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  1. More NPC's need to be added!!!!!!!!!! Couldn't agree more..Maybe the whole idea of a "zone" or "area" or you can call it whatever you like where you could randomly be attacked is not feasible or not easy to be implemented..I accept that it has flaws...But you know..When i had to defeat those guards at the shop..Or the Guardians of Loreroot..It felt good..Gave my a motivation to find the right ritual to be stronger..well it worked..Maybe Sharpwind is stating it wrong...But more NPC'c NEED to be added..Even i am starting to lose interest in the game..harsh as it may sound... North
  2. Wow....our interests are nearly exactly the same!!

  3. ..in Vancuver..If sthg goes wrong in the Olympic Stadium sound-wise prob i am to blame :-p

  4. Just to clarify sthg..I never said that we suddenly should reject the system as it is now (gather ingredients +WP). On the contrary "special" items should still be created this way (or given to players with a particular role).. what i am suggesting is an add-on, or an enhancement if you prefer. There is a huge discrimination between "Knator Commander's sword" or "Woodin's seal fragments" (and nobody with a common sense can expect to craft such items out of raw material), and a "flute" or "a plow". And why would someone pay silver to craft a "flute" if not to support his role as musician, or a "plow" if not to support his role as a farmer for example..I wouldn't waste silver to pretend sthg that i am not..And again i want to stress out that we are not talking about "the flute that sings on its own" or "North's flute given to him by the 3rd brother of Khalazdad" but for just a "flute"..Plain as that In addition to that there is a system to prevent abuse between alts as far as creatures are concerned. The same could apply for items.. Anyway..just a suggestion
  5. Ok i want to state my opinion too regarding this issue..I voted Yes and yes..And i want to explain the reasons..I think Burns (and i guess others as well) attitude in this case is wrong..the "a priori" condemnation of anything new and potentially interesting and the attachment to the "old" system, does not help this game to evolve. It is clear that the "item" system (among others) as it is now it is completely unfunctional and wrong. SO we are acknowledging the facts but we're not doing anything to change them.. Crafting items from raw material is an idea that could work.. and we are not talking now about the "magical sword that takes souls" out of raw material:blink:... But alot of things can be made out of wood,iron, ore for a price..From a sledgehammer to a wooden cottage who knows..Imagination people (i guess i made it clear that i dislike the term "standard items " as well)..What will be the use of this items..well only rp-ing comes to mind now.. So a store somewhere in MD (lands of the east for example does nt have to be MB for everything) where you can buy raw material for silver and the ability to craft an item from raw material (for silver again and not WP)...Why not?
  6. Ok i understand how things work...But shouldn't there be a place in MD -a shop perhaps- where someone could buy raw materials in order to proceed in crafting an item??..depending solely on a specific item holder's mood , or his overpriced needs is absurd!
  7. Item: [b]Sacrificial Notebook[/b] Description: With a pencil attached via an elastic band, this Notebook contains scribbles by North Equilibrium about each and every creature he has ever sacrificed; for he swore never to forget a single one. Uses: with every creature sacrificed two ideas crossed my mind (whichever is more reasonable or more easy to be implemented) 1) [b]stats boost: due to its magical essence the notebook adds an extra stats boost [/b][b](in addition to the creatures sacrificial stat points but limited use to 5 sacrifices per week)[/b] 2) [b]keeps the id and an img file of every creature [/b][b]sacrifised[/b] Also a small artwork to support my item [img]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2697/4285914628_e9e03b0217_m.jpg[/img] (now special items aside if it was possible to link this image to my item i would be grateful )
  8. Interesting -as it was mentioned before- to see the wealth of some players and what they are willing to give in order to obtain certain "rare" things.. But also of no importance to me as a player because i will never be able to compete with equal terms (without spending money in the game) against the higher bidders..I would prefer those items to be distributed in quests where everyone has equal chances more or less.. North
  9. Hello and Merry Christmas to our MD community!! I have one quick question (and hopefully i will receive a quick answer ) Suppose now that someone has a Wish Point..And that someone wants to use the relevant Wish from the MD Shop to lower his xp to zero. Does he have to do it before he reaches the xp cap for his MP level, or it doesn't make a difference???
  10. 108 for me please!!! :-D
  11. Hope you get well soon dear...and get rid of that "evil" gland once and for all..Best wishes for swift recovery and return to your royal duties!!!!! Ahh something else..It so happens that i have friends (doctor friends) in 3 major Athens hospitals...Should you need sthg (even advice on whether a doctor is good or not) let me know and i see what i can do..
  12. Since all of the good ones are already taken i'll try to be original.. Philomathy... and for those who don't know what that means................... [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philomath"]My link[/url]
  13. I agree as well.Age is sthg that could be taken into consideration and shows sthg (devotion to the game if nothing else should be rewarded)...I voted Yes, 1 per active year, and no alts because it could lead to abuse.
  14. Head contest is really one of the most interesting and challenging parts of MD..Unfair as it is it gives great thrills and sleepless nights. I enjoyed participating in mp4 (Totenkopf i do remember how fierce competition you were )..and kind of regretted participating too early..should have waited until i was stronger and had a chance to win 1st place instead of 4.. HC Is one of the things that i anticipate when i get to mp5.. But to compete against ALL of the vets? That would surely give me zero chances of winning anything..Some of them ok but ALL?? then there will be no point in playing..Now don't get me wrong..There is nothing that i would like more than participating once more in MP4... But what would be fairer (even in an unfair contest ) is to have different contests for young and vet players..A special tournament for vets, on a different date maybe where everyone above a predefined amount of active days could participate and win (without even a limitation on how many times you are allowed to win) Ps: It's offtopic but i think the structure of Torch competition should be changed as well in order to make it more interesting for the community, especially now with citizenship eg..reward to winning country, and then maybe a reward from the king to the top 3 performers from this country etc)..As it is now seems pretty dull and with minimal participation..
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