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  1. She isnt an asshole? who said she was??

  2. mcvitie isnt an asshole, i lovey my mcvitie :P

  3. I wonder where you are right now?

  4. I'm spamming here becuase I haven't yet.

  5. LOL! Yes I am :/

  6. YAY!!!Minus 43 rep

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    2. Sasha Lilias
    3. Guest


      if it's not too late, i'll participate in your contest.

      Who IS Mcvitie?

      I would describe you as an outgoing person, with long black hair and a tanned skin.

      you are about 175cm tall and weigh about 45kgs. you usually wear hip hop style clothes and a cap.

      She is possive about everything. I cant forgeting her smiling..

      Thanks for everything~

    4. keida
  7. Holy fucking shit!! -41?? looks like your the bigger asshole! :P

  8. Yes....I have returned :D

    1. genocidal
    2. keida


      back and as pretty as ever! :P

  9. I stopped posting on the forums to allow you to catch up. ;D

  10. HA! Now who's winning :P

  11. MMMMmm lust love without lust

  12. -22 now. You are right, it never ends!

    And where are you? not seen you in ages??

  13. How do you win? O_o

    Is is a neverending war!!

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