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    Drawing, Martial arts, Sailing, Windsurfing, Music, Cinema, Fantasy Books and the list goes on and on..... :-p
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  1. Wow....our interests are nearly exactly the same!!

  2. ..in Vancuver..If sthg goes wrong in the Olympic Stadium sound-wise prob i am to blame :-p

  3. Item: [b]Sacrificial Notebook[/b] Description: With a pencil attached via an elastic band, this Notebook contains scribbles by North Equilibrium about each and every creature he has ever sacrificed; for he swore never to forget a single one. Uses: with every creature sacrificed two ideas crossed my mind (whichever is more reasonable or more easy to be implemented) 1) [b]stats boost: due to its magical essence the notebook adds an extra stats boost [/b][b](in addition to the creatures sacrificial stat points but limited use to 5 sacrifices per week)[/b] 2) [b]keeps the id and an img
  4. I agree as well.Age is sthg that could be taken into consideration and shows sthg (devotion to the game if nothing else should be rewarded)...I voted Yes, 1 per active year, and no alts because it could lead to abuse.
  5. A supreme stat grinder!!!..Not into RPing much but hey who cares:-p..Great guy and friend

  6. Rawr back at you :-)

  7. What can i say..great RPing and an excellent player overall..It is not by chance that i am your adept..Keep up the good work my friend.

  8. Incredible drawing abilities, smart player and a good friend...

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