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    I love reading and music! watched/ watches jay leno show, the man show!(ziggizagizigizagi oi oi oi! drinks em beers!) , daily wit jon stewart, southpark!! american dad!! family guy!! prison break season 1.... loves playing pool! started playing at the age of 9! too bad! i didnt play i straight! some of my favorite bands/artists are harem scarem, mr. big, 3 doors down, staind, bruce dickinson(a li'l) evanescence, eric clapton, hinder, shinedown, blue october, lifehouse, sonata arctica, edguy, breaking benjamin, avenged sevenfold...
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  1. thanks man!! cheers!

  2. no more school? tats too bad :P

  3. *hears sageys cry from afar...* nice! kisses from the US!

  4. *waves from the USA* Yoo Hoo! Mon Ami!*blows kisses*

  5. beer, anybody? a toast man!

  6. Yep everything fine, how about you?

  7. grats on bein ang LHO

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