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  1. Indyra


    Long long time ago i posted a poem ( not sure if it was on conquest or just on forum) It started out with "if i lay my shoulders on the ground"" Apparently i can;t find that poem e\anymore and it was ver dear to me so i would really apreciate if anyone can find it for me Thanks
  2. Quest Update Answers in no particular order of receiveing. Liberty -3 and half dst - 10 Aeneas - 12 and half Duke of Malfi - 6
  3. OK, all subscriptions end here . The participants are : durex *dst* phantasm *shemhazaj* Aelis lashtal DarkRaptor Maebius Duke of Malfi Passant the Weak stavaroiu tankfans Grido Leixer Kyphis the Bard Tal Udgard SkyArmy Tarquinus Junior Esmaralda Fire Starter Tipu Nimrodel Atrumist Sunfire Shadowseeker Krioni nadrolski Phantom Orchid xrieg AmberRune duxie Rumi ChildOfTheSoul Clock Master Chengmingz Falronn Ratbert ZenTao Ivorak Soothing Sands Aeneas Brulant Ghunny Handy Pocket Princ Rheagar Ledah Ignnus Liberty ( hope i didn;t miss anyone)
  4. yes, you made it one and ahlf hours left:) Stay tuned for for info
  5. [quote name='Kyphis the Bard' timestamp='1327580247' post='102477'] Sounds very interesting, count me in And glad to have you back, "old" friend .... I am of course assuming that the 24 hour thing only applies to PM, and not subscribing in this topic >.> [/quote] Yes Kyph, after 24 hrs i won;t accept any subscribers by posting or PM . This way i make sure everyone get a fair start.
  6. here are the rules I have a set of 13 Questions to be answerd ( not in-game question so don;t expect it) the questions are tricky Any player who want's to start the quest can subscribe here or by PM 24 hrs from now After the time passes you will al receive the set of questions. After you have received them , i'll count the score of your answer and post it here ( but won't confirm wich one you answerde corectly) Who answers all of them corectly first will win a GG hope you missed me, Indy
  7. when you feel like tatooing your avy on your skin
  8. A more simple solution with Eon could have been a "move lock" spell and an organized attack. Hey , we even have the mood panel to annouce it and i;m pretty sure nobody would have said a word to him if a group organized. " All we had to do if Eon is such a threat and everybody complains about his actions , things could have been solved without even getting to the Kings. I;m not saying this to exonarate or to find an excuse to the kings, i;m just pointing out that there is always a way. The"Eon threat"could have been solved without all this mess.
  9. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1318127886' post='93625'] Then Yrth should deal with that, as king of the offended land, not the Council. [/quote] The Lair is my responsability. I submited the issue to the Council and the KIng as the higher authorities who can deal with this sort of things As the King he has the right to submit it , again , to the Council .
  10. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1318111047' post='93614'] RJ has committed the following crimes, according to Indyra 1. Insulting Indyra 2. Changing the subtitle of a location Regarding number 1: This is not against the rules, it happens all the time. Personal fights should not be dealt with by the Council. And number 2: He did not change the subtitle to his name, but he did change it to a swear. Sasha got three weeks for changing the name of a public location to her name, I suggest RJ gets three weeks as well. [/quote] Pip....just to make things clear.. I can deal with his insul
  11. [Quote]2: you chose to make this public vs the council keeping it private. 3: I did not make it public about the area after i had changed it. 4: the only person that has made this public is the topic starter[/quote] I chose to make this public after notifiyng the Council and the King about your actions! The Council didn;t choose to keep this private and didn;t inform me that i should keep it private, it was only my decision . I made it public because it's my job to protect The Lair and you chose to insult me as it's protector! Even more you started to "whisper to people about what you have
  12. Indyra

    MG 8155

    that;s the barrel with rum , isn;t it ?
  13. Dear RJ, As the leader of the Lair Keepers and the Guardian of the Lair i would like to inform you that the Lair is still closed for everybody. Being inside the Lair is an insult to the LK and to Golemus. No matter how you've entered it again it's still against the rules. i would like to remember you that that specific location has the following[b] Tags: [/b] dwelling, Sanctuary, No jump, No transfers, Item collecting so as a Lair Keeper it is my personal right to dwell or rest there .Even more changing the location name is an offense. Insulting me for being there as part of my role only
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