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  1. Hmm love MUST have lust to be a good relationship.Just like lust MUST have love.

  2. Awww no comments? Thats mean.So Heya.Hows it going? ^^

  3. Aww cute picture.

  4. Conrats on quest ^^

    COme find me to gain reward.

  5. Wow...*raises an eyebrow*your fitter than him...*points to Deba*.

  6. OOh the dragon lance books were great.Especially the ones about the twins.

  7. *points to death ray8Worried about his own sexuality*points to Deba*Why do you keep getting hotter?!!

  8. "Add as friend" *click* "user rating" *click*


  9. *thinks her post board is becoming live chat*Oo

  10. :LKJNUHBFRCGTYHJ work it out hehe

  11. 98 years old?OO!!!!lol

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