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  1. thanks man!! cheers!

  2. no more school? tats too bad :P

  3. *hears sageys cry from afar...* nice! kisses from the US!

  4. beer, anybody? a toast man!

  5. grats on bein ang LHO

  6. hello! there you go.....

  7. hey there! everything going fine?

  8. hmn....how is our supply of cookies after the war?

  9. hmn.... now we have to guard our supply and supply path *grins*

  10. merci merci!!!! :) hmn.. cooookiies....

  11. the fit? oohhh.. yes.. the fit!!!!

  12. lol...thx! that's why i chose that pic coz i ddnt want a close up of the face :P soon maybe?

  13. LMAO!!!!!!!! was about to prescribe (or give rather) sleeping pills... but then, new sheets would have to do :P

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