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  1. "*mouth is agape* You... your.... Wow..." Oo?

  2. *pokes sage in the eye*Hey ;)

  3. *pokes peace/irene*Heya ^^ How are you?

  4. It is a good idea indeed but I must agree with chewett.It would require painstakingly huge amounts of time to create and get running. What you really need to think about are' 1)How will it be set up?- From the MD toolbar or via a seperate website? 2)Permanant "Djs" you can't just have random people selected each day, even if that DID work then the flow would soon dry up. 3)The main person you should talk to is Mur.He is the owner of all copyright and trademark rights so it would be up to him if you could create it or not. 4)Like Chewett said the topics would start to repeat, which in ways is good for young players but bad for old players.So you will always be relying on new players to tune in. 5)What would it be mainly?A music site-if so there are probably copyright issues there also.Topics in MD? General chat? 6)How would it work is the biggest question? .How do you get people from all over the world to talk in one place?Or is it going to be chat based like MD?Also how would it be broadcasted? Oh and this is just a personal thought but if you are using a free station website then it would not be as safe, reliable or as good in general than one you pay for.You would have to check the website for virsuses ect ect.You don't want hundreds of peoples computors breaking down...do you? Sorry to try and spoil all of this I have already said yes to the idea on poll because I would like to give it a try. It might be fun ~~Mcvitie~~ (P.s Im not always this grumpy )
  5. Trust me....I am quite well known >

  6. It's the summer Oo

  7. Would the following characters please contact me [u][b]ASAP[/b][/u]; Indigo Mojgani [s]Gorshtak *frostas*[/s][s]*MasterB*[/s] Thankyou ~~Mcvitie~~
  8. Good thankyou :) You?

  9. As some of you may know the recruitment process for entrance to the Gurrilla's has changed.In the old system Burns would speak to you and set a challenge of some description. The new recruitment process works like this; First go to Burns to start.He will give you the first words for the story line challenge.This will take you around parts of MD and GG.Once you have finished this you will be told to find me for your final task.This task will consist of 3 mini tasks; 1) Answer 6/10 questions correctly 2) Fight a battle against an opponent and gain this out come -2500:5000+.The battle msut not be a non damaging rit.The rit MUST be able to attack in some way or form. 3)Gain one members approval and ask them to either send it to Burns or I my Pm. [u]People to contact for more details;[/u] [u][i][b]Yrthilian[/b][/i][/u]- Head of Alliance [i][u]Burns[/u][/i]- Co-Head of Recruitment [i][u]Mcvitie[/u][/i]-Co-head of Recruitment
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