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  1. LOL! Yes I am :/

  2. YAY!!!Minus 43 rep

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    2. Sasha Lilias
    3. Guest


      if it's not too late, i'll participate in your contest.

      Who IS Mcvitie?

      I would describe you as an outgoing person, with long black hair and a tanned skin.

      you are about 175cm tall and weigh about 45kgs. you usually wear hip hop style clothes and a cap.

      She is possive about everything. I cant forgeting her smiling..

      Thanks for everything~

    4. keida
  3. Yes....I have returned :D

    1. genocidal
    2. keida


      back and as pretty as ever! :P

  4. HA! Now who's winning :P

  5. How do you win? O_o

    Is is a neverending war!!

  6. Ooooh 15 =D

    I need to start posting horrid things more often XD

  7. You so pwetty!! ^^

  8. Heya ^^

    Have I ever posted anything here? O_O

  9. Happy birthday... ¬¬

  10. Yay!!!Posting has stopped!!

  11. Aww ^^

    You should come and play as well. It would be nice =D

  12. At least you recognise it..

  13. Well it's a crap way to flirt.

  14. Is that ment to be some sort of flirting? Oo

  15. If you speak to most girls like you do to me one of these days you will get a slap in the face and worse(hopefully). Keep things IN character, not out.

  16. Get better soon ^^

  17. Wow I have not written anything =P


  18. He deserves the neg rep

  19. Aww why feel sorry?

  20. Nice drawing..?What is it?


  21. Well then the love is not the way I was meaning. I was meaning in a relationship way.Not in a parent/child way.

  22. Hmm love MUST have lust to be a good relationship.Just like lust MUST have love.

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