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  1. Lets get back and revive the the Children of the Eclipse. Happy to be one and merge Calling old member of CoE lets awake and make some noise
  2. Grasan 1:2sc ID: 208036 Stored Heat: 486427 Age: 873 Chaos Archer 1: 2sc ID: 490899 Stored Heat: 573101 Age: 800 Master Lorerootian Archer: 2sc ID: 551546 Stored Heat: 459092 Age: 705
  3. 9 Lumber - 9 Sc's I love it
  4. Location: Berserker’s Way, 1_1x0_1 Name: Darry Dabby Browser: Trying Opera and Mozilla Firefox
  5. How can i fixed this errors. any idea? I am stuck because of the cache.
  6. The Magic Spell of MD is Big important to me, I wanna suggest can hold all the spell magic cast the ruler of the land( King / Queen) or (Mentor/Protector). No one can waste the spell of magic
  7. Happy Birth day Kets. I wish to grant all your wishes came true
  8. Elite Lorerootian Archer 1 = 3sc Elite Lorerootian Archer 2 = 3sc Elite Lorerootian Archer 3 = 3sc
  9. smiles:)) in everything

  10. willing to be forum mod. Im always active and i will do my best
  11. My suggestion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCwnT-LwQDg&feature=fvst
  12. [attachment=2776:S6300723.JPG] looking for someone [attachment=2777:S6300968.JPG] i think so [attachment=2778:S6300812.JPG] maybe What ever you choose, make proud of it
  13. Angien [stardust/jewelshards/bloddrop1] (193 age): 5sc
  14. [quote name='CrazyMike' timestamp='1298363133' post='79287'] Put your name down if you want to join Team Bunny. So far confirmed: Metal Bunny CrazyMike Ravenstrider TTL Baiano [/quote] darrydabby
  15. yeheyyy may the wish come true and good luck
  16. I really really really like it
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