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  1. thanks man!! cheers!

  2. no more school? tats too bad :P

  3. *hears sageys cry from afar...* nice! kisses from the US!

  4. ahh yesss! chess! loved the game... was once one of em tourney players when i was 9-11 y/o.... haven't played for a long time.... come to think of it... im'a go get me some set >
  5. holy cow! nice pics! yes! love the captions very much! guess i missed the gathering of the 21st century..... (sigh) o well... hope to be at the next party of the 22nd century...or the 23rd... >[img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img]
  6. good to know that then welcome to the both of you... we hope you enjoy your stay....
  7. jester has my vote.... i believe he can, and will, manage Necrovion WELL!
  8. beer, anybody? a toast man!

  9. grats on bein ang LHO

  10. hello! there you go.....

  11. hey there! everything going fine?

  12. hmn....how is our supply of cookies after the war?

  13. hmn.... now we have to guard our supply and supply path *grins*

  14. merci merci!!!! :) hmn.. cooookiies....

  15. the fit? oohhh.. yes.. the fit!!!!

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