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  1. maybe inside the castle arount the meeting room?
  2. I will take 166 becuase 66 and 6 already been taken
  3. I got mail for Shadowlord and we solved everything and I got the coins that he had to give me. Can you please send him back the Joker? Thank you for the help Mur.
  4. I made the trade with ShadowLord (ID:173568) he probably transferred it to other account so it will be impossible to trace the creature. (good that I saved his ID)
  5. One week ago me and ShadowLord agreed to trade my joker for his 4 silver coins. ShadowLord gave me one silver and next day morning I gave him the code of my joker. ShadowLord took the joker but didnt give me the rest of the paiment - 3 silver coins. He agreed to give me the rest of the silver but since then he dissapear. His last 2 mail to me: *From: ShadowLord (ID:173568) *sent 6 days and 10 hours ago Read later Original message RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Untitled oh seroiusly? hmm ok well i guess i owe you 3 then hehe thats odd lol *From: ShadowLord (ID:173568) *sent 5 days and 7
  6. I am proud citizen of Golemus [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons//cool.gif[/img]
  7. I have bug, After I sucrifised new creature my principles didn't change at all. I still have 3 principles above 4000.
  8. Did you get your rewords already? Mur Didn't even read my pm with my creature code
  9. [quote name='Chewett' date='08 November 2009 - 09:46 PM' timestamp='1257716816' post='47006'] probably he means friendly to that creature, so your foe, which would fit the description [/quote] Yeh, Baby and kid target his friendly creatures (persons that use baby and kid creatures).
  10. [quote name='Death Bell' date='08 November 2009 - 06:14 PM' timestamp='1257704079' post='46972'] nice creature.. i like it. specially the reason how its not too powerful and can only control only one creature even when its maxed. But the exp and wins needed to upgrade it seems abit childish with the 66, 99, maybe you should change it to something normal like a rounded number just a thought. but maybe its better if u put mage did random and weak mage did weaken creatures..otherwise it seems like the weak mage is better than a mage because when it controls a weak creature we know it only
  11. [u][b]Baby[/b][/u] (first stage) Stats Ve: 10 Attack: 3 Defense: 0 Initiative: 0 Attack: weaken defense Targets: Friendly creatures Requierments for upgrade: 10 age 80 wins 30k experiance Descrition: Little baby that cries a lot. ------------------------------------- [u][b]Kid[/b][/u] Stats Ve: 30 Attack: 9 Defense: 2 Initiative: 1 Attack: weaken defense Targets: Friendly creatures Requirements for upgrade: 30 age 160 wins 60k experience Descrition: Very annoying kid! ------------------------------------- [u][b]Weak Mage[/b][/u] Stats Ve: 60 Defense: 4
  12. Dmik King


    Strong people will need protection for their principles, and I mean strong (veterans) and people that also have good amount of stats. Everyone got principles that he didn't train at all (can not be gained) so he can use his unattainable principles for attacking people that do have them..... The black list will also tell players principles and recommendation on which one to attack the best.
  13. Dmik King


    Principles Protection Union Our unions propose it to protect our principles from people that attack our members with principles damaging rituals. By joining our group you can become part of protective cooperation that deals only with principles attacks on our members. Our group is not part of any alliance but we contain people from many other alliances. We are not related to wars between different alliances. We have few rules that each member must follow in order to join and remain a member in PPU. Rules: 1. Do not attack members of this union with principle damaging rituals. 2. Do n
  14. Just look for ‎Magic Duel‎ in the friends search there are 63 friends. By the way I found it after I searched for your group I can join your as well
  15. I think that there is already MD group in facebook.
  16. This new way of decreasing principles of weaker players and getting more principles by people that are stronger is not very good by my opinion. Rich (strong) people will become even more powerful and weak players will get weaker until they reach 0. It will unbalance the world of magic duel even more then before! And make it unfair for new players.
  17. Did you get your rewords? I am waiting for 2 days after i sent my pm to Mur (he is probably very bussy) Also wanted to ask if i need to upgade my knator to Elite or I just need the age required?
  18. [b]Elite Knators Family XD[/b] [b]My Father[/b]: http://img229.imageshack.us/i/dscn1780q.jpg/ [b]Me[/b]: http://img243.imageshack.us/i/dscn1787.jpg/
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