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  1. guess a bump here won't hurt, this is still not working [img]http://lh6.ggpht.com/_F7PZ_1Ghzm8/S3g4vMc12MI/AAAAAAAAA7Y/3Hs8QNWhYDA/Advice-Rick-BUMP-BECAUSE-IM-NEVER-GONNA-GIVE-YOU-UP.jpg[/img]
  2. Ingame/forum name: Totenkopf Marindbellian and KoB member
  3. probably outright changing them is too much, however i'd be interested in a way to decrease one of my current principles.
  4. "The Abbey" by Dan Dobos - I had recommended this previously to Romanian-speaking sci-fi fans, and today i found out it was translated to English and available on Amazon for 9$ the kindle version and 12$ the paperback. If you like your sci-fi dealing heads-on with religion, ethics, cloning and first contact, you'll seriously love this. http://www.amazon.com/Abbey-Dan-Dobos/dp/0982432984 - you can also read the first chapter for free online here (on the right side, where it says kindle edition - read first chapter free) This is definitely in my top 5 sci-fi series (it's a trilogy) of all t
  5. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1284626470' post='68493'] What error message do you get when trying to enter? Or does the tower not even highlight? Also are you sure it was during the BHC and not the torch contest? [/quote] it does not even highlight. it was definitely during BHC, as i got it especially for idle-ing in there yesterday or the day before i got the MB accesses pack (the 2 wp thingie) and it works just fine.
  6. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1284555450' post='68443'] I mostly play console games via emulators now (psx emulator is the best I can run on my PC though). [/quote] yeah, me too - i play ps2 games on pcsx2 (www.pcsx2.net), they work awesome and look much better than the originals, with high res, anti-aliasing etc., but you need at least a speedy dual-core to get good framerates (i've tried on my past 2 computers, on an athlon64 @ 2.4 it was pretty sluggish, on an e6600@3.6 it was just right and on my current i7@4.07 + 5970 i actually have to limit the framerate )
  7. Thanks Kafuuka, I really enjoyed the quest, although it was a bit frustrating at first
  8. [quote name='adiomino' timestamp='1284091987' post='68147'] mayyyybe its not working because of your browser i know that the gazebo of equilibrium portals don't work for me on IE. but they work on google chrome [/quote] just tried with IE and Chrome, cleared cache/cookies etc. and still to no avail
  9. soooo, i'm assuming i'm just missing a key or somesuch, would there be anyone who could help me get it and stuff?
  10. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1283852740' post='67934'] What message did you get after buying the wish? [/quote] i don't really remember what message i received (if at all), so it definitely wasn't an error or somesuch. I remember I had 2 WP, one I spent on mirror rit (which worked fine) and one on this - the wish disappeared from the list, my wp was gone, and i saw in the list in its stead at least one new one related to accessing other areas.
  11. [quote name='Kafuuka' timestamp='1283808007' post='67898'] Is it supposed not to work during heads? If it is, I can see how the code could have gone wrong, which is nice if you need to fix stuff. [/quote] I think during regular heads contest it's not supposed to be working, but during BHC, at one point the next day after i used the wish, three of the top players were frolicking in there and i was prancing around outside, reduced to throwing rocks at the windows
  12. I've recently (during the last BHC) bought in the Wish Shop the Access to Oak Tower Interior - it wasn't working at the time, but I assumed it was due to the BHC, however it's still not working even now and the WP is gone (ID 160620)
  13. "feeling lost" is just your subconscious telling you "hey! [i]beep[/i] that [i]beep[/i] stuff you feel forced into doing, do something you really want to do, and for that matter how about a cheeseburger?!" "feeling lost" is also you not wanting to make tough decisions, so how 'bout it? choose life, carpe noctem mon ami, and take that [i]beep[/i]ing cheeseburger and EAT THE HELL out of it!
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