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  1. SALE OFF: TS(250age) & Priest(188age) 1sc, joker(165age) 3sc: First Buyer Win (3days sale only)

    1. Guest


      Hi! im interested in your criture.

      I'm looking for tokened well criture..

      5ilver, all i've got.. let me know

      What you like to sell, mates.

    2. Udgard


      1 sc for the TS

    3. Dmik King

      Dmik King

      too late already sac them in altar.....

  2. S> priest 250 age / TS186 age(2) cheap! pm me

  3. maybe we got similar DNA :P

  4. [quote name='kamate' date='20 November 2009 - 02:13 AM' timestamp='1258683236' post='47933'] beat this [img]http://i46.tinypic.com/2rhsqdf.jpg[/img] after been "adjusted"(more than 2/3 actually ) i'm now officially worse than sucks <br> [/quote] its not real photoshop work. Give a close look on the numbers.
  5. Trade raindragon for 2 rusties

  6. Saw your submission for the Creature Contests! Hilarious! Was that suppose to be Metal Bunny or one of his minions? SWEET!

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