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  1. I find both Yrth AND grido as friends so in a way this is hard.I believe what he did was right in ways and wrrong in other ways. I believe we should not be having a vote on disposing of Yrth as king ,for he is doing a great job at his role, but a vote on wether to keep Grido in the alliance.Maybe not second of command but just in the alliance. @Grido: I see your reasons for what you did(didn't) do. @Yrth: I see your reasons also but I think we should allow Grido back into the alliance =) Mcvitie
  2. *thinks her post board is becoming live chat*Oo

  3. :LKJNUHBFRCGTYHJ work it out hehe

  4. 98 years old?OO!!!!lol

  5. *kisses him again*Mwha

  6. Nice profile =) and hello.Hope you are ok.See you soon [Note to others]Nice guy very calm,friendly and honest.Would make a very good friend ^^

  7. *hugs back*Hehe

  8. Either you are trying to be funny or you are not all that bright...Oo

  9. *gives Zalabar 5 kisses for the pokes*MWah mwha mwha mwhamwha!

  10. LOL.*hands whip back*

  11. uhhh Oo No of course it's not.......Oo Of course it is.

  12. From now on every poke you give me I give you two kisses*evil grin*

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