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  1. Done 4 now and spaced

  2. Messing with my info.

    1. aaront222


      turn yourself into an astronaut

  3. ...I see...?...

  4. "The bus."

    1. aaront222


      I ride that to school everyday except weekends.

    2. nadrolski


      I ride bus during the weekends only.

  5. I can't wait till my birthday.

  6. Keida, this is an unexpected surprize.

  7. Wow I talked to some1 other then Aaront222. I deserve an award for being social.

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    2. Phear the Wolf

      Phear the Wolf

      social is waay overrated...

    3. The Great Pashweetie

      The Great Pashweetie

      lol... totally with you phear

    4. aaront222


      lol you got a new friend *huggeh*

  8. Nobody likes me. Everyone hates me. Their out without me haveing fun. JK XD .....maybe...

  9. Bored.Numb.Bored.

  10. I'm thinking about canceling my account on MD if that is possible since I never seem to wanna get on and it doesn't matter at all. All the people I ust to hang out with and things that ust to entertain me here have long since lost meaning or stopped talking to me/ or being on. So this may or may not be my last message. Icase it is bye.

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    2. Kamisha


      We all leave at sometimes. I left for 2 years then came back quite by accident. In truth im likely older then some of the more important people here. Series:38**

    3. Lupus


      *laughs at Kamisha*

      Indeed with 38** days you probually are.

    4. aaront222


      I made my account 3 years ago. Played once, 2 years later decided to try again. got hooked, and have played on and off since then. Keep teh account.

  11. I'm in my schools choir that just happens to be broken up into 2 different periods and tonite we have to join together to do a concert. The thing is I don't think me and my class period are ready for the concert. My class never seem to get as much practice as the other class so the concert will probualy stink. I mean we hadn't even gone over a song till today and we did that just barely. It's not like everyone knows anoying christmass songs. Christmass songs are usually toned ...

  12. "Nobody likes you Everybody hates you They're out without you Having fun"

    1. Lintara


      ...And it doesn't bother me at all, because this happens to me all the time (except for the "hate" part)... >^.^<

    2. Sharazhad



      I am the life of the party - It doesnt happen without me. simple. ^_^

    3. Lupus
  13. Mi hands are ice especially my right one and I am freaking inside a building that temp is 71 degrees ferinhite. It feels sooooo cold even though my friend says it doesn't. It feels like it's plunged into a pail of ice water.

  14. Why do you have 2-3? forum acconts?

  15. ok people i know some of you must have a gaia account and it isn't fair to ignore me like i'm nothing but air; don't make me make a Sam Roth of the Wolves MD character because I assure you i will if her doesn't get some attention.

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    2. Metal Bunny

      Metal Bunny

      I really don't think that a lot of people are playing Gaia besides you..

    3. aaront222


      It's difficult to manage a MD account alone. Add in Gaia (whatever that is) and I (meaning my person) would have an RAM overload. (I like saying RAM OVERLOAD! BEGINNING DUMP OF PHYSICAL MEMORY when people are annoying me ehehehe)

    4. Lupus
  16. People who have a gaia acount please add Sam Roth of the Wolves as your friend; he's lonely.

  17. Good you butt head now join gaia if your aren't part of gaia already will you; I want you to hand out with me there.

  18. Wheres the Magicduel Archives? You see I want to make an rp character but I don't know how and someone said something about going to MDA but i don't know where that is; and whats the rules on rp characterrs anyway?

    1. Asterdai


      explore the whole of MD, you will find it Lupus, it is a clickable that will give you some papers

  19. What do I do if I want to be become a roleplaying character with my own story and such a such?

    1. Fyrd Argentus

      Fyrd Argentus

      Just BE that character. You can get papers in MDA, but that's just window dressing.

    2. Lupus
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