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  1. YAY!!!Minus 43 rep

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    2. Sasha Lilias
    3. Guest


      if it's not too late, i'll participate in your contest.

      Who IS Mcvitie?

      I would describe you as an outgoing person, with long black hair and a tanned skin.

      you are about 175cm tall and weigh about 45kgs. you usually wear hip hop style clothes and a cap.

      She is possive about everything. I cant forgeting her smiling..

      Thanks for everything~

    4. keida
  2. Yes....I have returned :D

    1. genocidal
    2. keida


      back and as pretty as ever! :P

  3. *kicks in crown jewels*Mwhaha.Do that back *grin* ¬¬

  4. Aww sorry*hugs and pokes*

  5. *giggles as he tickles and wriggles*

  6. Vice Versa as well ¬¬ *pokes without looking and pokes him in the eyes*uhhh*quickly pulls out her finger and whistles innocently*

  7. *giggles and kisses better*

  8. Oh sorry *takes the kiss back*

  9. *points to death ray8Worried about his own sexuality*points to Deba*Why do you keep getting hotter?!!

  10. Happy birthday... ¬¬

  11. *takes the whip from zal and whips Marv somewhere sensative at the back*Don't poke*pouts*

  12. LOL.I think it would suit you =3

  13. *pokes peace/irene*Heya ^^ How are you?

  14. From now on every poke you give me I give you two kisses*evil grin*

  15. Aww ^^

    You should come and play as well. It would be nice =D

  16. *pokes sage in the eye*Hey ;)

  17. Heya ^^

    Have I ever posted anything here? O_O

  18. Wow no wonder......

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