it has been called by some "one of the worst allegedly-adult science fiction stories ever published" and highly praised/defended by Philip K. Dick, but I suggest you at least read the first novel and pull the wool over your own eyes :P

  7. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1284626470' post='68493']
    What error message do you get when trying to enter? Or does the tower not even highlight?

    Also are you sure it was during the BHC and not the torch contest?

    it does not even highlight. it was definitely during BHC, as i got it especially for idle-ing in there :D
    yesterday or the day before i got the MB accesses pack (the 2 wp thingie) and it works just fine.

  8. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1284555450' post='68443']
    I mostly play console games via emulators now (psx emulator is the best I can run on my PC though).

    yeah, me too - i play ps2 games on pcsx2 (www.pcsx2.net), they work awesome and look much better than the originals, with high res, anti-aliasing etc., but you need at least a speedy dual-core to get good framerates (i've tried on my past 2 computers, on an athlon64 @ 2.4 it was pretty sluggish, on an e6600@3.6 it was just right and on my current i7@4.07 + 5970 i actually have to limit the framerate ;))

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