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  1. She isnt an asshole? who said she was??

  2. mcvitie isnt an asshole, i lovey my mcvitie :P

  3. I wonder where you are right now?

  4. I'm spamming here becuase I haven't yet.

  5. 1) I do not plan to abuse anymore quests. Those that were around a while ago will know I gave a wishpoint to "my alt". I am not proud of this thus I do not want to "rig" any futher quests, not even for friends. 2)I did not say WHEN this will end did I? I didn't even say it WILL end. I use Mcvitie alot more now, so many people will be able to see what she is like. 3) It may NOT be original but, as Es pointed out ,neither are many of the quests in MD. [quote Pipstickz] Not to mention the fact that only you know how and why you think what you think, and the rest of us can just guess, using fancy words :/ PS: Also the fact that you spend more time on other alts than you do on mcvitie makes it quite a bit more complicated.[/quote] I am asking how YOU see her, not how I see her. Though, of course, if someone says something that I agree with or that I was thinking then they will gain extra marks.
  6. [center][u][b]Who is Mcvitie?[/b][/u] [b]Why does Mcvitie act the way she does?[/b] [b]Who IS Mcvitie?[/b] This is your quest. You must write who Mcvitie is, what she is and why and how she acts the way she does. The best writings will recieve a prize. The VERY best writing shall gain a wishpoint from myself. Explain in detail how her mind works. Goodluck ![/center]
  7. LOL! Yes I am :/

  8. YAY!!!Minus 43 rep

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    2. Sasha Lilias
    3. Guest


      if it's not too late, i'll participate in your contest.

      Who IS Mcvitie?

      I would describe you as an outgoing person, with long black hair and a tanned skin.

      you are about 175cm tall and weigh about 45kgs. you usually wear hip hop style clothes and a cap.

      She is possive about everything. I cant forgeting her smiling..

      Thanks for everything~

    4. keida
  9. Holy fucking shit!! -41?? looks like your the bigger asshole! :P

  10. Finished a bit quickly didn't it? Yes I do.
  11. You are making bribes in hope that people join you? How disappointing...
  12. Yes....I have returned :D

    1. genocidal
    2. keida


      back and as pretty as ever! :P

  13. I stopped posting on the forums to allow you to catch up. ;D

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