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  1. LMAO!!!!!!!! was about to prescribe (or give rather) sleeping pills... but then, new sheets would have to do :P

  2. merci merci!!!! :) hmn.. cooookiies....

  3. lol...thx! that's why i chose that pic coz i ddnt want a close up of the face :P soon maybe?

  4. hmn....how is our supply of cookies after the war?

  5. *hears sageys cry from afar...* nice! kisses from the US!

  6. no more school? tats too bad :P

  7. just great! and you? your prof/gallery is doing fine..

  8. good you had it figured out.. be figurin my prof soon too.. not in any rush though..lol, yeah, was wondrin why you were awake...

  9. thanks man!! cheers!

  10. allllooooooooooooooo!

  11. i see you beat your insomnia this time :)

  12. hello! there you go.....

  13. ahhhoiiii!! stick around

  14. the fit? oohhh.. yes.. the fit!!!!

  15. ahooiiii! no connection between upset stomach and insomnia :P ciao ciao!

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