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Status Updates posted by whitewater

  1. First!! Oh yes, I am still a trend setter!

  2. You may add me as a friend if you like, I am generous like that!! :P

  3. Sasha...where you at damn it girl/man/whatever!! :P

  4. if you ever come back message me at whitewater0034@hotmail.com

  5. She isnt an asshole? who said she was??

  6. Just accept my wisdom!! :P

  7. No spam!! It taste like poo in a can.

  8. Nice to meet you too.

    I forget that this is not my name ingame. we have met though breifly. :D

  9. I had no wrds to say. :P

  10. My oldest friend, are you still here?

  11. I wonder where you are right now?

  12. Wow no commenst this year?? let me pop that cherry for you. :P

  13. :( I have even come back in MD to find you!! :(
  14. Hope your ok, not seen you in a while!!

  15. Holy fucking shit!! -41?? looks like your the bigger asshole! :P

  16. I stopped posting on the forums to allow you to catch up. ;D

  17. *removes 4 pages of comments and then rolls his eyes again*

  18. -22 now. You are right, it never ends!

    And where are you? not seen you in ages??

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