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  1. close topic please, All Sold!
  2. I recieve bids by pms. You made the lowest bid so far. minimum offers: (dont pm me if its below) GG drach: 34$ Rein ea: 34$ Rusty: 20$ other creatures you can offer me silver/gold.
  3. [quote name='Master' timestamp='1285135886' post='68844'] 1. You haven't set a price for each thing ! 2. How does paypal works ? Isn't there any other way of paying ? 3. Since I'll be off for a month, can you please send me a PM regarding the first 2 "questions" ? [/quote] 1. Best offer wins. I will wait for few weeks so everyone can see and participate. 2. I want the money to be transferred to paypal account - like when you buy supporter/credits in MD.
  4. [b][size="5"]I am selling for paypal money only:[/size][/b] (angiens and birds can be sold for gold/silver as well) PM your me offer/questions. [size="4"] [b]1 Aged Rein Drach[/b] (274 age) [b]1 Aged Rein Drach[/b] (275 age) [b]1 Tokened and aged GG drach[/b](Age 408) tokens: [color="blue"][claw1][claw2][claw3][onyxfangs][darkshield][darksky][sunshine][goldbelt][blackdiamonds][/color] [b]Angien 1[/b](318 age) tokens: [color="blue"][claw1][emeraldglare][purpurfog][osirisbelt][blooddrop1][blooddrop2]][/color] [b]Angien 2[/b] (317 age) tokens: [color="blue"][claw1][kellethafire][eme
  5. Few days ago VE reword got canceled for 2 lvl angien without any advance announcement. [color="#FF0000"][size="5"][b]It is VERY NOT FAIR!!![/b][/size][/color] I spend 45 credits for extra creature slots just for those angiens. 60 days ago I bough 45 angiens (took me 2 weeks to buy them). In order to sac them after 2 month and get VE reword. [b](much less profitable then sacing 2lvl trees and harder)[/b] Right before I need to sac them Mur post new announcement that their sacing VE reword has been canceled!!! I don't want those creature slots anymore because the game changed (take back t
  6. I am also selling aged Mystic Bird with 304 age.
  7. 2 aged Rusty for Murph. (over 230 age each) (its probably around 16gold value)
  8. [quote name='cutler121' date='07 August 2010 - 12:47 PM' timestamp='1281185239' post='65346'] And if I win, most likely I will just give it to a newbie, but I am happy to help out people who haven't proven themselves to me to be dishonorable. Sorry Dmik, but I wouldn't buy your creatures, its too much of a risk. Cutler [/quote] why it's risk? I always complied my part of the trade. If you don't believe me I can give you list of people that can prove it. (long list that includes veterans as well) And if you still don't believe me I am not taking any risks for not completing my part
  9. [quote name='cutler121' date='06 August 2010 - 04:21 AM' timestamp='1281068479' post='65233'] I will offer 2 silver coins for the TS. Cutler [/quote] I sac my 3 TS with over 280 age because no one wanted to buy them even for 1 silver....
  10. [quote name='Viners' date='27 July 2010 - 12:44 PM' timestamp='1280234680' post='64668'] My dumb old computer constantly reboots by itself and so I've missed more than 6 points. Then there's nothing I can do about my lost principle points? That's so sad. [/quote] Don't worry, in mp5 you will eventually reach max points possible so if you lose few points its not big deal
  11. 40 in game credits per one.... don't miss this opportunity. *bummpppp
  12. SALE OFF: TS(250age) & Priest(188age) 1sc, joker(165age) 3sc: First Buyer Win (3days sale only)

    1. Guest


      Hi! im interested in your criture.

      I'm looking for tokened well criture..

      5ilver, all i've got.. let me know

      What you like to sell, mates.

    2. Udgard


      1 sc for the TS

    3. Dmik King

      Dmik King

      too late already sac them in altar.....

  13. S> priest 250 age / TS186 age(2) cheap! pm me

  14. There is reason for the tokening rules in MD shop: 1) The tokens with be distributed randomly. 2) You need to have at least 8 creatures to be able to buy tokens. I don't think that using alternate account to token only creatures that you want ,then send them to their owners and also make profit out of it is legal. Because it makes the rules that Mur made useless. Unless the rules will be changed in my opinion its not legal. (not talking about alt abuse)
  15. please close topic I got 2 birds
  16. I want to buy tokened bird/s, if you wish to sell them pm me.
  17. maybe we got similar DNA :P

  18. I am selling 3 Rusties. [b][s]First Rusty: Age 210[/s] - [color="#FF0000"]sold[/color] Second Rusty: Age 235 [s]Third Rusty: Age 233 [/s]- [color="#FF0000"]sold[/color] [/b] Offer me only with Credits in the game. (transfered to my ID in MD) (only highest offer or acceptable offer in my opinion will be considered) Also I am looking for Snowman/Snowball(I give 2 Rusties for one) and Tainted Angien.
  19. ID 511012 Age 382 claw2, claw1, kellethafire, purpurmoon, purpurfog, firedrop, darkshield, onyxfangs, claw3 15sc or 1gc
  20. This creature got same ability as the angien just different way to increase its strength. Angien get it's strength from VE, and this creature from won battles. It doesn't meter how many wins and strength will have ritual if you can't use it.(creature got frozen) Even if certain ritual will do more damage then Rusties rit for example: Rustries got very high chance to freeze the creature with high damage and then finish it with one hit. So Rusties rit will be always over powered rit then angiens or other creatures with high damage.
  21. Also its possible to make it 1/10 of each win gained. (but disagree with it) Its just idea I didn't say that it should be implemented. To make it over powered you need 10,000 wins on each creature! And to buy 5 Tokened Spartans from the shop! Also it will still do 60k damage and not 200k as Rusty rit that can freeze as well! not talking about antifreeze and level scare.
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