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  1. To Adam's family and friends: Everything went well, with only a single, minor complication. The anesthetic started wearing off too soon, and Adam started snoring slightly halfway through, which started vibrating the equipment. It was quickly remedied however, and the surgury carried on as normal. They were able to do a complete removal through endoscopic endonasal surgery. He is currently resting, and will be out of commission for the next few days. Pre-written message from Adam: Thank you all for the prayers and support I've received through this difficult time. I tried doing it with jus
  2. *yawns* Well, they come to get me any minute now. Thank you to everyone I've known here. You guys have always been a fantastic community, and I wish you all the best. Everything's going to be fine, and I'll be back here before you or I know it. Also, can this be merged with the other birthday topic? Thanks.
  3. So, earlier today I cut off my 3 year old hair for cancer donation: Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154228034990727.1073741829.603690726&type=1&l=f91d6c436a   Videos: Cutting: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10154228061315727&l=8776203504897455816 Grieving: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10154228136890727&l=8024233853917274386 Final Thoughts: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10154228156725727&l=4859258542358085861 It's been an interesting 3 years.  Would I do it again?  Yes, but only if I didn't have to take care
  4. If you go back and read the rules, you took over the previous leaders count, which was Grido's 114. Whether he actually has that amount or not is now null and void and you both get a second chance at this due to me not being here, and Sir Blut currently possibly beating both of you.
  5. I didn't realize this went to a second page, hence the edit of my previous post. Because of my lack of being here, and because of Sir Blut potentially passing you, you get a freebie.  Fix up your repeats, add more words, and try again.
  6. Sorry, I was out of town for work all week, just getting to this now.   Grido needed to show his 114 word count. Sir Blut is currently in the lead.
  7. Since Eagle Eye did not respond in time, they are regrettably disqualified, and Rophs has taken over the lead with Grido's 114 word count.
  8. Someone needs to challenge your pompous attitude :P
  9. Since this has stalled, how about this for the winner: PRIZE: A silver coin for every unique person that is involved.
  10. To be perfectly honest, this was a contest.  If nobody was able to successfully complete it as per the rules, then nobody should receive the prize.   With that said, If you have your heart set on giving the rewards out just for our participation, I did not complete a smooth cut while fast or slow, therefore I don't think I deserve to be in the standings. Azull did successfully do a clean cut, and I think that they deserve the kill weapon. Intrigue got really close, and I think that they should receive the custom item. This was awesome, and I wish I had more time to perfe
  11. It's a little bit early for this, but might as well start this now.  If you could contribute, or at least share this through any means, that would be pretty awesome and I thank you. http://my.charitywater.org/PigtailsforCancer
  12. Do de-motivationals count? http://storenow.net/my/?f=6352b6ef002d2a338bebb8c17c045a39
  13. Alright, so this may or may not be my last group activity/quest in MD.   The rules are simple..ish...    You have to write a coherent, factual, and grammatically correct strip of words pertaining to MD, WITHOUT USING A SINGLE WORD TWICE.  However, you do not have to post it quite yet.  All you do initially is post the number of words that you have in your sentence/paragraph/essay/book.  When someone makes another longer group of words, they will then post their number, and knock you out of the lead.  But here's the catch: You can lie.  You can say that y
  14. http://steamcommunity.com/id/blackyoshi11/ Shoot me a Steam invite, we'll play a game of something, sometime.
  15. http://yoshi.40cakes.com/MD/ (After taking the pictures/videos, I transferred them to my computer, but had to wait for the website admin to give me the pass to upload them, so I ended up just getting the indexes and everything ready without any formatting, and then today in the morning I was able to start the upload, and I'm currently at work, so I will fix the formatting and any errors when I get home.) So these were my attempts at this, both with pictures and videos. I started with a stainless steel spring assisted knife, then used a machete (unknown metal), and then a fillet knife (aga
  16. I am currently in the process of gathering the items required to do this.
  17. I would part with a snowball for both the Dark, and the Drachorn Plushie.
  18. Thanks guys, sucks I'm working though xD So far it's been a good day, so yay.
  19. 4 gold for all (10 silver each)
  20. ID:558855 - Chaos Archer The only cool ID I have lol
  21. Yeah, I'm referring to the avatar that Aelis posted. (Thanks Aelis) Also, you said you had "...certain rare/tokened creatures." Could you uh, elaborate? xD
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