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  1. well if you will sell them to me for 3gold 5 silver its ok (a little more than I think will spend, but no others on market, isnt :P )

    my internet is killing me, will be idle on winds sanctuary if you whant PM personally, and pls PM in MD, here is even slowly to enter...

  2. lol thanks mate, i just noticed :D

  3. happy birthday you partymaker :D

  4. jealous.. very very jealous. How long is the walk from Canada to Romania I wonder.. I can make shoes that float.

  5. Totenkopf


    it's not really a sausage, check out the recipe on the original topic @
  6. Totenkopf


    lol you caught us on a slow day
  7. Totenkopf


    nah, wasn't me taking the pic I've started adding comments - for this one L->R Akasha, Boromir, Peace, dst
  8. Totenkopf


    yeah, i think it was heineken - they'd didn't have much of a choice there...usually the best beer you can find commonly over here (besides the local ones ) is Leffe Blonde/Brune (we don't have Le Fruit Defendu or other varieties) or Guinness if that's your poison
  9. everything's pretty cool and i can live with a white coffee mug but you should really add some designs that work on black t-shirts, white t-shirts look gay to me
  10. looks pretty cool, but i'm waiting before there's more than one item to order
  11. *hands him another beer* cheers!

  12. *waves* hello just passing by

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