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  1. ahooiiii! no connection between upset stomach and insomnia :P ciao ciao!

  2. ahhhoiiii!! stick around

  3. i see you beat your insomnia this time :)

  4. kabayaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn!!:!!!!!!!

  5. allllooooooooooooooo!

  6. *just stares.. doesnt wave... doesnt poke.. just stares....*

  7. good you had it figured out.. be figurin my prof soon too.. not in any rush though..lol, yeah, was wondrin why you were awake...

  8. just great! and you? your prof/gallery is doing fine..

  9. *thinks the same of her* @.@

  10. *stares at the reputation points* O.o lol

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