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  1. when you feel like tatooing your avy on your skin
  2. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1318127886' post='93625'] Then Yrth should deal with that, as king of the offended land, not the Council. [/quote] The Lair is my responsability. I submited the issue to the Council and the KIng as the higher authorities who can deal with this sort of things As the King he has the right to submit it , again , to the Council .
  3. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1318111047' post='93614'] RJ has committed the following crimes, according to Indyra 1. Insulting Indyra 2. Changing the subtitle of a location Regarding number 1: This is not against the rules, it happens all the time. Personal fights should not be dealt with by the Council. And number 2: He did not change the subtitle to his name, but he did change it to a swear. Sasha got three weeks for changing the name of a public location to her name, I suggest RJ gets three weeks as well. [/quote] Pip....just to make things clear.. I can deal with his insul
  4. [Quote]2: you chose to make this public vs the council keeping it private. 3: I did not make it public about the area after i had changed it. 4: the only person that has made this public is the topic starter[/quote] I chose to make this public after notifiyng the Council and the King about your actions! The Council didn;t choose to keep this private and didn;t inform me that i should keep it private, it was only my decision . I made it public because it's my job to protect The Lair and you chose to insult me as it's protector! Even more you started to "whisper to people about what you have
  5. Indyra

    MG 8155

    that;s the barrel with rum , isn;t it ?
  6. Dear RJ, As the leader of the Lair Keepers and the Guardian of the Lair i would like to inform you that the Lair is still closed for everybody. Being inside the Lair is an insult to the LK and to Golemus. No matter how you've entered it again it's still against the rules. i would like to remember you that that specific location has the following[b] Tags: [/b] dwelling, Sanctuary, No jump, No transfers, Item collecting so as a Lair Keeper it is my personal right to dwell or rest there .Even more changing the location name is an offense. Insulting me for being there as part of my role only
  7. I find this topic inappropiate and would asuggest to one of the moderators to close it MoM you;re patethic making such proposals , no matter where on the forum (or ingame) you put it. Take this as warning and reconsider your attitude.
  8. Happy B-day to you Happy B-day to you:)
  9. Veritas Lux Mea

    1. Menhir


      The only way ... even if there are more than one ... all are the same in the end.

  10. Veritas Lux Mea

    1. Ars Alchemy

      Ars Alchemy

      Veritas numquam perit

  11. Happy B-day Grido:)) May all your wishes come true!
  12. feels like ages ...missed you all

    1. Lintara


      Missed you too! Welcome back!

    2. Phantom Orchid
    3. lashtal


      I missed you as well! So good you're back!

  13. By your standards Inno doesn;t meet your own requirements. You've mentioned strong characters : Khalazdad, MRD, and BigC . Each of them had a big impact in MD as a character for their roles. I do not see such implication from Innocence( but that's my own oppinon). By your own definition i see more fitted Z , Awi or phantasm , not Cutler or Inno. When i first had the idea of this festival i meant as legend people who had a great impact on our lives, who helped us develop , take a stand for our self , understand where we fit in this world. If there are some who consider Inno has done this , th
  14. Tarq please do me a favor and give me your definition of the word "legend"?
  15. errmm! Sharpwind just for the sake of argument.... since now i am one of the old players you mentioned but i;m not that old to forget how i was in the beginning i have to ask you: do you really think that we haven;t felt frustrated when proposing something and being rejected ? do you really think all our ideas where absolutely perfect ?? Do you really think that ? i must contradict you . We were all noobs even if was ages ago, we all had at least 3 to 5 very very bad ideas that never got implemented, we can't do anything we like - we just understand the rules better than you and act accord
  16. the darkest place is under the candlestick

  17. To YIM ??? Curiose, as much as i respect Pample , i respect her as a character in game ! If you want her to return to YiM , consider contacting her on YiM or on her personal mail . If you want her back in MD , thats something diffrent! People have been on and off MD , it's called personal life , it happens !
  18. Pip then i advise you to do it , cause the only way ( except trading ) to get a GG is as a reward for special competitions
  19. i hear voices ...and they don;t like you!

  20. Indyra


    Excuse me ? what;s all this ? do you need lesson to RP ? you need rules ? The only rule is to be decent, the rest is up to you! Just go out there , make friends , show you personality , grow your character ...stop asking yourself if you'll get or fit with the AL. Windy you had a Pub , very good ! Make offers , throw parties, organise different events. The fact that game mechanics have improved only helps us. What i consider good RP may not be considered as well by another.There is no such thing as "Revitalized RP". you either RP or not ! There are character that RP by definition, you s
  21. Shame on you dst..takeing advantage that Z likes to be pat....i wonder how on Earth/ MD did you find that out ? Must be a 6th sense or something
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